Thursday, January 8, 2009

The World Post-Shift: Portal Workers: Are you in or out?

The World Post-Shift: Portal Workers: Are you in or out?

Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: Today I will talk about awakening to the Great Shift in
Consciousness. Most people focus on the coming mass awakening, the
uniting of We the People, but that’s the bigger picture. I will speak
about you as an individual in this Great Shift. Your “great shift” is
already happening. You say, “Well, how could that be? I feel no
different.” Regardless of what you do or do not feel or perceive, you
are becoming in-lightened. I use the word “in-lightened,” because it
describes the process so perfectly. You are becoming lighter, taking
more light into your being, which means your awareness is becoming
heightened. This process of “in-lightenment,” and the aligning of
your light, will help you understand your journey on a higher level
and will prepare you for the Great Shift.

Those of you listening to my voice or reading this will go through
this Great Shift in Consciousness. Of course, you also have the
option of not going through the Shift. The choice is completely
yours. If my medium wanted to die today, he could, and someone else
would fill in for him.

Almost everyone going through the Shift will experience three days of
darkness. During that time, the Earth will move through the photon
belt, Mother Earth will realign her energy, you will be asleep, and
your bodies will be in-lightened. Upon awakening from the three days
of darkness, many people will be confused and frightened. They won’t
know anything about the Shift and they, like you, will see devastation
all around. When you look at this world, even though you’ll know
about the Shift, you still might think, “Oh, my God. This can’t be
right. This can’t be the Shift. Look at the destruction. What will
I do with this?”

You can’t imagine what you will see, hear and have to do. Earth’s
landscape will be akin to what you saw recently in Texas after the
hurricane, when a couple of the islands off the coast were completely
wiped out and it looked as if someone had erased all the buildings.

Don’t despair, because, besides the devastation, you will see the
portals that you must pass through to enter into the fourth light.
When you first see the portals, you will think, “How will I get
through this thing?” Fortunately, the portals open so large that you
will be able to walk through them unhindered. Make sure that you
don’t rush through the portals. Tell everyone not to be concerned
about being the first to go through, because those who have chosen not
to enter into the fourth light are scheduled to go through the portals
first. They will enter the portals, dissipate their energies, and
return into the Creator’s Light.

When those who are scheduled to go into the fourth light come out of
the portal on the other side, they will see a mist at first, and as
they walk through that mist, it will clear up instantly and they will
love what they see: a forest, fields and houses. They will wonder
where it all came from. It will have come from those of you who have
been going to the fourth dimension in your sleep state and preparing
things for this great event.

As lightworkers, you will be either an inside or an outside portal
worker, and, in the rare case, you might be both. The inside portal
workers will be the teachers and the council members. They will
either teach those who are uninformed about the Shift or they will sit
on the different councils that will serve as the “governing” bodies
for the Shift society.

The outside portal workers are the warriors of the light. They will
bring those who are “lost,” so to speak, through the portals into the
new light. When I say lost, I’m referring to the fact that most
people won’t know about the Shift and will be in fear. Hence, the
outside portal workers will be a little more focused on this journey.
After all, two billion people must go through the portals, and it
will be up to the outside portal workers to bring most of them through
and into the fourth light.

Those of you who are organizers in present time, who see to the
details of setting things up for an event, for example, are practicing
your warrior skills for the Shift. You say, “Well, organizing isn’t
the same as digging people out of the rubble and bringing them through
the portals. I don’t want to dig anybody out of the rubble.” You
won’t have to dig anyone out of the rubble; no one will be hurt. The
outside portal workers will guide the people into and through the

Yet don’t underestimate the process. This will not be a “piece of
cake.” The whole process will take at least two years and will
involve more than merely bringing people through the portals. As
outside portal workers, you will have to get involved with people.
For instance, you will have to conduct seminars for those who resist
your efforts. These people will be in fear and some will have to
attend the seminar more than once. You will have to tell them all
about the Shift and what it means.

You will know you are an outside portal worker when you see a little
four- or five-year-old child and want to bring that child through the
portal. You will think, “Oh, my God. I’ll get this one myself.” In
other words, you will feel the need to bring people through the portals.

The number of people outside the portals will far outnumber those
inside the portals. In the beginning, the outside portal workers will
bring about 150 to 200 people at a time through the portals. After
about two years, people will be more willing to go through the portals
into the fourth light and you’ll be “snatching” them out of the third
dimension, so to speak.

The inside portal workers will not be laughing or having a great time
while the outside portal workers are doing all the work. The inside
portal workers will have to deal with people who have come through the
portal and have no idea how they got there. For instance, Barack
Obama will make it through the portal but he will have no idea what
this Shift is all about. He will be a powerful person before the
Shift, but afterward, he will be just one of the many who must attend
the seminars to be educated about this grand event.

The inside portal workers who are teachers will conduct seminars with
500 to 600 people in attendance. You will spend maybe six months to a
year with a group of people, speaking with them every day, and Barack
Obama will be among them. He too will be afraid and will think, “What
has happened? What happened to the United States? What happened to

As lightworkers, be aware now of what you will do in the first weeks
of this journey. You can start aligning people by getting the word
out about this Great Shift. People will not want to listen, but that
doesn’t matter, because when the time comes, they will remember your

Many of you want to know about your finances during the Shift.
According to the Bible, Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go
through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the
kingdom of God” [Matthew 19:24]. That may be true, but I’m not
suggesting that you should give all your money away or spend it all
before the Earth enters into the Shift. In present time, you still
need your money.

Post-Shift is another story. Although some sort of exchange will be
available, it will not be money as you know it. The stock market will
be gone, but gold will be good to have. Those who are wealthy now may
have some money left, but most of it will be gone.

People with an abundance of money who make it through the Shift might
be cocky and arrogant, until the council asks, “Where is your money?”
They’ll say, “Well, I’ve got it,” and the council will say, “Where?”
They’ll say, “I don’t have it, do I?” The council will say, “No, you
don’t; and you know those seven homes you had? They’ve been leveled.
You don’t need them anymore.” If you come through the Shift with
money, you will be asked to relinquish it, and if you don’t, it will
be taken by the councils. Money as you know it won’t buy anything
anywhere. Remember, in the fourth light, councils will be your
governing bodies and they will distribute the wealth, whatever it is,
among the people.

After the Shift, your popularity will not be measured by your wealth,
and accumulating wealth will not be a focus. Most of you won’t think
about money, because you will be too busy. Many of the so-called
“rich people” now will have to find a new journey after the Shift.
They will have to get on board with the new consciousness.

Seven levels of consciousness exist within the fourth dimension and
every level has seven levels within it. The first level contains the
God Creator’s energies and it’s not where you want to be. No one will
reach that space, because the energy is too intense. Yet you won’t
have to be in that level to hear the Creator’s words. From the first
level, God Creator will talk to you about the unfolding journey for
about a year and a half to two years.

I say this without hesitation: You will enjoy everything in the
fourth dimension, except maybe the lower levels where your thoughts
will manifest instantly. For instance, if you’re thinking of a big
hairy beast, it will appear right before your eyes.

These are exciting times, my friends. Start today to shift your
consciousness. Once you’re through the Shift and into the fourth
light, your mind will still pick up on the duality of being in the
third dimension, and you might find yourself saying, “You people are
rats.” Every time you do that or each time you get mad or angry, you
will gag, because that energy will be foreign to your body.
Eventually you’ll figure it out and you will no longer want to be
angry. This whole journey is about We the People shifting their

In the post-Shift, I won’t need my medium and he won’t need me
anymore. I’ll be around him, but you can talk to me without his
assistance. I will be able to talk to you from a hundred, or even a
thousand, miles away. I will be here and there and everywhere after
the Shift, just looking around and having a grand time. I will
conduct seminars for a thousand people or so at a sitting, but not for
any length of time, because the medium will take center stage after
the Shift. The people of the Honolulu Church of Light will be busy.

You’ll know all about this Shift, because you know me and I will have
informed as many people as I can between now and then. My intent is
not to make you nervous, but to inform you, to prepare you. I want
you to know.

Q: What is the definition of a portal and what do portals look like?

