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ARANUTH SPEAKS (17th Mar 09) to assist with

ARANUTH SPEAKS (17th Mar 09) to assist with


The rampant energies that are currently shaking everyone’s lives and
turning them upside down are challenging to say the least. It does not
matter whether you are a ‘sleeper’, an “awakening one”, or an
“awakened and aware” entity, the energy affects all souls incarnate.
Just when you think that you’ve balanced yourself nicely it shakes you
out of your comfy tree.
Forgetfulness, slow cognition, and feelings of bewilderment and
anxiety seem to be prevalent among those who I chance to meet or
communicate with. It looks like both individually and as a group we’re
in for an interesting ride…. so hang onto your hats because it is far
from over.
In my random talks with Aranuth he has indicated that while he will be
keeping us up-to-date with potentials, possibilities, and
probabilities he will also be tempering his words so as not to promote
any level of fear within those hearing or reading his words. He is
very mindful of the fact that to safely and smoothly transit the
coming changes all souls incarnate will need to be in a peaceful,
loving, and accepting state, if not a state of grace. He shows me a
state of grace = bliss; maybe I should I say a state of blissful
oblivion. A state of ecstatic and peaceful being-ness inside our
cocoon of multiple-coloured energy that is indeed our coat (cocoon) of
many colours.

Aranuth message 17th March 09
Welcome here this evening in this wonderful house of light. And what
have we here when we look around ? Light, Light, light, everywhere.
This is about the most light that we have seen in this house for some
time - would you not agree? When I look about me I see all of the
lights that are joining; I see the lights blending and illuminating
this room with many, many, beautiful colours. And I must tell you that
if you could see yourselves from where I am you would be amazed. And
of course what you are probably not aware of is that as well as all of
you beautiful beings here, all of you beautiful people, there is a
also a quartet, a foursome, four elements; Asnar, Aranis, Andronicus,
and I, self.
What I thought that I might talk to you about on this beautiful
evening is how best you might position yourself to take advantage of
the changing energies, the fluctuating energies, the power and the
impetus of the content of the energy that is at present bathing and
washing over your planet.
Hmnn; firstly what I would point out to you is you are not your
physical self. For aeons of time now you have identified your true
being-ness with your physical self. Nothing can be further from the
truth! It is just that you have been conditioned; conditioned by your
teachers, by your parents, by your family and by your friends, even by
all of your ancestors. You have been conditioned to identify with the
physical self instead of recognising your true self. They are poles
apart; poles apart! In the next few coming years you will really want
to know who you are. You will need to know what you are. You will need
to know where you are. You will need to know these things and you will
not be able to read them in a book. You are going to have to find them
for yourself. You will have to find them for yourself. You will need
to discover that for yourself. So now I am giving you a head start on
everybody else. Because as of right now those of you who are not
looking for, trying to identify themselves, their real selves, should
start doing it right now.
Now this is not a criticism, it is a fact; so many of you souls
incarnate have totally forgotten who and what you are. You have
totally forgotten where you came from. You have totally forgotten what
you are here for. It has all faded away. It has been hidden behind the
smoke and the colours, the glitz and the glimmer of the illusions of
this earth. This isn’t life…this is the illusion! We hear people say
“there’s Bill the baker”, “there’s Col the carpenter”….all of these
people are identified by others by what they do. Who are they? Nobody
says “this person here is a beautiful soul, a very advanced soul”.
Instead they say “this one here is a cashier”, “this one here is a
singer”….that’s not what you are! That’s an activity that your
physical body involves itself in. That’s all it is. You are being
identified by your physical activity. It’s an amusement: it’s
entertainment; it’s what your physical body does. The physical body is
only the temporary cloak that you wear to carry you through this
What all souls incarnate should start to focus upon now is ‘who am I
really’? ‘What am I doing here’? Never mind about all of the things
associated with the physical because let me tell you that when you
drop the physical, when it comes your time to pass, when you drop this
physical embodiment, what do you have left? If you hang everything on
your physical and it drops away from you and you become a heap of old
rags on the floor, what then? Where are you then? Well may we ask what
are you now then? You will be just standing there without form, naked;
naked! It’s time to look past that.
I’m going to suggest a little exercise for you this evening. Before we
get to the point of the exercise there are a few more things that I
would like to point out to you. One: It is absolutely essential that
you all set aside time each and every day to go within, to
contemplate, to meditate; it is absolutely essential for you to have
‘quiet time’. You need quiet time. You need loneliness, you need to be
alone, lonely, because it is only when you are alone and in that state
of loneliness that you can truly seek within. And seek within is what
you must do.
