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Lord Arcturus: A New Game Begins

Lord Arcturus: A New Game Begins
Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo
March 05, 2009

Promises have been made and broken, laws have been reinforced and abolished, and through each trial and tribulation you have felt the earth shake, the wind blow and the chime of hope venture in and out of your awareness. Yet I come forth to propose a new plan, a plan of peace.

A wave of change has washed over the land, new contracts have been served and you have signed on the dotted line. Your time of re-calibration draws to near completion and though you may still feel the implications of a past life in your present reality, I assure you that it is only the remaining remnants of a life outworn.

May I draw your attention to the sun?

Have you noticed that very recently there is a new energy prevalent on your planet? Newly condensed rays of light emanating from the empowering sun in your solar system assure that each of you on the path to full human potential are currently receiving the proper frequencies to catapult your biological, spiritual, emotional and mental processing to the place were you are free . . . free of discord, free of strife and free of the confines of limited third dimensional existence. The freedoms that you so desperately seek are not unlikely, dear one(s), for surely you have been contained. You have been diligently protected, watched over and guided closely by all of those who work with you in this lifetime . . . seen and unseen.

Those who watch you toil do so with a grace that only the highest forms of love could procure. The discomfort you have endured is the shedding of an old skin, a skin by which most release during physical death. You creak and groan to squeeze your way out of this world and into the next where your destiny awaits you.

Certainly, no one said that death would feel good but this is only because you were consistently being presented with the sobering reality of each and every thought, emotion and physical ail that blocked you from living in divine grace. You are of the first brigade and though that offers you the hardship of uncertainty and the pain of cutting a new path, it also offers you the ability to walk first into the realms of heaven that await you.

So lets talk a bit about heaven. . . .

What you currently perceive to be heaven is but a mere fraction of the potential that you are soon to be gifted with. You ask how this will come to be, and I will share that the entrance into the world that awaits you, the shift that you are now beginning to incorporate into your life and body, is a shift that will require very little effort. The next cycle for the warriors who have been paving the way for new humanity is simple . . . you will cease to suffer . . . you will simply and effortlessly rise above suffering.

Transcendence begins with a knowing, is followed by a feeling and eventually works its way into the entire biological form. It is a harmonic frequency attuned to the level of joy. As you settle into this new vibration you may come to feel sudden moments of blissfulness, overwhelming feelings of gratitude and a delightfulness that is difficult to contain in the body . . . a lightness of being that you have yet to experience in human form. And this will oscillate. It will come to and fro and it will work its way through every area of your life, every cell of your body, on its own accord. When it does, and when you are consistently vibrating at the frequency of joy, your life will seem as though it has always been that way! Beloved warriors, though you endured greatly to achieve this new level of consciousness, soon you will find it nearly impossible to remember the feeling of strife.

Akin to childbirth, as you reach the summit, or plateau of your destination vibration, the pain of labor will suddenly disconnect from your awareness and you will be free to experience life the way it was always meant to be. As you reach this vibration, you will finally exhale knowing that it was exactly what you had expected, only you feared your feelings and thoughts about what it would be like were imaginary, unlikely or untrue. We assure you that you already know exactly what its like to live in this space for this space is home to you.

Warrior souls, you have worn the armor, weathered many storms. You held within you the inability to give up because it is written within you that you are greater that you can presently perceive. Making your way to this truth was a journey unto itself, but the destination was well worth the challenge. And certainly there is a destination! But that destination resides within.

All is now aligned for your creations to take physical form and the support for greater consciousness abounds. So what is left, you ask? And I will share that all is left on the last leg of this journey home is to bide the continuum of time. How much? . . . I can hear you say. And I will share that the seasons of time and cycles of creation are tightly interwoven.

As the cold dark night fades into the warmth of the nourishing sun, new growth begins to sprout. Your land has been tilled, your seeds have been planted and your crops await the sun's newly encoded rays. A word to the wise . . . align with these cycles of growth to cultivate new life and you will find great power where once there was none.

Lastly we remind you that though you knew you would have to make this transition alone, never were you abandoned. No longer is it a time of isolation but a time of reprieve . . . a time of partnership and cooperation. A time when a simple shift in perspective can create change in an instant.

Soon you will see thru new eyes and love through a new heart and you will turn to each and every soul who played the game along side you in loving cooperation to say . . . "I knew it was you all along."

We are the Arcturians and we remember you fondly. Soon you will remember yourselves as we do. Stay in the luminosity of your light knowing that you have completed a journey that far exceeded the expectations of many . . . especially your own.

A new game begins. This time you will play according to your rules.

Blessings be, you are wholly cherished.

In gratitude,


Lauren C. Gorgo is an Interdimensional Channel, Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer, Conscious Creativity Coach, MultiDimensional Mentor, Advanced Integrated Energy Practitioner and Author of 12 Essential Steps to Discovering Your Divine Blueprint: A guidebook for the soul. Well known for her ability to cut through extraneous esoteric details, Lauren is adept at communicating complex spiritual ideas and concepts in a grounded, easy-to-understand and articulate way. For more information, free articles, channeled messages and e-courses visit: *

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