Monday, March 30, 2009

The Magnetic Power of Optimism

The Magnetic Power of Optimism
by Jean Warner
March 2009

Trying times can bring a person or a country into a state of anxiety or depression. These are the times that one needs to realize that there is a remedy if one chooses it. If one allows himself to assume the feeling of hopelessness that is nudging him, he has failed to utilize the greatest weapon against the threatening circumstances. For the old adage of Like attracts Like is a universal truth and applies whether the situation is deemed positive or negative.

For eons both individuals and societies have suffered the effects of negative emotions being tossed into the ethers and spread as ominous manifestations of whatever the negative thoughts and feelings have expressed. Thoughts are Things is another truth which can result in the outcropping of pessimism causing a deepening cloud of darkness in the thought haven in our atmosphere.

On the other hand, an optimistic attitude about the outcome of one's fears can offset that cloud of dark energy and bring the light of positive manifestation into play. Soloman said: As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. We can control what we are, or what our circumstances are, by directing our thoughts. Consider the power this can give you!

Think of yourself as the proverbial mustard seed, the tiniest seed there is. If it can become a tree, surely you can become anything you program yourself to be. You can overcome whatever challenge presents itself. Just set the pattern in your heart and manifest your ideals through your thoughts. Guard against any negative thoughts, words, or actions that might contradict the picture of what you are trying to bring into your reality. When those thoughts slip in, do not allow them to stay. But don't get upset because you feel you have regressed in your determination. Just replace the negative expressions with positive thoughts and know that you are back on track.

Be aware that your thoughts, positive or negative, affect those around you. Like a magnet that energy is drawn to another's thoughts, either inspiring him to take a more positive view of things, or demeaning his outlook So you see, your optimism can spread and change the ambience of your environment. The positive energy you emit will go from person to person, replacing negative influences, just as a rising sun dissolves the darkness of the night. You have the power to change your world!

Keep in mind that others' thoughts are magnetic too. So it is best to avoid those who are determined to stick with their lack of faith. If you can't change their spirits, bless them and let them go their way. Don't ever allow their negativity to intrude on your attitude. You have many other candles to light, so you don't want to focus on one that snuffs itself out. You can become the ray of hope for those who are looking for an encouraging smile or word, and their acceptance will reinforce your own confidence. A positive attitude can soon have a snowball effect that will manifest a rainbow, and that rainbow just might disclose a pot of gold. Give yourself and others the gift of a rosy outlook and bask in the light of promise.

You can overcome the forces against you: the hurts of your childhood, false programming from your past, negative thinking perpetuated by society, or inbred cell memory from your ancestors. You can overcome, because you are a free spirit; you have access to divine power; and you were given free will. By refusing to be a victim, you can create a life of your choosing.

You can overcome, for you can make the choice to take control of your life, to be vibrantly healthy, to be joyously happy, to receive life's abundance. You can overcome through the strength of your will, the power of your thoughts, the authority of your intent, the magnetism of your desire, the belief in yourself.

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