Now if you can set aside a portion of your daily life to just go
quiet, sit quietly, clear your mind of all the garbage, all the
rubbish, and all the nonsense associated with this false world, this
world of illusion, this world of glitz. Go to your favourite quiet
place whether it be a corner of the room in your home; whether it be
under a tree in your garden, beside a flowering bush, or beside a
lake, pond, or creek, go to that place. And when you go to that place
seek to go to this place (Araunth points to the heart) in here. In
here, the true self, seek to go within your true being-ness. After a
period of time you will get used to and look forward to this period of
reflection, this period of contemplation.
Now I hear many people say ‘but everything comes into my mind’. Good,
there’s another doorway here (Aranuth points to the side of the head)
let everything go out of your mind. Do not try to put up a barrier to
stop thoughts going through your mind because that is the job of the
mind; that is the duty of the mind. What we need the mind to do is
just be quiet, to go away for a awhile, to leave us alone. So you find
your quiet place and you allocate your quiet time, sit there and just
allow everything. Just allow. Allow thoughts to come and go, to come
and pass through unhindered; do not attempt to hold them or reject
them just allow them to flow on through. Sit quiet and allow, allow,
Now there are various things that you can do to allow the mind to go
quiet. Now, here’s the strange one; when you use your time focusing on
going quiet you are using your mind wondering whether it is ever going
to go quiet. If you keep using your mind saying “ssshhh, be quiet, I’m
trying to meditate here”; “hey, mind sshhh, go away!” ….Stop
Allow the mind, allow everything, just allow it, and after a period of
time your five-body system will relax like an ice-cream melts in the
sun and you will relax; you will relax into yourself, you will not
think anything. Allow the feeling, allow the sensations, allow the
touch, the smell, just allow all of it. When you are in that quiet
place you will find that you will start to glide deep within. Again
allow. Every soul is different and yet they are the same. Every soul
is on a similar pathway, they are all here for a learning experience:
they are all here for advancement; but you have to allow the energies
to penetrate you so that you may feel the energies, so that they may
open you up, so that they may reveal to you not just who and what you
are and why these things are happening, it will give you the answers
that you seek. But don’t expect to receive the answers in the next
five minutes…it all takes time.
The five-body system: the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and
then there is the subtle, the overseer, the higher self, your higher
being-ness. And it’s your higher being-ness that you need to
communicate with. You don’t need to communicate with your mental, or
your physical, or your emotional….you’re doing it all of the time now.
You don’t need to look into your spiritual body because spiritual is
not something that you become…..spiritual is what you are right now!
You are spirit enclosed within this physical body!
We’re going higher. Now, if you wish, focus your attention upon your
crown, the crown chakra. Place your attention vertically. If you will,
focus your attention up to an imaginary point six feet above you crown
chakra. Focus your energy upwards to allow the higher self to come
down through that, down into your heart. Not into your head, not into
the head but into the heart, into your heart. Now there is no big
secret about this; there is no magic formula, it is very much an
individual thing. Very much an individual thing.
Sit quiet and allow. Do not discard feelings or sensations: do not
discard them because as your higher self draws nearer to you, the
higher self will spread it’s own energy around you; the higher self
will spread it’s energies and it will wrap you in that energy as
though you were being wrapped in a blanket. Once you are in that
cocoon, locked in with your higher self then the communication flow
begins. Now it does not come through like a storybook that is
narrated: it trickles in; it swirls in like an evening mist. As it
filters down through all five bodies you will feel various sensations.
You will not hear voices; you will have sensations of knowing-ness.
You will have this knowing-ness and you will wonder where it is coming
from. It is like “gee, I knew this all along but did not know that I
‘knew’it. Of course you didn’t! You’re down here, your higher self is
up there and you’re not connected! Connect up; connect up!
In the early stages I would recommend that you put aside hhmmnn…thirty
minutes. Thirty of your minutes each day and if possible make it the
same time each day: If possible make it the same place each day so
that it’s the same person in the same place at the same time each day
so that it almost becomes a habit. You are not in the knowing-ness
that the place that you go to is generally already occupied by your
guides: by your personal guides; by your healing guides, by your
spiritual guides. And those guides have come to help: they are waiting
for you; they are in that space and they are waiting for you to come
to that space - the totality of you not just the spiritual aspect of
you. They are there waiting for you to come into that space just like
they are here with you in this space tonight. And I and my three
brothers are here unseen by you, we have been here waiting for some
time. We were here waiting for you before you even came through the
door tonight.
Now when you set aside a time and a place for your meditation your
guides will be there waiting for you exactly the same. And this is
where it gets easier because they are already there. They have already
built a cocoon of energy for you; they have already spun this cocoon,
this magical cocoon, a cocoon comprising all of the colours of the
entire spectrum. And you walked into that energy field, that energy
vortex, and the vortex permeates you. It becomes you and you become it
and your guides are there to see that it happens and that is the way
that you open up to your higher self.
