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Return to Love - A Personal Revelation

Return to Love - A Personal Revelation
A Message from Kerry and her Angels
March 15, 2009

How many times do we hear, if it isn't working, get out? Love yourself enough to walk away from those relationships that are not nurturing or supporting your soul's growth, the experts say! We have books on co-dependency, abusive relationships, starting over and tough love, but how much focus is placed on the subject of "How to Love the One Your With?" If love is the answer to every problem, and love is the highest vibration in the universe then why would we walk away from an opportunity to learn unconditional love?

I am not advocating you stay in a relationship where your personal safety or well being is being threatened but what I am saying is don't walk away until you can love another as you love yourself and have neutralized the polarity. And in turn, love yourself as you love another! These differences you have in your relationships are good! Everything happens for a reason and everyone who is in your life is in your life for a reason! The reason being, an opportunity for you to learn to love at another level!

In my marriage I have loved like I have never loved before, and I have also despised and rejected my partner for his mere presence in my life. I have thought numerous times how to peacefully end this marriage and how I might escape from this relationship that is no longer working! I had convinced myself that we have out grown each other and are literally living in separate worlds. We don't agree on much and can't even have a conversation where we connect anymore, so what is the use to hang in there and keep hitting your head against a brick wall, I say! You have to know when to hold em, fold em and when to walk away. Right? "But wait" . . . your still small voice within whispers. "Perhaps you can Return to the Love?"

What happened to this couple, the Hettleman's, who were once so deeply in love?

In each moment we have a choice, to choose love or not. The majority of a couple's problems are a result of one or both, choosing numerous times, something other than love. Each time we choose to not forgive, to not listen, to not understand and agree to disagree, to not accept and allow, to not love and respect or to not kiss and make up, we are building a wall that eventually becomes so big and so high that you wake-up one day and are convinced there is no way back to the love you once shared. And so you part your ways.

In reviewing any "dying" or troubled relationship it is easy to come up with all the reasons why it could never work rather than the one reason it can and will work! The reason being, letting ourselves vibrate effortlessly! L-O-V-E.

Forgiving is a Decision to Return to Love:

When we let ourselves vibrate effortlessly we are not judging, we do not feel slighted, betrayed or separated from anything or anyone. When we realize that loving God is loving ourselves and loving ourselves is loving others because we are One! And the more we love the more we raise our vibration until we reach a place within, where we can learn to forgive anyone, anything and everything!

The key to unconditional love begins with forgiving! When we can forgive others, we can forgive ourselves! We place our faith in God and not man! Man is a mere human "being" and will undoubtedly disappoint you and let you down. Man has not yet learned to love unconditionally! But we will!

Unconditional love has no polarity! It is the highest vibration in the universe and it is the reason we are here! To return to love! And in the vibration of love, we become One with All That Is! If God is Love and created us so He/She could know "Self" then our true essence is this love that we are told our Creator has for us, unconditionally! We are just on a journey to remember it and return to it!

Only through our journey and decision to return to the love will we find the solutions to our problems and continue to grow as a soul. Only, through our return to love will we find forgiveness for ourselves and others, where we are able to heal these broken relationships. And only through our return to love can we remove ourselves from the polarity of this dimension and rise into the next level of expression!

When we return to love we can vibrate effortlessly. "Where there is no resistance, there is no harm." There is a message for us, here! When we resist, we are engaging in polarity. When we can honestly face the unthinkable, as Jesus did when he was on the cross, and say "Forgive them for they know not what they do." . . . then we will surely rise above this world of polarity and enter the "Kingdom of Heaven." (The next dimension where the mystery of God is revealed to all!)

Think about it, Jesus did not resist! He could have escaped his captors and gone on to teach. However, the lesson we can learn from his example is a "kind of love," 2000 years later, that we are still trying to remember, understand, strive to learn and seek to know. Remember, those who seek shall find!

Sharing on a personal note:

Recently, I was separated from my husband for a period of six months. When we reunited, I realized I had not yet come to forgive him, therefore my "wall" remained between us. It was through a series of events that unfolded, and my desire to forgive him, that the wall finally came tumbling down.

I found myself in a crisis moment when I realized no one could comfort me the way my husband could . . . and did. I realized I needed him! And this is not a bad thing! We all depend on someone, at some time in our lives. We count on each other when we are in a relationship. Can you even imagine going through life completely ALONE? Maybe we could, but I wouldn't want to! Would you?

I not only realized that I still loved my husband deeply, in spite of all that had transpired between us, but it was also time to let go of the past, the hurts, the resentments, the judgments and criticism that built this huge wall in the first place. This wall kept us from connecting, sharing, giving and receiving the love that was buried deep within, that we so desperately wanted to express!

I finally accepted the fact that he is no more a "perfect human being" than I am. We are merely humans "being" and the love we once shared we could share again, now that we could accept each other and forgive one another for all the times we chose "other than love."

I realized that he would probably not change and that he would most likely repeat the same patterns he always had, that offended me so. And in this revelation, I knew that I too, would probably not change much! But I also realized that it is not what he does or doesn't do, that matters. What matters is how I react to it!

Would I continue to jump into the polarity game or would I now be able to remain neutral? Could I actually choose LOVE each and every time, from now on? Probably not every time, but I can and will certainly make the effort to choose love in the moment and release polarity by not "reacting." The differences will still arise but from this moment forward we will "open up to think differently" and choose again! We choose to return to love!

If there is love, there can be a good relationship! If there is love, there is a way to move forward together and continue to grow as a soul, as we learn to love and forgive ourselves, and others, unconditionally.

The question is not "Does this person love me?" . . . but rather, "Do I love this person?"

I remember in the beginning of our relationship when I was sitting on the curb, outside the dentist office, crying and considering leaving him. I was convinced he did not love me! When I went within to seek guidance on the matter I received, "Do you love him?" I answered "Yes." And then I received, "If you love him, this is all that matters!"

This was so outside my realm of comprehension! This was against everything I thought I knew and was ever told. But I had learned to trust my inner guidance and so I "listened" and acted upon it. I stayed! Today, I am so very grateful for the life we have shared together and the new life we will have from this moment on.

I am extremely grateful to my husband for staying in this marriage and his commitment to our family. When I pushed him away, he came back. And even though I was withholding my love from him, he didn't give up and walk away. He is my partner for life, because he is my greatest teacher!

Whether you are in a relationship or not, when we learn to trust the perfection and divinity in all things, we begin to understand and accept that "everything happens for a reason." (Even if we do not understand the "why.") Relationships offer accelerated growth! Regardless of the nature of a relationship, they all have a purpose. But there are times when it may be in our best interest to walk the walk alone. You know what is best for you!

Fortunately, this particular couple has "returned to love" and have been reassured that there is a reason for each and every person in our lives and for every situation we may encounter! There are no mistakes and every situation is an opportunity to learn! It is just another opportunity to "Return to Love."

Are you ready to return to love? Go for it!

In Love and Light,

Kerry and her Angels

The messages are channeled from my "Higher/God Self." With the many messages I am receiving and writing about I wish to state sometimes it is hard for me to accept all that I receive. Before I post these messages I pray and ask to speak only truth. And many times there is some editing before I receive the OK to post.

In a life devoted to seeking the truth and as an ordained minister, Kerry has come to understand her relationship to God and the Universe. Through her difficult and sometimes painful life experiences she has come to view them as personal lessons from which we learn and grow.

Kerry's first book, "Timly Acceptance, the God Within," and presents her "truth" in a delightful and enlightening way. This is a book for any and all who are seeking a "bigger picture" and a closer relationship with God. * * * *