Monday, January 5, 2009

JUPITER THE planet of MORE into the sign of Aquarius today

JUPITER THE planet of MORE into the sign of Aquarius today

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HI: I am sorry to be getting this out at the last minute
but you have been felling a kind of disruptive and maybe
erratic energy for the last few weeks. THIS has been the
energy of a major planetary shift.

Please feel free to pass this along if you choose, and if you
get too many e mails you may go to the bottom of this report
and remove yourself.

I will be sending more dailys tomorrow..and meanwhile they are
up on my website on the daily information page if you wish to go
there and read ahead for the week.

POWER LINE as it Enters the sign of Aquarius From January 05, 2009 to
January 17, 2010

WOW::: away we go with the adventure, rule breaking, original and ELECTRICAL
Energy of MORE blasting into our lives as Jupiter enters the sign of Aquarius
on January 05, 2009 for the first time since January 21, 1997 when it was in
Aquarius until February 04, 1998

Jupiter is the planet which is about faith, and I kind of figure this guy
has the job of SUPER SIZING whatever he comes into contact with.
So, if things are good Jupiter Can make them GOODER: YEP with
Jupiter in Aquarius you get to make your own words, and make lots of
your own rules.

If your life, or thought pattern is not so good? Well, Jupiter can bring
hope, optimism and if you personally make the choice to NOT believe
good things, and think negative, get ready to have that supersized also.

Jupiter has been in Capricorn the last year and we have been struggling
with being the Best, with the economy, with issues of power, control, the
political system and much more.

Jupiter in Capricorn has been like too tight shoes, a Girdle (for those of
you who remember them) Jupiter in Capricorn has been Limiting, restricting
and trying to get us into line to CHANGE politics which are a Capricorn thing
you know?

With Pluto the planet of Transformation dancing into Capricorn transformation
kind of got supersized at this last election and Pluto and Jupiter merged energy.
And we still have a great and powerful energy of Capricorn stuff for the
next 15 years, but…

How do we get from here to there and believe we can do it is Jupiter’s task.
We now have The task of changing our political systems, food, resources,
wars, and so many power issues in the world and to some I talk with they think
that it seems insurmountable. So, here we go with some MAGIC CARPET RIDE
energy to take us past whatever we thought we could do into what is BEST FOR ALL.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and is the sign of FIXED air, Ideas that
are powerful, strong and a bit unusual are this guys comfort zone and they will
become more so with you over this next year also. Aquarius is the sign of the
zodiac most relating to ELECTRICITY, computers and brings an electrical charge
to whatever planets wear its sign.

Aquarius is most comfortable with the Planet of change, Uranus which is now
wearing the 12th zodiac sign which is Pisces, is urging us to BELIEVE and feel it
to make it happen.

One cannot talk about this major planetary shift without mentioning that
Jupiter now will have some traveling companions. Nobody can do as much
alone as with help, right? Well Jupiter now joins some energy in the sky
which has been for the last few years trying to bring you into alignment with
the knowledge that you have the POWER to heal yourself and the world through
thought and word.

The sign of Capricorn likes the Deed and the action and the building, but the
sign of Aquarius knows first we must engage the thought pattern and begin
to think the plan before we can work the plan. So on

…August 22, 1998 Neptune the planet of Illusion, intuition, dreams, compassion
and fantasy moved into the sign of Aquarius. WE (most of us) were really busy
during the 90’s changing our lives and our thought patterns but on
February 21, 2005 Chiron the asteroid which represents the healing of our
planetary and personal wounds Stepped into the sign of Aquarius.

On December 18, 2007 the North node (the north node represents more than
anything the lessons the planet is trying to learn and is the sign which eclipses
will happen within) moved to Aquarius also. Add these 3 energies today and
the wording is

My unique thoughts, changing thought patterns (Aquarius) and by me using
Intuition ,compassion and visualization (Neptune ) , which I now KNOW I
must do to stay on this planet (North node) I heal myself and the world
…Neat huh?

Well, now lets add Jupiter the planet of MORE into this sign for the next
year saying, I will supersize all of this stuff for you.

Jupiter says, I will bring to every major planetary event over this next
12 months the energy of Healing, Intuition, changing patterns and being
open to being unique and original and stepping out of the box to not only
heal myself and others but I will SUPER SIZE it for you.

By January of 2010 WE are gong to be THERE and so what this means to
you personally is to expect if you are in fear mode (what do you think by
reading this? What can happen?)

My greatest and best teacher this lifetime Shawn Lock says. “We cannot
control our FIRST thought but from there we can change that thought into
something else”

So, when fear, doubt, And uncertainty come knocking…how about
you saying… THE Opposite of what that thought of fear was.

So, how we do this is…. Many are saying, “I fear losing my house”
and I might suggest they begin thinking every time that thought comes up
“I know I am going to be living in this house or someplace much better for
me and my path” You can do this with Money, relationships, jobs and
more. AND what does this require? It requires the same thing that is required
of changing Our politics, ecology, global warming, and whatever.
It requires WORK

What do you think you are here on this planet for? Part of whatever
your mission is includes soul and personal growth and we are being
gifted with some tremendous help this next year.:

January 2009 have a Grand trine of Earth planets now saying we must
work. This master 11 spiritual relationship year says “YES, we must work
but we do not have to work alone” and Saturn the planet of discipline
October 29th, 2009 entering for the first time in 29 and ½ years the
relationship sign of Libra, further enforces the we are not alone.

What if this journey is to bring you together with your soul family and
help you find your joy?

As Jupiter moves us into a new realm of healthcare, healing and planetary
reform we are just really LUCKY to be here and be a part of this.
What if after thousands of lifetimes you are Here for a DIMENSIONAL SHIFT?
for humanity and the world? What if you are now in A time and space when
you will be carried into a TREMENDOUS growth just by doing a little bit of work
and changing negative and fear based thoughts into positive Growth energy?

Well, break troughs’ in healthcare and so much more are coming this next year
and for you yourself where this happens is related to where Aquarius is in your
birth chart. And if you DO NOT know what day, year or month you were born on.
GUESS WHAT, it is here for you also…

This energy happens for me in my 3rd house, writing, teaching, and
communicating, but most of All the change for me will be to CHANGE
THOUGHT patterns as this is in that House and area of my life related to that.
So, maybe I am here to sing the song, to blow the trumpet and to tell
You. GET OUT AND WAKE UP: get off the drugs, the alcohol, credit cards,
believing that when we OWN more, we are more, get off the over eating
(my personal favorite) get off the pity pot, the job you hate and LET JUPITER
move you into rebellion within yourself to break patterns of abuse and neglect
which have kept you less than you could be.

Where this might be for you , just could bring to you these shifts and changes
if you can be willing to do the work and BELIEVE you can heal your life and
help heal the world.

Remember Jupiter in Aquarius will be full of surprises and we have to be willing
to shift patterns to allow this guy his best road in to help you

Jupiter in the first house wants your LIFE TO BE MORE
Jupiter in the 2nd house wants more Money or better Values for you
Jupiter in the 3rd house wants you to write and do some major shifts
Jupiter in the 4th house wants you to look at what is really security
and home to you as well as maybe work on childhood issues and FORGIVE
Jupiter in the 5th house wants more fun, romance or a child to come to you
Jupiter in the 6th house wants work, duty and service and health to supersize
Jupiter in the 7th house wants to bring you partnerships
Jupiter in the 8th house wants to bring you intimacy and maybe look at what
must be let go of before you can bring someone else in
Jupiter in the 9th house wants you to connect to higher power and maybe travel
Jupiter in the 10th house says I want others to see me differently and maybe
change jobs
Jupiter in the 11th house says WHAT AM I here for, and I am now going to do it
Jupiter in the 12th house says, it is time to connect to my wise and ancient
soul and be ready to manifest this out into the world as in a year Jupiter
moves to my First house of self

WELCOME TO a new life for yourself full of NEW Optimism, hope and joy if you are
Willing to shift…………… I hear those gears grinding right now as YOU SHIFT GEARS
And begin to move forward much faster . YEAH FOR YOU

Love and Joy Carol Barbeau

Carol Barbeau