KIRAEL: A portal is an energy gate that leads you from one dimension
to another. As one goes through a portal, the physical body is
cleansed, electrons and metabolism are adjusted, the heart is
realigned, and brainpower is expanded. Portals are physical, and will
exist throughout the land after the Shift. A small portal might be
the size of a small church and it will have a mouth through which you
will enter. The small portals will accommodate just a few hundred of
you coming through. You will actually see the portal because you will
have to go through it. By that time, your eyes will see more acutely.
They’ll be brighter, so to speak.

The portals will be closed until you’re ready to go through them.
Some portals will be big, for instance, those in New York City, where
seven or eight portals will exist. That’s a lot of portals for one
city. Los Angeles has only two portals and San Diego has one little
portal about the size of this church.

When the portals are closed, they look something like two hands
clasped in prayer. When the portals are open, they look as if those
hands have parted in the middle, with fingertips touching. You will
go steadily through the center of the portal, making sure not to touch
the sides. If you touch the sides of the portal, you will get burned,
because the portal is a separation of the fabric of the dimension and
it will be hot. This will be an actual dimensional shift. If you
walked right into the fabric of the portal, you could cook yourself,
but don’t be concerned. You wouldn’t do that.

Everyone has to go through a portal to reach the fourth light. When
you first see the portal open, it will be a good size. You will want
to move through before it closes. Don’t be concerned, however,
because if it closes, it will certainly open again. We don’t want you
rushing through and burning yourself.

Q: How much time will we spend doing our jobs as inside portal

KIRAEL: Inside portal workers won’t be counting the days, weeks,
months or years. Instead, they will be teaching thousands and
thousands of people, including children. They will teach and share
from their hearts and they will get back what they give. The whole
teaching process could take anywhere from two to five years. You will
work with these people until you reach the point where you can say,
“You know what? You have learned so much. You don’t need to be here
for the next few lectures. Now you work with the people who are
coming in.” They’ll do anything for you as a teacher.

As council members, you will remain on a council until you have
perfected your knowledge of that council’s specialty, if you will.
You will know when it is time to move on to the next journey and you
will do so willingly.

Q: How will we know if we are an inside or an outside portal worker?

KIRAEL: Although everyone goes through the portals, some of you will
come back out to escort others through. Those so-called escorts will
be the outside portal workers. You will know you’re an outside portal
worker because, when you first see the fourth light, you will say,
“Oh, my God. Look at this. It’s beautiful. I’ve got my house, got
this, got that. I’m set for life.” Then you will get this feeling
that you have to return outside the portal. You’ll go out and you’ll
find me medium there saying, “Come on, let’s go.” Off you will go to
bring people through the portals. You have to get the populations of
the United States, Europe, Russia, Africa, etc. through the portals.
You will learn how to fly without an airplane. You can practice now
in your dream state. Fly over the telephone poles or skyscrapers and
feel what it’s like to soar on your own.

Inside portal workers will feel no need to return outside the portals.
They will remain inside the portals to teach and to set up the
councils. If you go outside a portal when you’re not supposed to, you
will wish you hadn’t, because you will see the devastation that will
be the third dimension. You’ll want to run right back into that
portal and stay in the fourth light.

Q: How will the powers of the outside portal workers differ from
those of the inside portal workers?

KIRAEL: Everyone will be telepathic in the fourth light. However,
telepathies will be at different levels. Some of you will be better
at it than others. Some of you will be able to talk to each other
across the state. Others might reach half a country away. If you
attempt to speak to people with your mouth during the Shift, you’ll
find that it won’t be that easy. So practice telepathy now and you’ll
have an easier time during the opening stages of the Shift.

Outside portal workers will have powers beyond your wildest
expectations, powers that you can’t even dream up. For example, the
third dimension will still exist outside the portal, so the telepathic
powers of the outside portal workers will be expansive. The journey
of the outside portal worker is focused on communication. The outside
portal workers will be ready for the journey of communicating and
coordinating with those who must come through the portals and those
who are already in the fourth light. You will be so powerful that you
will be able to talk to and hear people inside and outside the portals
simultaneously. Yet telepathy is just a minor part of what the
external portal workers’ powers will be.

In your case, you are one of the rare few who will be floating back
and forth between these two journeys of inside and outside portal
worker. You will use the portals to transfer from one place to the
other and you’ll do it in an instant.
Except for a rare few, inside portal workers will let go of everything
needed outside the portal.

Q: What function will star gates play in the Shift?

KIRAEL: With respect to star gates, a lot of people will come into
this Shift who don’t want to be part of it. Those who don’t return to
the Creator’s Light will decide to leave by entering a star gate and
journeying to another planet. If you want to live on the Pleiades,
you would use a star gate to get there, not a portal. If no one is
available to take these people to a star gate, they may have to spend
one to three years in a hotel until someone is available.

Q: Will I be an inside or an outside portal worker and what will I
focus on?
KIRAEL: You will be an inside portal worker, a teacher, to be
specific, but your journey is to make it to a council and you will do
that through teaching. Your teaching will only last a year, or maybe
less. Your journey is to get on a council that is focused on Truth,
Trust and Passion. You will have so much passion that it will be
overwhelming. Your passion will be so complete that it will take over
your energy in the next couple of years. In turn, your healing
journey will be so complete that when you lay your hands on people,
they will heal instantly. People will come from far and wide to be
touched by you.

Master Jesus learned the hard way how to monitor his powers. He
learned that before he touched anyone to heal, he needed to consider
the person’s journey. It is not the healer’s place to end a healing
journey prematurely. Sometimes the journey to healing is more
important than the actual healing. You will find yourself saying,
“Oh, I can heal that, but I will not heal it all the way. I will take
it to a point and give you the opportunity to heal yourself. I will
work with you for days, weeks, months, if I have to.” That’s where
you start. If you approach healing that way, my friend, you’ll
understand how you will teach and how quickly you will get onto a

Q: Will anyone be both an inside and an outside portal worker?
KIRAEL: You will be both. That’s why you asked the question. Only a
couple of thousand people are designated to be both inside and outside
portal workers. The portals will be alive and they will have to be
cajoled to open up to a better space after they’ve closed. These
portals will slowly expand in and out, and each time they close, they
will be that close to opening again. So you will go through these
portals and sense them and learn to work with them. You will perfect
your knowledge of these portals. You will know what you’re doing
because you can talk to these portals just like you talk to me. They
will answer you just as I’m answering you. You will have a power that
allows you to enter these portals and close them on yourself so that
you can work from the inside.

When you’re outside the portals, you will do things with the medium.
When you’re inside the portal through to the other side, you will work
with the teachers. You will be quite busy and you will be safe.

Q: Can you explain how councils work within this whole journey?
KIRAEL: Many types of councils will exist to govern We the People.
You say, “Well, if I don’t like this girl and she’s in charge of the
trust council, I won’t trust her.” You will have to trust her. Those
serving on these councils will be chosen in the trust of the guidance
realm. If anyone chosen to sit on a council is not doing the job, he
or she will be replaced. I will be present to oversee things. The
councils will unfold quickly. You will have a truth council, a trust
council, a passion council, a Goddess Light council, etc. So many
councils will open up. Be prepared for this journey. We trust the
people we’ve chosen to fill the council positions.

The first thing a council member wants is to be replaced, so that he
or she can go onto another council. You might be on ten councils in
the first five years. If you’re on the truth council and you’ve done
all you can, you will bring in someone you know is in truth. You will
have had this person next to you during your tenure on the council,
teaching him or her all that you know.

Q: How important will the Goddess Council be during the Shift and
will I be an inside or outside portal worker?
KIRAEL: You are scheduled to go through the Shift as an inside portal
worker, who will be assigned to the Goddess Lights council. Your
journey is about your Goddess Light and how much power you have to
share with the rest of the world. Many powerful Goddesses will sit on
this council. In fact, the Goddess council will have to be counseled
by other powers and will be off-planet for quite a while. Now, when I
say off-planet, I don’t mean it literally. Your body will be here,
but during your sleep state, you will be in the Pleiades and a couple
of other places, learning how to get the Goddess Light further into
this whole journey. The Goddess energy will be predominant on the
Earth plane, so this council will play a pivotal role in the Shift

Q: What council, if any, will I be working on after the Shift?
KIRAEL: Right now your journey is about the council of truth. If you
are on a Goddess Council, truth will be powerful. So, you must
perfect truth. You must learn how to get people who are not in truth
to understand that they’re not in truth. The only way to do that is
to understand truth yourself on the highest level. Most people do not
intentionally lie, but they do not see the truth in a situation,
because their ego is in the mix. You will find people who promise you
one thing and do another. For instance, they say, “I will get this
thing for you now,” but they call up later and say, “I will push it
back till February or March.” These people are working on their
truth. They just don’t know that’s what they’re doing.

Some people will come through the portal and say, “Oh, my God, this is
beautiful. I love it. Well, I don’t love it that much.” They will
be working on their truth. You will have to sit with these people and
say, “Listen, that sort of thing is old school. It was perfect in the
third dimension, but now you have to move to a higher level of truth
and you must do it quickly, because if you can’t find your truth, then
you will have to go back outside the portal. You will be sent home to
the Creator.”

You will be careful about sending anyone out of the portal, because it
will hurt you every time you send someone out. You will not like it.
People around you now are not in truth. They’re there for your
benefit, to teach you. They’re giving up their souls to teach you
about truth.

Q: This is funny.

KIRAEL: Oh, really? I don’t see anybody laughing. These people who
are out of truth are giving their souls to teach you and you will have
to get with it and get with it now. You will not want to kick these
people out of the portal. I know this. So you will have to figure
out how to get them to the truth now.

Q: Will the houses in the fourth light be like the houses we have now?

KIRAEL: In the fourth light, your house might be up in a tree, or in
a stone quarry. Your homes will be more natural than what you’re used
to now. If you live in a mansion now, you won’t have a mansion when
you come through the portal. You might ask, “Where’s my mansion?”
Somebody will say, “There’s your home.” You’ll say, “That’s a tree
house. What did you do with my house?” Your home will be smaller and
no one will have a big fancy home, with 500 bedrooms and baths. You
might see that in a hotel, but not in a home.

Q: How will the mitochondria change in the fourth light?

KIRAEL: To put it in the simplest terms, the mitochondria are cells
inside of a cell. They are the power source for the entire body, and
in this Shift journey, they have a level fifteen DNA strand inside of
them. In my numerology, that fifteen converts to a six, which is all
about mastery. So, with the expansion of the mitochondria, your
cellular consciousness will be heightened.

Q: What role will channelers play in the Shift?

KIRAEL: Channelers will be considered guidance personnel, because
they will bring through higher wisdom. As a medium, or a channel,
your journey involves relating facts from one space to another space.
Many of the channels will be outside portal workers, because their
skills and abilities will help determine who gets through the portals
and who doesn’t.

In your particular case, you will operate as a singer, like you did in
Lemuria. Singers were beings who excelled in truth and kept and
recited historical records with no variance from the truth. You, in
particular, will be stationed inside the portals, where you will be
the main focus of knowledge between the shifting energies. You will
decide who is in truth and who is not. So you must know truth beyond
your wildest dreams, my friend. You will come across people who you
know should not be sent through the portal into the fourth light. You
will be able to talk to them to get a better feel for their ability to
know truth.

While some people will be pulled out to be external portal workers,
others will be pulled out because they were not meant to go through
the Shift. You will have to escort the latter off the Earth plane and
send them to the Creator’s Light. It may seem like an unpleasant
task, but you won’t have to do this too often and it will be the right
thing to do, because the fourth light can only accommodate those who
belong there, who vibrate in truth.

Q: As a scientist, will I work inside or outside the portals during
the Shift?

KIRAEL: You will be an interior portal worker during the Shift and
will be stationed next to the portals for quite some time. All that
you’ve been working on with photon energy now will be taken to the
next level, because the knowledge will be downloaded into you. You
will move from portal to portal to meet those who come through with
knowledge that you can work with. You will not have to leave the
fourth light to get information. You will be endowed with whatever
thoughts and powers you need, and, in some instances, what you require
will be brought to you.

You will be a scientist of the first order, one of the top four who
make it through the Shift, but you will operate differently from how
you operate here in this third dimension, where proof is everything.
You will gather energies and you will have the answers. In the fourth
light, you will know what to do and how to do it. You will know
you’re right and no need for proof will exist. You will teach what
you know. You are farther ahead of the game than most scientists,
because you know that the Shift will happen and you are prepared.

Q: Will the Earth shift all at once or will it shift in sections?

KIRAEL: The entire Earth plane will transition at the same time in
this dimensional shift. This will not be a piecemeal transition,
where the Earth shifts in sections. When the Andromeda galaxy
shifted, only 9 billion people out of 40 billion made it through.
That means 31 billion were gone. Nevertheless, the population
remaining was so huge that we split the shifting process in half by
breaking the planet in two and setting it side by side. We hoped for
smooth processing, but it didn’t work. While we got some of the
people out for the shift, others were unwilling to leave. They were
obnoxiously resistant. Their houses were ruined, but they fought
leaving anyway. It was a terrible journey.

Q: Will the animals stay or go home during the Shift?

KIRAEL: Any physical energy has the right to come through this Great
Shift. Cockroaches can come through if they want to, but chances are
they will not, because only evolutionary animals will remain for the
Shift. Evolutionary animals are capable of love. Hence, dogs and
cats will go through the Shift. Horses will go through because they
love to be loved. Cows, on the other hand, don’t care. So they will
not go through the Shift. Kangaroos will go through the Shift,
because they are capable of love. Whether or not they last will
depend on their ability to get past fighting with each other.

If you’re a meat eater, you will be disappointed. Some of the animals
you eat for meat will go through, but not many, because they will
eventually have to be relinquished back to the Creator. You don’t
want to be a big meat eater when you get into this new shifting
energy. You have plenty of time to wean yourself from eating meat.
You will learn to eat nuts, berries, and grapes, which will be like a
meal. One of the jobs your dogs and cats will do is pull grapes off
the vine and bring them to you.

Q: I feel as if I have planted the seeds of what I am supposed to be
doing and working on preparatory to the Shift. Do the seeds or
energies I’ve planted have anything to do with opening the heart?

KIRAEL: The heart energies are moving into this journey. In your
case, you have planted the seeds of this heart energy, and you will
recognize it when you feel it. Everything you’ve done up until now
has played a part in this journey. When you come through the Shift,
you’ll be aware of all you’ve accomplished. That knowledge will be
there for you to use to energize the heart energy. You will have
everything lined up and ready to go. You will share what you know by
writing books on opening the heart.

You will work with councils, and the most important is the Goddess
Council. Everyone should work to understand the Goddess Council.
Opening the heart will enable people to know and understand truth,
which will enhance one’s position on the Goddess Council.

Q: Considering the financial and economic situation and other things
that are occurring now, how do we prepare for the Shift?

KIRAEL: It’s so simple that when I explain it, you will say, “Well,
if it is that simple, how come I haven’t already done it?” This
dimension is about to come to completion while the next dimension is
opening up to you. This is what you have planned. Some of you who’ve
lost all your money in the stock market are thinking, “I don’t want to
be here anymore.” Let that thought go. Get it out of your mind. You
will start over again and you will do it right the next time. Focus
on the Now. What you do in the Now will affect what you do later on.
Treat each day as Now and you will have no need to go to the past or
the future to figure things out. Ask yourself, “What can I do today
to make tomorrow better?” Stay in the present moment.

As for the economic situation, don’t get swept up in it. The rich
people will lose their money. Someone will steal it or swindle them
out of it. Let it happen. Be concerned with your own journey. You
must plan for what you will do in your new in-lightened presence, but
you can only plan in the Now. If you must make a plan, put it in the
form of a mastermind statement, and then set it aside. Do the journey
in the Now. Know what you will do today.

If you are destined to be a teacher, then think about teaching
somebody now. Ask yourself what you can teach now. Don’t plan what
you will do next month or next year. That’ll come in the form it’s
supposed to. You’re the teacher and you must teach now. You don’t
need a classroom to teach. Teach by example.

Q: How can I prepare my small children for the Shift and what will my
relationship with them be post-Shift if I make it through the portal?

KIRAEL: How old are they?

Q: They’re three and six.

KIRAEL: In the beginning, you will talk to them out loud in sleep
state, and then later you will speak to them in your mind. You will
ask them if they will go through the Shift. They will tell you yes or
no. They may even be unsure. If they’re unsure, then they’re
probably going through the portal. Once you know if they’re going
through the Shift, talk to them in sleep state about what to expect,
but do it with your mind, not out loud. I can save you some time
here. Both of your children will go through the Shift, as will you.

You can inform them of what you know by saying with your mind, “I want
to tell you what I know about the Shift. I listened to Master Kirael
today on the radio and he told me I could do this and that and the
other thing.” You will know what to say. You can’t go into this
journey and say, “I don’t know what I will say, so I will just say
something.” Don’t do that. You must know what you will say and say it
crisply, truthfully, and with an open heart.

When you’re ready to talk to your children, you will find out how
important they are to the Shift energies. Chances are that both of
them will be inside portal workers. You will be an outside portal
worker. You say, “That’s not what I want. I want to be with my
children.” You will be so busy outside that you won’t have time for
all that sentiment. Yet you will be able to go inside the portal
every now and then, say hello to them and give them hugs, but you will
return outside the portal, because your journey is to get people into
these portals and through the Shift.

Q: Is there anyone who will be in the fourth dimension living it up
and enjoying it?

KIRAEL: I will be. That’s why I’m doing all this work over here now.

Q: The seventh dimension’s going to miss you.

KIRAEL: Yeah, well, the energies from the seventh dimension call me
almost every day of the week and ask if I can set up another journey.
I’m working on a shift journey in Andromeda again. They will come
through another shift, but not as big as yours. So I have to spend
time with them now. The Andromedans are lovely people, but they can
be unbelievably arrogant.

Q: How will our cellular consciousness evolve when we move through
the portals?

KIRAEL: As I mentioned in my opening statement, as you go through a
portal, the physical body is cleansed, electrons and metabolism are
adjusted, the heart is realigned, and brainpower is expanded. The
physical body is currently going and will continue to go through some
drastic changes. For instance, the mitochondria, which I mentioned
earlier, are susceptible to things that don’t exist in the fourth
light. So, as the physical body in-lightens itself, the mitochondria
will be about four times as big as they are now. That’s one of the
effects of the new shifting energy. You will not experience sickness
in the fourth light. Some of you will bring your illnesses into the
portal, but you will get rid of them when you get into the fourth
light. You will teach people Signature Cell Healing and you will tell
them how to raise the level of awareness of their cellular consciousness.

Your cellular consciousness is where your awareness is. So, when you
place your fingers on a person’s body in a Signature Cell Healing
session, you will be able to read the cellular consciousness of the
individual. You will hear the body speak to you. You may work with
some people who will disagree with your direction during the healing.
If that happens, determine if they know what they’re talking about.
If they do, then follow their lead. If they do not know, then send
them on their way, because it’s their journey.

You can see how important it is to achieve a certain level of
awareness. You must know what the body is saying and you must know
when the individual knows. You might be wondering: If you trust your
knowing, and the healee’s knowing differs from yours, who is right?
It is not a matter of who is right and who is not. It is a matter of
honoring the healee’s journey. The healee may know something about
his or her journey that, for some reason, is not revealed to you. You
will be evolving your awareness and you will know when to acquiesce
and when to send the healee on his or her way.

Closing Statement

This is a momentous period in the Earth’s history. You will see the
transition from the third dimension to the fourth. About four billion
of you will not make it. That means two billion of you will make it.
That’s not as bad as you might think.
In this session, no one wanted to ask about loved ones who choose not
to go through the Shift. If you have a wife who will not go through
the Shift, and you think, “I want her to go with me,” then make her
aware of the Shift. If you fail, just let her go. She will return to
the God Creator and perhaps receive a new body and return to
experience this Great Shift.

My friends, it has been my privilege to share what I know with you.
Of course, not one of you asked a question that you didn’t know the
answer to. You just wanted to confirm it. So I confirmed your
energies and I’m honored to be part of your journey. I say this all
in the name of the God Creator.

Good evening.

© 2008 Fred Sterling