Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ag-agria: Love can overcome any challenge -- that is your real power

Ag-agria: Love can overcome any challenge -- that is your real power

In spite of the chaos all over the world, there is an underlying movement towards finding the answers to the problems created. The answers are not always apparent, but with the emergence of people that are spiritually aware, a sense of direction is being found. The economic changes that must be made cannot be lasting, unless they are based upon ethical business dealings. There must also be transparency so as to prevent any attempts to introduce corrupt practices, and honesty and fairness will be the basis for all dealings in the future. That means a whole new approach, and the appointment of people who are by inclination and belief honest and trustworthy. Mankind has tolerated varying degrees of dishonesty for a long time, but it has taken recent revelations to show you what happens when it runs rampant and unchecked.

All of life's experiences are lessons of one kind or another, and they are presented to you for your evolution. Remember that it is Man who has set the parameters for all experiences, and God who has allowed them through the freewill granted to you. Now you are at the end of the cycle of duality you can see the degree to which you have strayed from the spiritual path. Spiritual progress is measured by the extent you can overcome the challenges that duality has confronted you with in a battle between the Light and dark. You started the cycle from a higher station in realms of absolute harmony and balance, now your task is to take a step up on your journey back to them.

As you look at each other you have no way of knowing the paths you have taken. Today you may be vastly different from what you were a few lives previously, and you are here to play out a role you have agreed to follow. Status and wealth have nothing at all to do with spiritual growth, unless you have had the inner knowledge to use them wisely. Neither does living in poverty or suffering lack make you more spiritual. At all levels of life it is your ability to live your love until you can extend it unconditionally to all souls. There are no harder tests than the trials of duality, and few of you are expected to conquer them all. However, live up to your best potential and you will have done as much as possible in any one life.

Once you know what is expected of you, you will find it somewhat easier to conduct your life in an orderly fashion. You will know where you are going and find your true spiritual path. You can then see people more as they truly are, and without judgement make allowances for their shortcomings. Humans tend to pick up on people's faults and criticism is quite normal, so we do understand that is a common trait amongst you. It is one that must be overcome if you are to accept that each of you are thrown into situations that have the potential to teach you lessons in correct living. It is far better to be the compassionate and understanding one, who can lift people up rather than put them down. Do you question the credentials of a drowning person - of course not, life is too precious to be concerned with such things. Love can overcome any challenge, and that is your real power.

We know that it is difficult to set aside habits and beliefs formed from childhood, but there does come a time when you realise that you are in total charge of yourself. There is a tendency to feel safer when others do the leading, but there comes a point when you have to take hold of the reins yourself. This present period lends itself very much towards those who seek to better themselves spiritually. The energies coming to you are capable of awakening many a soul to their true selves, and as they grow more powerful there is a great opportunity to lift up out of the pull of duality. It is possible even so the task seems daunting, and many upon Earth at this time are succeeding. Looking back we can see how far you have come, and it is most encouraging.

When the changes start to remould society and you benefit from abundance, a new sense of contentment and happiness will surface. The promise of a new world will become tangible and it will galvanise others into action. A coming together will gather momentum, and great strides will be made. At heart you are beautiful people, and would love to be uninhibited it would show your closeness and appreciation of others. Over many lives you have been held back in expressing your feelings for each other, even to the point of being guarded in your praises of another. To say to another "I love you" carries such an uplifting powerful energy, and can heal those wounded souls in an instant.

With Ascension you will have overcome so many of the frailties that exist now. Eventually the vibrations will be so high that you will be entering a state of near perfection as a Light Being. Then you will be able to be yourself, that is your Higher Self, adorned with the Light of many suns, and radiate the love that knows no ending. One day many of you shall be seated on the Councils that preside over the Universe, and in your greatness serve God directly. However, that is a long way off but indicates your unlimited potential to rise to the highest levels.

For the moment your thoughts are bound in earthly matters that are all consuming. It is a volatile period where much is in upheaval and your destiny is to see it through all of the changes. The degree of your involvement will grow, and you will actually determine how many of the changes are carried out. You the people, as a collective group have immense power if only you will come together in a common purpose for the good of all. That will also attract help from Higher Beings, in addition to what we are already doing for you.

I am Ag-agria from Sirius returning once again to express my views about Humanity. I also hope that my words may inspire others to set their sights higher, as what you have is a unique opportunity to leave the old Earth for once and for all time. As always keep your sights on the victory you seek, and let nothing distract you from it. Together we are the army of Light Warriors that wield the power entrusted to us by God. There is nothing that we cannot overcome, and we travel every step of the way with you, until completion of this cycle. From then onwards the Cosmos opens her heart to you, and invites you to enjoy the never-ending adventures through the realms of Light. I shall leave now by giving of my love and blessings to you all.

Thank you Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey