Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SaLuSa: You are truly great and powerful spiritual Beings

SaLuSa: You are truly great and powerful spiritual Beings

We find a need to return to the subject of your creative powers, as few of you understand how much you contribute to the continual re-shaping of your reality. What comes to you is the result of your mass-consciousness, which projects your desires into the ethers and attracts such as is necessary for their manifestation. You are the creators of all that is around you, yet for many centuries you have been led to believe that others are better suited to decide your future. It is true that you have been deceived and misled, but with little questioning you have given away your rights. Fortunately, there is a greater plan that decrees the end-times shall hand these back to you, and give you the chance to ascend. It is you who determine how it shall work out, but the end result will still be the same with Ascension.

Your individual power can be used for any expression that you should choose. For example whether or not there is a deliberate intent to self heal, the fact remains that when you apply yourself to putting out such thoughts, they do have an effect. It should be mentioned that you cannot "force" healing onto someone else even with the best of intentions. Surprisingly to some of you, a soul will often wish to have a full experience of whatever illness they have elected to go through. If you think upon it, it also involves many other souls who may also be part of the victim's life plan. Such powers can of course be directed at another person whether for positive or negative purposes. However, the latter can incur karma where you have actually interfered with another souls freedom of choice.

Life plans cannot be analysed too deeply, as you do not yet have the full knowledge as to how the spiritual side of your life is arranged. It is absolutely true that nothing happens by chance, and it is worth bearing in mind when you are involved in matters that concern others. Suffice to say that as this cycle reaches its conclusion, many souls are taking the opportunity to clear away their remaining karmic responsibilities. It is why some individuals have had action packed lives and often extreme challenges. As always you never tackle them totally by yourself and help is given, often by moving you in the direction of other people, or opportunities that will assist you in making the best response.

Karmic ties bring people together, and often they will incarnate as a family for that purpose. Such an understanding can be very useful, by showing you where your energies and efforts are best placed. Following your lives on Earth they are reviewed, and the results form the basis of future life plans. Opportunities are taken at suitable times to brush up on matters that need more attention from you. You will understand from this that your lives are not random affairs of no consequence, but carefully orchestrated to offer you chances to further your spiritual evolution.

As you might gather, those of you who have become spiritually awakened have progressed far along your path, and many of you have almost reached the end of your experiences in duality. You have passed the tests and responded to the challenges they have presented you. You no longer need any further time in this cycle, and your progress will continue in the higher dimensions. It would be correct to call it your reward, because you have not reached this point without applying yourself to your spiritual advancement. No one can do it for you, but of course they can guide you with the benefit of their own understanding. This is why you find that there is an emphasis on always following your own intuition. You may go astray at times, but as long as you keep an open mind you will find the correct path again. There is no race against time and it does not matter how long your evolution takes, as ultimately all will return to the Source, and it cannot be any other way.

When we arrive on Earth, listen to us as we come to help you take the next steps in your evolution. Like all members of the Galactic Federation, we are Light Beings from levels that you are destined to reach. We cannot do other than be truthful with you, and we try to set our levels in such a way that we make sense to you. It is no good trying to take you too far too quickly as there is no rush, but we do want to lift you to the point where you can begin to understand your time on Earth. Historically, there is very little that you can refer to where the truth can be found, and by and large there has been a deliberate attempt to keep you in the dark. That word is totally appropriate, as the dark ones have never wanted you to know that you are truly great and powerful spiritual Beings.

The truth will hurt some people, as they have been totally captivated by the dark ones and believed what they have been told. No one cares very much to learn that his or her cherished beliefs have been false. However, the truth must come out before you all take your next steps in whatever way you have chosen. You will then have the foundation of truth with you, which will be of particular Importance to those who choose to stay in the 3rd dimension. They will continue their evolution elsewhere, but with the sub-conscious knowledge of the truth. It will enable them to start again at a reasonable level of vibration, and not go back to the earlier stages. Dear Ones, it is the intent of the Creator and all helpers that you continue to evolve, and there is no plan that holds you back as your progress is largely down to you and your choosing.

We view all events that take place on Earth and monitor the outcome. It gives us a good idea as to what will happen next, and enables us to engage our allies in tasks that will help us all. The impact of what is happening now will eventually give us the opportunities we seek to go ahead with our plans and First Contact. Naturally during any period of cleansing there are bound to be hardships, but these will be relatively short lived. Everything required to turn things around is already in existence, and we shall help you leap into the future. There are many things that you should already have had, but were kept from you through the greed and desire for control of the Illuminati.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I find acceptance of our presence and the love we bring you is becoming more widespread. It greatly pleases us, as our arrival is in no way intended to add to your problems, but quite the reverse.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey