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Cycling With Earth Again - excerpt through Maurene Watson

Cycling With Earth Again - excerpt through Maurene Watson

Your bodies are moving through the Earth cycles now in preparation,
clearing the fear of the unknown and building a trust in your
sovereign inner security an inner ability to create whatever you need
in the very moment you need it. You all know that Earth needs to
cleanse and purify her body and her skin in order to balance her poles
for a higher soul spin rotation. She has and will encounter more giant
coronal ionized bubbles of gas, solar radiation bursts, or solar
flooding that might from time to short circuit her magnetosphere; her
power grids. The intensity of these shall remind your scientists that
they are inter-dimensional beings who must harness the free energy of
their very own Source; their planetary, solar, and cosmic suns to keep
their planet’s economy and power generation online. Inter dimensional
beings use inter dimensional solutions don’t they?

You, and your body’s power grids, went through the fires of change by
clearing the old programs from your past to rebirth your souls and
reconnect spirit’s meta-matter, just as Earth is doing. This is
helping mitigate the severity and help change your futures despite of
the water/wind cycle and mini-cold upcoming cycle you will adjust your
bodies and your dwellings to endure.

Part of the stress had been an uncertainty about what to do next, now
that you have arrived in your next life body and you didn’t die. The
bodies had been wondering if it was safe to stay and rebirth the
spirit and create, or if the Earth changes would extinguish them? But,
you have made it into your enlightened bodies and Earth Gaia will go
on. Your body forms are designed to change by your thoughts.
Enlightened bodies have no need for disease, death, or suffering. You
no longer need to die or be crucified for another god either. You have
learned well from these traumas, as has Earth in her experience, as
she travels back into her fields of spirit.

You have chosen yourselves to be preserve-able, deserve-able, and self
sustaining sovereign gods on the new Earth. This multi fractal spine
spiral in your DNA and that of Earth; that blueprinted in your divine
designs as gods, still maintains the perfect symmetry in its ability
to adapt and evolve. Your: cells, plants, animals, minerals, colors,
shapes, languages, numbers, tones, body parts, solar systems,
universe, all still synchronize with the nature bell of Earth as she
births her spirit body into a new organism and into a quicker
rotation. Are you not doing the same with your body as you en-soul
hers? You are entraining spirit together. Emptying the past, leaves
room for Spirit to direct and guide an effortless path where the mind
retires into intuition, with love acting as the cellular pulsing
magnet with you as a conscious Source. This allows the body to fold
the human self into soul regeneration, dispelling excess electrical
radiation energy, so the cell heart can act like a pulse magnet to
attract spirits true

Every thought you think, creates and holds in solidity, the objects
and the peoples you live with and the rules you create for yourselves,
and remain the mirrors of your growth on a daily basis. If you do not
hold them in thought, then do they not disappear from your lives? By
synchronizing your love as one organism, you have always adapted
environments or changed them. This would ensure that you get to live
what you created and were a proper parent or steward of your own
creations. All the harmonics of what you’re creating as new blended
Earth tones will synchronize by the energies of your conscious love in
motion with all other dimensions, resolving old ones while creating
new ones. This inter-dimensional universal heart entrains your brain
networks to the magnetic fields around your bodies to those around the
earth, dissolving her polarity and yours, until it collapses into a
new beginning.

This will allow you to meld with your environment and change your body
into whatever body or form you need to move with the regeneration of
the earth, while sustaining your own life force. Since you as gods
helped create all life, you will remember this ability as you help
stabilize her blue diamond needle in her axial poles till they spin
out of polarity, into a unified magnet to galactic center which serves
the whole. As the lobes of your brain and the diamond caves in your
heart entrain with the tectonic plates and the magnetic dimensional
information grids, you are braiding your enlightened love into the

You’re Living Trust Inventory-

>I Preserve new thoughts through an allowing self love, as many make
their choices, to be or not, compatible with the New Earth.

>I see all predictions as limitations to be changed through enlightened
conscious action.

>I can observe/detach with the changes without judgment, fear, lack
victim, blame, so as to not add or attract fear to my own alternate
Earth reality, thus aligning in love and giving to life.

>It is my Divine Right to choose: deserve-ability, self preservation,
sustainability, immortality, sovereignty, protection and unlimited
creative abilities as I align with what Earth needs to do to purify
her body and rebirth her soul.

>I am in my Divine right to be free from systems of: government,
tax debt, or religious dogma that enslave, and I can protect my personal
effects and property under legality.

> “Not in my world”-I do not accept the participation in catastrophic
Earth affects that the masses have chosen. I refuse to live a determined

>I replace neediness for money with inner security and the abundance
of my spirit gifts.

>Daily, I create in unity with the Earth as I commune within. All I need
is already there waiting. I simply must fill my being with it. I know I’m
not violating another’s reality; since I allow all, as an act of life and can’t
disturb Divine order.

>All that I have is self sustaining and self maintaining from my spirit.

>All previous challenges are now assets. What I considered a fault is
now strength; my anger hid my power and my limits disguised my
divine will to create what I desire.

>The days of karma are over: Any limited act or feeling that is forgiven
by self/or another brings immediate change. There was never anything
wrong with self or any other to start with!

Common Sense: Preparedness to release fear from your body of
Collective potentials:

>Until my body is more able to sustain its own light, and need less heat
and food, I will store medical provisions, extra food, warm clothes, and
fresh water in case of extreme weather changes or power grid outages.

>My spirit will guide me to a safe place to live. Whatever I believe, I will create!

>I am prepared with extra coinage or barter, if there is a currency shift.

>I allow the understanding that more tsunamis, quakes, or arctic blasts
may change the climate or indulge on land masses, allowing many to
leave the planet in the next 5 to 10 years?

>I am aware that violent solar flares starting at the end of 2009 have the
potential to knock out electronic communication systems, satellites, and
any means of travel at any time until free energy or anti-gravity technology
is available to humanity!

>I acknowledge that the magnetic fields are shifting and pressuring the
tectonic plates to manage the stability of the planet.

>Natural radiation from the sun can help restore my DNA codes.

>Is my habitat too close to major cities, which may be subject to
infrastructure breakdowns, technological pollution, security controls,
disease outbreaks, or evacuations?

>I can live in a higher elevation or build an Earth friendly structure until
new solar based, crystal dome, or free energy technologies are available
which can endure wind, water, and cold blasts.

>I am tuned into my guiding intuition by watching the changing patterns
of the plants and animals. Many animals/insects insects have already
begun massive migration patterns. Many plants/animals will no longer
yield food and new sources are taking their place. I can grow food and
own my own home without indebtedness? A being or species is not more
important than another.

>I don’t count on the inner Earth beings or our space brothers to save me
from my self. They can only match what I achieve in this plane of dimension.
I ask my spirit to help me prepare my vision and choose what creative
solutions befit me and the healing of humanity!

Decree: Beloved Mother-Father Earth I allow you to do what you need to
do to cleanse and realign your body for your new era. I align with you
in love to create, assist, and sustain life with the least amount of
loss to all life. May the beauty of your changes and mine preserve our
freedom and sovereignty together forever! Earth is righting her body,
her axis and embracing her new soul with the multiplicity of her
spirit at her own election. Will you?

Maurene Watson author: The New Earth:
& The Story of Love and Creation: