Saturday, January 10, 2009

SaLuSa: You are approaching a milestone in this cycle

SaLuSa: You are approaching a milestone in this cycle

Uppermost in your minds should be the importance of the end times, and preparing yourselves for them. If you want to release from the links you have made with the lower vibrations, take away the strength they have to hold on to you. Think of them without giving away your energy, do so without negative emotions and become simply an outsider looking in at what is happening. For example, we know that so many of you are appalled at what is happening in the Middle East. You can react in a number of ways, and anger is not productive or going to make any difference. However, love and compassion for all those who are engaged in the war, will help dampen down the fire that is in the belly of both sides. Hatred can ignite uncontrollable passions, but love can be the salve that can quieten them down. Be what you would want them to be, one who thinks and acts peace and brings it into manifestation. It does not take too many of you to make a resounding difference, and bring a genuine break in the activities and can lead to a more permanent peace.

It is in many areas of the Middle East, where many centuries of friction and largely religious differences have fuelled the dark forces. The irony is that the same souls keep entering the affray, that continues from one generation to another and from one incarnation to another. Nothing changes until the futility of war is recognised, and instead hands are held out in friendship. Then and only then can peace be truly negotiated that will be lasting. There are no victors in wars as you will repeatedly come back to play out the scenario again, and yet again, if necessary. It is not karmic for everyone in the sense of needing another lesson to move you on, and many souls elect to be where the action is to help others through it.

Remember each and every one of you are exactly where you are meant to be, and it may pay you to think upon the reason why. Great thought is put into the Plan for Man by the Spiritual Hierarchies, who oversee your progress. Whatever happens on Earth there is always a balancing of energies, thus ensuring that the Light is never overwhelmed by the dark. It may take a long time as you understand it, but eventually it is the Light that makes its impact and imprint on Earth. You have all been given freewill but it does not extend to overriding the Plan of God, and no matter how many different paths you make for yourself Ascension will come at the end of this cycle in 2012. The opportunity to leave duality is open to everyone, and acceptance lies with you alone. God's love is all encompassing and not one single soul will be bypassed or overlooked, as each cycle offers each of you an escape path to a higher reality.

You have all passed this way before, and most of you have had lives in the long history of Atlantis. Often history repeats itself, but it is the opportunity it gives you to make more spiritual progress than previously. Man does not appear to learn very quickly, which is why he needs support through each lifetime. You always have a plan and undertake certain objectives for your spiritual evolution. Therefore those higher souls who accompany you know what it is, and do their best to help you achieve them. We of the Galactic
Federation are also members of the groups that assist you, but our attention is more directed at you as a civilisation rather than individuals. Your history when known by you will show that we have never been far away from you. Our visitations to Earth have been recorded many times, but the accounts have been largely misinterpreted.

Dear Ones, you are approaching a milestone in this cycle, and it is running down to make space for the higher energies. As a collective consciousness you are helping each other to rise up, and it is inspired by your desires to finish with duality. Indeed, it does not have much more to teach you, and it is appropriate that there are only a few years left before the cycle closes. Many of you tire of the continual battles, and have raised your vibrations and seek a higher expression of yourselves. Inasmuch as you are beginning to feel uncomfortable in the lower earthly vibrations, so those at the opposite end of the scale are also feeling uneasy in having to deal with the higher energies. Clearly the time is approaching when you all need to move on, into levels that align with your present levels of consciousness.

Our opinion of your present situation on Earth is that you are about to take off, and see a whole series of changes commencing. Ones that are necessary to create a new path forward, that will enable the old ways to be consigned to history for once and for all. We are so keen to get started as a precursor to First Contact, and we are already establishing stronger links with those who are resonating with our energies. There is much to be sorted out, and for that we look to you to do your part to clear the way for us. There are earthly matters that you are quite capable of handling, and it will be more to your credit if you can be successful without our full intervention. Nevertheless we would not want matters to drift along, and you are called into action without delay.

Disclosure of our presence and place in your lives in modern times is drawing nearer. That will overcome the last bastions of denial of our existence, and is clearly important to the acceptance of open contact. Your governments on a worldwide basis have chosen to consort together, to keep proof of our contact with you hidden. What we want to see is the bigger powers such as the U.S. come clean about us, although that will result in some very awkward questions being asked of them about the cover-up. However, once the truth comes out those with stories to tell will feel free to step forward. Then there will be an avalanche of experiences brought to your attention that will uncover the facts. It will trigger all kind of reactions against those who have concealed the truth about us from you. We simply ask that you support us and become part of the peace movements that will assist us to reach out to people everywhere.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope you can feel our loving desire to join you. We wish to speedily move you on, and create the pathway to Ascension and all it entails. Be of good heart and strength and live within your Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey