Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kuthumi on Choice| Sacred Journey of the Heart|

Kuthumi on Choice| Sacred Journey of the Heart|
Ronna Prince Conscious Channel

January 9, 2009

2009 - A Year of Choice.

Kuthumi has provided us with the themes of 2009 from the perspective
of vibration, meaning Pythagorean numerology. Word vibrations that
calibrate to 29 and 92 are indications of the opportunities we have
this year to go more deeply within and create a new reality without.
(see my previous posts on KuthumiĆ¢€™s lodestar foundations).

Here are the 2009 themes:

Inner illumination (92)

Wisdom (29)

Gnosis (29)

Light (29)

These 29-92 vibrations open the doorway into another level of Choice:
the Choice to Connect (connect = 29). Kuthumi says that this choice
will be preeminent for people in many ways all year. When faced with a
choice, Master Kuthumi says, it is best to connect to your heart and
remember two things, both of which are 92 vibrations:

You are created in Love (=92) AND

I AM Infinite Being (=92)

Open yourself to release (=29) old patterns and open new Conscious
Ascension Paths (=92). The Emergence Encoding of 9-11 will be called
upon this year of 2009, a year of 11, to remind us all to connect in
the heart and make the choice to serve others from Love.

In July 2009, I will be taking a small group of people to Glastonbury
UK to enter into a Sacred Journey of the Heart. If you feel called to
take this journey with us, read on.. details are below. The
highlights of this trip will include a 3 day Workshop at the Chalice
Well Gardens with special use of the Chalice Well after hours, private
entry into the center of Stonehenge, a guided tour of Avebury and a
very special local guest-expert who will share the secrets of sacred
geometry, myths and legends of this heart-centered place.

I wish all of you a heart-felt 2009, and look forward to continuing to
serve from the Heart. Ronna