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SaLuSa 07-January-2009

SaLuSa 07-January-2009

There is so much happening on Earth that takes your attention, and it
is difficult to get you to concentrate on the more positive aspects.
If you can perceive what is occurring beyond the outer events, there
is much that is taking you forward and leaving the chaos behind. There
is physical evidence, and at the same time much on a higher level of
which you have little awareness. We do of course keep you abreast of
our activities, although we cannot tell you too much detail of our
plans. However, Michael has just read about what he has called a
“multi-sighting” in England, and this typifies as to what we refer. We
recently promised to give you a few surprises, and this is one of
them. This particular sighting gives you irrefutable evidence of
extraterrestrial craft, and in their sheer numbers cannot possibly
have come from Earth. It makes open contact more possible and that bit
closer to being announced. It also moves those in denial of our
existence to reconsider their beliefs.

There is pressure being applied through our allies to get official
recognition of our presence, and your President Elect is one who will
bring in a new approach to this subject. We have said on more than one
occasion that it is now your time to meet us, and it is to be part of
your release from the dark forces. In fact, the disclosure will open
the doors wide to many changes that are planned, and our coming
together will ensure success in whatever we do. Without us, you would
be unable to completely remove those who control you, and would make
attempts to try and deny you your path to Ascension.

Whatever your beliefs, the most essential aspect is that you believe
in the upliftment of Mankind regardless of how you expect it to
happen. There is therefore a flexibility needed on your part to accept
the manner in which your future develops. You have to ask yourselves
if it really matters exactly how Ascension is reached, and allow for
some of your expectations to remain unfulfilled. Some of you will
clearly be disappointed as not every one is correctly informed as to
the nature of the end-times. Even those who expect biblical prophecies
to be fulfilled cannot necessarily agree. However, time will expose
the ones that no longer apply, because of your progress to higher
levels of consciousness. You have changed the direction of your
pathway to what it was a few decades ago, and many of the dire
prophecies of doom and great catastrophes no longer apply. By this we
do not mean that there will be none at all, as Mother Earth must be
allowed to cleanse those areas on and off land that have become
severely polluted.

The year 2009 will see the culmination of a number of changes that are
necessary, before First Contact can take place. It will be one of
action and give great encouragement, to those of you who have lived
out the last few years in anticipation. At present you could be
forgiven for thinking matters have become worse, but your present
problems will pass without growing into an extended confrontation. It
is sad to see Man pitted against his own brothers and sisters knowing
that you are One, and cannot evolve further until you can treat others
as yourself. We know that some of you are saying – Why! and we must
add that every person involved in such issues is there by agreement.
It is difficult to accept that souls will go through such experiences
in the interest of their spiritual evolution, but it is so.

Nothing in your life matters more than the progress you make during
your earthly incarnations, and we hasten to add that not every life is
a struggle or full of sorrow. No lifetime would however be of value if
it did not test you, and give the opportunity to take some steps
forward on your chosen pathway. Equally we have to say that you are
all here at this wondrous time by choice, as it offers a chance to
lift your consciousness at a much quicker rate. Often it is the
knowledge that you have infinite life that propels you ever onwards,
as you know you have all eternity in which to evolve. Do not therefore
allow despondency to enter your lives, as you will ever live in the
Love of the Creator. No lasting harm can really come to you as your
soul is indestructible.

Draw your strength from knowing that this cycle must end soon, and in
the latter stages you will rise up into the higher vibrations safe
from the dark influences. Their time is almost up, and in one way or
another they will be made to relinquish their power over you. It is
beginning to fall away now, and what you see happening in the Middle
East is one last attempt to create mayhem in those areas. It will be
the last time that a so-called war will be allowed, and peace will
eventually come to all countries. You the people have made it quite
clear that you have had enough of the old ways of confrontation, and
seek lasting peace. With our help that is coming into being, and will
be the start of a worldwide movement to see peace achieved everywhere.

The year 2009 will be quite a roller coaster ride, but most
importantly it will be exhilarating and fulfilling. There are powerful
energies being grounded upon Earth that are your promise of a rapidly
increasing level of consciousness. Your special “children” will be
recognized for the wisdom they bring to you and given the opportunity
they will lead the way. They are here for such an occasion as this
period of time, when you must look to the new ways that are based on
spiritual concepts. They will affect you all and help the New Age to
manifest with all of its benefits.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and love my role in the team that directly
contacts you on Earth. There are others of course all members of the
Galactic Federation who are charged with lifting you out from the
darkness, that has held you back from recognizing your divinity. You
may not feel like gods but your potential is surfacing, and your
powers will return as you evolve into the higher consciousness that is
the real you. Now perhaps you can understand how we are your future
selves, and you will re-join us in the course of time.

We would welcome the opportunity to take your hand in friendship.
Already our love goes with you, and it is but a short step to
completion and Ascension. This is why we are here and will accompany
you for the rest of the way, to a glorious finale and celebration of
our coming together.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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