Now then, time: that is the time to put ego away because at the time
that you enter that sacred vortex and you commence your communication
with your higher self. Your higher self will ‘download’ as they say,
information to you. Not the answer to every question that you have;
they will download the information that they feel is the most
beneficial to you at this point in time. And now, when they are
downloading things a lot of the information that they are giving to
you: a lot of this knowledge and knowing-ness is going to reveal flaws
in your personality and your character. It’s not going to reveal flaws
in the energy being that you are because the energy being that you are
does not have flaws; there are no flaws! You are perfect! You are
beautiful! However this old vehicle here (pointing to the physical
body) it has flaws, it has drawbacks. And that’s what you are here for
isn’t it? You are here on earth to take on a physical body, it’s a
physical incarnation and you in concert with your higher self and many
other great beings of light, great oversouls, took a lot of time, took
a lot of care, and a lot of consideration went into designing the very
best learning pathway that you possibly could achieve and transit in
this present incarnation. So of course there will be lessons, and of
course there will be challenges; and of course there will be places
where you have done well, and haven’t done so well, but that is all
part of the lesson. This is part of becoming. What are you becoming?
You are becoming the energy being that you truly are. So you are not
just becoming the energy being, the portion of the higher self that
you are, you are becoming the totality of the energy being that you
are as your higher self and so you are becoming the totality of your
higher self and your highest higher self that is your Monad. And what
do you think the totality of becoming is? Ahhh haa haa ha, (Aranuth
claps gleefully) you are becoming one with the source!!! The Divine
Source that originally breathed life into you!!!
You are the thought, the will, and the holy breath of the Creator!
And that dear ones is what you are finding your way back to. That is
the entire reason why you are here for this incarnation and have been
here for many incarnations previous to this one. And I’m not saying
one, two, or ten, I’m saying hundreds! You have been here many times.
You have been many things. You have had many experiences. You have had
many lessons. And when we put them all together and stack them up nice
and neatly it comes down to soul enrichment. So that’s where you are
all going now. You are all going back to the source….but that’s not
the end of it. You will all come back in a different dimension, a
different reality, as a different being, and yet still retaining you
original energy self.
But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves because that will only
complicate matters. What we are here this evening for is to encourage
you to get used to getting out of this body. You’ve had enough time in
it. You’ve done enough things. Now it’s time to become who and what
you truly are. Now it’s time to set your energy free. Cast off the
shackles. Most of you do it every night and don’t even know it. You
walk away from your body and you leave it laying there in the bed. You
book it in at the cloakroom, take a ticket, and say I’ll be back
before daylight to collect my body – don’t mix them up okay?” Ha, ha,
ha, ha.
What we need you to do; what you need to do, is to start looking at
yourself as an energy being driving this body. The body is not you;
nothing is you except the energy. Personality is not you: the
character is not you; and for heavens sake the job that you do or the
activity that you are involved in is not you. You are not Bob the
baker or Peter the painter. You have to discover firstly who and what
you truly are. I’ll say it again; you are an energy being. You are a
beautiful energy being. So discard the body when you go to your time
of contemplation. Do not go to that place with a plan……you’re guides
will laugh at you. Go to that place in allowance, total allowance and
total acceptance. Do not try to impose things of this physical, solid-
matter dimension upon a higher dimension….square pegs don’t go into
round holes.
Now then, now that we have established what it is that souls incarnate
need to do to advance themselves, to raise themselves up, to become
more knowledgeable, to become more understanding, it just all comes in
whilst you are in that state. That is only the first state. That is
only a temporary state. While you are doing that you are being raised
up, raised up, raised up in vibration until such times as you have
developed this communication. Telepathy is a crude word to describe
such a refined process however it is like a telepathic communication
of thoughts, words, ideas, colours, vibrations, images. Don’t try to
qualify it, just let it all come. Let it all come. Allowance,
allowance !! In this way you will become much more aware of who and
what you are. You will become much more aware of your higher self,
your higher being-ness, your higher values and qualities.
Now, here’s a little exercise for you.
I and my brothers would be most pleased if you would practice stepping
out of your physical body and standing beside it, or behind it, or in
front of it, wherever you wish to be. I would like to ask you all to
imagine yourself taking your energy, your life force, taking you
energy out of this physical vessel and putting it here (Aranuth
indicates beside your body) right beside you, and then looking around
and seeing things from the perspective of your soul self and your
higher self because you have seen enough from the perspective of the
physical self.
