Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Message from Kuthumi

A Message from Kuthumi
Marlene Swetlishoff

March 24, 2009

Beloved Ones,

I come this day. I AM Kuthumi. I wish to speak to you about the work
that each of you have been doing for the past month or so. This work
is accomplishing great miracles, Dear Ones. All of this is not seen by
your physical eyes but you know this, Dear Ones, when you come to
visit during sleep hours. You know what is being accomplished, for we
have meetings during your sleep state to discuss what needs to be
done. Each of you attend. There is a great need here to keep
yourselves impeccable. There is a great need before you start your
decreeing, or your prayers, your affirmations or your channeling, that
you intend that any information or energy comes only from the Highest
Christed Light Realms and to intend that it be filtered only through
your God Self, your Monad. This is a very important intention that you
must set before you start to do any Light work.

We of the Hierarchy are watching over each of you, all those who work
with us with these decrees. We are assisting each one of you in every
way that we can when we are asked. Still, it is something that you
must do each day, Dear Ones. We see there has been a decrease in those
of you who started out so determined and your Lights were glowing so
brightly and now, Dear Ones, the intentions have petered out. We ask
you to remember your initial intentions and make the intention to
persevere again. Try again, Dear Ones.

If you cannot find the time to do all of the decrees that are listed
on this website, then choose your priority, the one you resonate with
the Highest and do just that one, seven times. If each of you would do
that and dedicate yourself to at least ONE, more Light would be
generated for the Highest Good of all concerned.

We truly appreciate the Lights that you are and we understand what it
is like to be living upon the Earth with all the demands on your time.
We ask you, Dear Ones, to remember us each day and do at least one of
the decrees each day and maybe rotate and do another one the next day
so that by the end of the week, you have decreed for each specific
purpose through all the decrees. This would be so helpful to us and
would not take up too much of your personal time.

We of the Hierarchy are asking of you again to take up this work with
dedication and the love that you have for the Earth and all of your
brothers and sisters. And please do not forget to anchor in your Light
after your decrees, to anchor it and ground it into the Earth.

We Love and honor each of you and we are always available and we are
always at your sides.

I AM Kuthumi

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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