Saturday, March 21, 2009

Linear Time Versus 'Fluid' Time

Linear Time Versus 'Fluid' Time
DL Zeta

The conscious mind tends to view time in a linear fashion. This is
usually accompanied by a tendency to compartmentalize time in a way
that sees both past and future as "inaccessible." We have said all
time is one moment experienced incrementally in consciousness. As you
expand your conscious awareness, you are able to perceive other points
of focus within this all-encompassing moment of now. From this
perspective, it's easy to see how events occurring in both "past" and
"future" are accessible and alive within your present moment.

As you gain access to these other points on the map of your own
consciousness, you are able to see how they interact with and
influence your present moment. You are probably well aware of how
moments from the past exert an influence on the present. However, most
people are not as aware of how they are influenced by future moments.
In fact, events crystallizing in your near future are already sending
out waves of energy that cast a sphere of influence that extends in
both directions - past and future. This is because time is fluid,
allowing energy to flow in all directions. Future happenings affect
your life and awareness as much as past events. In some cases, you are
more affected by future events because they exist in your subconscious
and are not always recognized in the way you are able to "pull-up"
past times and understand the influence they exert.

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