Hmmnnn…right now would be a very opportune time to do this very
briefly. Why I say an opportune time is if you could only see the
amount of light at present in this light, this house of light; the
power and intensity of the light that is here now helping you. If you
could only see that. And if you could only see the power that is
emanating from my brothers, brothers of the light, for we are from the
brotherhood of light. We are generating light and we are radiating it
to you. It does not make a sound; it is noiseless. It is colourful and
silent. It is silently penetrating and permeating your being-ness.
Now I am going to ask you for just one minute of your time.
I ask you now please close your eyes……......close your eyes and let go
of your mind………allow thoughts and feelings and sensations to come and
to go as they please….do not hold onto them………….feel the vital energy
force that you are within your body, the separate energy body that is
within the physical body……………now I want you to step outside of that
physical body…………..you are not going away……….your physical is
safe………………step out now………….stand beside your body with your eyes
closed………….ahh, you’re out……………..what do you hear……………..what do you
feel……………….what do you sense…………..what is gently washing over you………………
what is gently washing through you………….can you see the lights of the
energy beings who are here with you?......hmnn?…………..for one minute
focus on that………….focus on their lights and I will call to you in one
minute……………..And now allow yourself to slowly merge with your physical
body once more………….allow your special energy being-ness to glide
gently back in and occupy your physical once more……………………………..
Thank you for your participation in that exercise. I thank you for
that. It was a beautiful exercise and it has achieved far more than
you are even remotely aware of.
Now then, now that you have been to that stage: now that you have
visited that place; now that you are comfortable with the process of
going to that place I would ask you to do one small thing which is a
great thing as far as enhancing your development, and it is this.
Quietly practice this with every other soul incarnate that you meet in
this life, that you meet on your pathway, from this point on. I would
ask you to look at them not as a physical being. Not as Col the
carpenter or Sally the singer, look at that soul incarnate as an
energy being, a beautiful energy being; ignore the body size, weight,
and shape; ignore that. Each and every time you meet look past the
physical: look past the third dimensional; look past this temporary
physical solid matter thing and go to the eternal being. The beautiful
energy being that they are; although they are disguised in a physical
body, look past the physical, go to their energy and honour them the
same as they would honour you. Honour them with love. Honour them with
compassion. Honour them with understanding and the energy will flow
back to you. It will return in the same manner as it was radiated.
They do not have to express it in a manner that you immediately
Express the energy to all souls incarnate as you would express the
energy to yourself. Look at them for what they are; beautiful energy
beings who are incarnate like you. They are doing lessons like you:
they are having experiences like you; and they are going home like
This has been a most wonderful evening. It has been a beautiful
evening. I look around and I see and I feel the beautiful energy that
radiates outwards from you. Could I and would I hold the mirror up to
you and reflect that image back to you. If I could hold the mirror up
to you I would reflect your beauty back to you so that you would know
and understand. However we understand that you are incarnate and are
not yet able to see your beauty. You have not reached that level of
advancement to see your own light. And if you contemplate my words of
this evening: And if you set aside a time and place for your daily
contemplation; and if you practice stepping out of your body once you
have gone quietly and deeply within; and if you can practice seeing
only the light in others, then you are well and truly along the
pathway to what you call ascension.
Thank you dear souls. My brothers and I thank you.
We will continue to come for as long as you wish us to come.
Good evening.


A timely reminder of the power of spiritual healing was given to me
last week.
My son-in-law who is employed at an isolated mine in Indonesia was
recently beset by headaches of considerable severity. The mine
management delivered him to a nearby hospital for diagnosis and
treatment. The headaches could not be relieved by pain killers or even
morphine so the hospital decided to medi-vac him to a state-of-the-art
Jakarta hospital where he underwent a series of tests under the
supervision of neuro-surgeons for suspected ventricle blockage in the
brain. The severity of his condition was a source of worry for the
entire family who waited anxiously for every morsel of information.
At three a.m. on the morning of his tests I awoke and decided to
direct some intense healing energy to my son-in-law in his hospital
bed in Jakarta. While sending absent healing I was drifting in and out
of various altered states until about five a.m. where I fell into a
deep restful sleep.
Promptly at six-thirty a.m. I awoke to hear a voice say very
distinctly, “he’ll be okay”, “he is okay”. Immediately following that
I experienced this incredible emotional “rush” of relief and
happiness. I went out to breakfast and informed everyone that “he’s
okay now”….. “he’ll be okay”! Later that day after examination, many
tests, and diagnosis by no less than five neuro-surgeons he was
advised that there was nothing seriously or significantly wrong; all
scans had indicated a normal healthy brain.
Over the following days his health continued to improve to the point
where he flew back home to Australia to his wife and children for a
well-earned holiday.
Don’t ever underestimate the power of your own healing power; just
focus your healing intent keenly and send it!
With Love

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