Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alchemy - Turning Fear into Love, Part 1

Alchemy - Turning Fear into Love, Part 1
by Jim Self

Archangel Metatron describes alchemy as "Changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of love to create a desired result."

Alchemy is more than just a process of transmuting base metals into gold. alchemy is the way to transmute fear into love. This is a way of living life with awareness and intention, returning us to a conscious relationship with Creator. In this two-part series, let's explore Metatron's description of alchemy.

In earlier articles we talked about the third and fourth dimensions and how we are living in both simultaneously. We established that 3-D is dense and rigidly structured, whereas 4-D is lighter and more flexible. Identifying the different aspects of each will allow you have a clearer understanding of where you are in your process so you can choose how to experience yourself and your reality. This is easy once you become aware of how thoughts and emotions work and what they create together.

Changing the frequency of thought

Thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic. When a thought is coupled with an emotion the combined energies become charged electro-magnetically, amplified and set in motion. If your reaction (emotion) to a thought is strong, the charge behind it increases. If your reaction is negative it may result in an angry outburst (discharge of emotion) or you may react by becoming offended, allowing that emotional energy to build inside of you.

Your beliefs color your thoughts and experiences and affect your emotions. This determines how you react to situations. Let's imagine that you're wearing a new outfit and someone says it looks funny on you. How would you respond? In 3-D (the dimension of extremes) you'd instantly react. The thought hits your emotional body and wham, you're insulted. Even if the person only meant that it looked like a 'fun outfit,' you've already coupled the thought with an emotion which generated a knee-jerk reaction. Now in a 4-D space, if somebody says "That outfit looks funny," you'd simply pass over the word "funny," attaching no judgment to it. You would respond rather than react or overreact. There is no victim or victimizer in 4-D consciousness. Feeling less-than or better-than are strictly third-dimensional attitudes and externalizations.

We are beginning to understand that the dimensions we operate in are subject to universal laws. The Law of Attraction is the law of cause and effect. This means that what you put out is what you get back. The universe is always reflecting or mirroring your vibration and your vibration is all about the way you feel. What you believe, think and feel, and what the Law of Attraction brings to you are always a match because like attracts like. If you don't like what you've been attracting, then notice what thought or emotion you can change within you. A new perspective will help you shift your vibration. So reach for that higher feeling even if it is just a small increment above what you are currently experiencing.

Changing how you feel changes everything. If you choose to think higher thoughts and feel lighter emotions you will raise your vibration significantly and you will not find yourself gravitating back into old repetitive behaviors and thoughts of "I'm not okay." When you interrupt a long-standing pattern (break the circuit) the energy flows backward and forward along the time-line changing the energy all the way back to the first time it happened. The energy is reset to the present-time, allowing you the room to move freely again outside the emotional box.

The Shift and it's massive waves of light are assisting us to clear out our baggage (old structures and rigid patterns) and release all thoughts and emotions that simply have no value. And it is occurring very rapidly. So, learn to laugh at yourself and if you hear someone say, "Gee, that looks funny on you," laugh and step up your energy a little to a happier place where you might say, "Yeah, I feel fun when I wear it."

When you change the frequency of thought - you begin to apply the tools of alchemy and transform fear into love. Next month we will explore the final two aspects of alchemy.

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