Monday, March 2, 2009

Akashic Transformations March 2009

Akashic Transformations March 2009
A Channeling from the Akashic Records
through Jen Moffat Eramith

What energy and experiences can we expect in March 2009?

The energy of March 2009 is very much like a flower. There is a sense
of breadth. A flower grows up and then it grows out, its petals
unfold. There is a sense in March 2009 of petals unfolding, of
something in bloom. There is a sense of expansion and spreading but
it is not the kind of expansion that people apply often to spiritual
terms. It is not like expansion upward to the heavens or ethereal
expansion, it is a very grounded expansion. That is the reason they
are using the metaphor of the flower. It is a sense that you are
staying on the ground. It is an expansion in the third dimension
where more things become possible in every day life. If that is the
energy, then the experiences you can expect in March 2009 are likely
the kinds of challenges that you can rise to -- challenges that are
doable. March 2009 is a great time to get things done. It is useful
to say yes this month as often as possible to as many things as
possible. Do not overload yourselves, maintain a sense of
discernment, and say no when it is the right time to say no – but
recognize there is a general sense of yes this month. You can move,
you can do, and you can accomplish more this month. March is a great
time to get things done.

In the metaphor of the airplane that we are using throughout the year
2009, in March the captain turns off the seatbelt sign because you
have reached your cruising altitude. Now it is time to get up and
look around you. March 2009 is likely to bring many of you to new
relationships. Look for new people in your life or look for old
people in a new way. If you think of that airplane metaphor, it is
time to make friends with the person sitting next to you or walk up
and down the aisle and see if you know anybody on the plane. This is
a great month for socializing, but the stronger energy over
socializing is getting things done. Most of the time, you will be
able to do both at the same time. That is the primary energy and
experience of March 2009.

How can we best work with this energy?

The first thing they say is smile. It is simple but it will be
profoundly useful for you to smile in March 2009. Smile as often as
you can. Look for reasons to smile, try to smile when you are not
doing anything, and just smile because you are alive and surrounded by
love. There is a sense of positivity that is available. It is not
like the positivity is in the air; it is like it is being channeled up
through all of you so that you need to exert the positivity, it will
not just come to you. Do not wait to feel good, choose to feel good.
This month it will be useful for you to look for opportunities to
help. That can come in many different forms, but striving to be
helpful to those around you in March 2009 will often lead you to your
best experiences this month. Being helpful is useful. In some ways,
this is the wisdom of Virgo. While it is not the time for the sun to
be in Virgo, the energy of Virgo is always available. There is
something about the beauty and the divinity in helping. Reach out to
one another and help this month.

This month is not exactly easy. It is not really difficult either --
there is something in between here. There are challenges. Do not
tell yourself this is a month of rest, for it is not. This month
requires effort. The beauty of the month is that through effort or
through work, if you will engage in it with a good attitude, you are
going to find a sense of ease. You are going to work for it, but then
it will be there for you. Do not sit back and wait for things to be
easy, work for it this month. Look for your challenges and rise to them.

Are there any important days in this month that we should know about
in advance?

March 7 presents a point of difficulty or a point of particular
challenge. It will be important on this day to do everything you can
to not get stuck. Do everything you can to stay relaxed as challenges
arise. March 7 looks a lot like a pivoting point, like a revolving
door. Foresee any challenges and do everything you can to give
yourself options on this day.

March 11 is like the opposite of the energy on March 7. It is a point
of relief. It is a good day for letting go and releasing, forgiving
and surrendering.

March 15 through 17 has a vibrant energy. Emotions will be
heightened, people’s reactions will be stronger, so enjoy the vibrancy
as far as building passion and creating a sense of purpose, but do not
let things get out of hand. Between 15 and 17, apply temperance
enough that you do not get swept off of your feet.

March 27 and 28 have a shift in energy. These two days really contain
the energy of the spring equinox. There is like a spiritual opening
on these days. This is a good time, any time during the last week of
March, it would be beneficial for all of you to re-assess where you
have been and where you are going and make adjustments in your own
life. It is a good week to review your goals, to set new goals, or to
adjust the ones you have had according to what has occurred in March
and according to what you are feeling during this week.

Is there anything else for us to know about March 2009?

Return to the metaphor of the flower. It is useful to think about the
nature of flowers during this month. Think of yourself as unfolding
and remember that other people are unfolding. That means that what
you see in other people is not permanent. Tomorrow they will bring
something else, later on they will have come further into bloom, they
will know themselves better and they will be fuller. Give yourself
and others room to grow in March. That will look different for each
of you, but just consider giving one another some space. Do not move
away from each other, do not be distant, but give yourselves some
space to be who you are, to continue becoming who you are becoming.
Be willing to forgive mistakes, be willing to give one another the
benefit of the doubt, remember that you are all unfolding.

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