Sunday, January 4, 2009

Archangel Michael: Seeds of Truth and Light

Archangel Michael: Seeds of Truth and Light
Awakening to the New Earth and Living as a Master of Light
The Energies for January 2009
through Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers and Masters of Light, you begin here another year on your Beloved Planet Earth. At this time, you appear to face many challenges as you move forward into New Earth Consciousness. Beloved Ones, You are Awake, and now is the time to see these challenges as blessings, as the Seeds of Truth and Light are made manifest in your lives, and you are empowered to live as Masters of Light and to Co-Create your own lives through the Divine Blessing of the Christ Consciousness. You have indeed begun to live as Masters of Light in your rapidly transforming Fifth-dimensional New Earth.

Beloved Masters of Light, as your old economic and financial systems crumble and revealed to be nothing more than systems of greed based on manipulation and illusion, you will begin to see also that many of the other "secure" systems of your old reality are nothing more than control and illusion. And, we ask at this time that you do not panic, but rejoice because you are being set free from centuries of domination and control and you are moving into the Freedom that you will create with the Divine Light within you.

Gradually, Beloved Ones, you have come to see that you are not slaves to that system called "money," but that you are always supported and your needs are always met when you assume your Mastery and trust in the Divine Light of Source to create and manifest what is needed to support your life. It has been a powerful illusion that "money" is what creates security, and Beloved Ones, you have worked hard to free yourselves from that illusion and to see that it is the Flow of Divine Love and Abundance that sustains your needs, and that money is merely a symbol of exchange in this process. But that symbol of exchange was manipulated to become so powerful that bit was able to imprison you in a belief that you were slaves of this method of exchange and that you needed to trade your lives to gain enough to survive. Now, as emerging Masters of Light, you are taking back your power to manifest whatever it is that you need in any way through your power to transmute Light into Matter through desire and passion from the Heart. You will, indeed, continue to co-create together within the framework of an "economy," but the New Earth economy will vibrate with passion, enthusiasm, ideas, and playful Masters manifesting their dreams and desires to be celebrated and shared with all. The "slavery" of the old system will fall away as individuals find their passion and their ability to ignite passion into abundant manifestation, which is your birthright on this beautiful Planet.

And yes, this is not the only Seed of Light and Truth that will flower in your New Earth Consciousness. You will begin, in this new period, to see other "systems" begin to falter as the illusions that underlie them are revealed. Your Health systems will come under great pressure, as the greed and manipulations related to money become evident. Beloved Ones, your Human Angelic body is a miraculous self-healing instrument for Divine Consciousness. It was designed to serve you, and to allow you to live in Joy and Comfort on the Earth. It has the ability to heal miraculously if it is supported in its natural functions. But, if you suppress its natural healing forces and switch off the flows of healing life force with toxic beliefs and toxic substances, then you do not allow your body to be the miraculous instrument that it was truly designed to be. And so, in this coming year, you will begin to connect more fully with your own inner Healing Power. The Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness has the power to heal spontaneously and to maintain Perfect Health when it is activated in you. As Masters of Light, you will learn how to assume responsibility for your health and well-being, and will gently guide others to release themselves from the enslavement to sickness and disease and those who benefit from the cycles of physical suffering that some souls have chosen to lock themselves into as a heritage of guilt and shame. Beloved Ones, as Masters of Light, accept that you are Perfect and that you can manifest such perfection through light in your physical being, and that you can create health and well-being in your physical biology through Light and Balance.

And so, Beloved Ones, as your old systems crumble too, you will see how your Education system has also been distorted to serve the needs of "money" and to provide individuals who will "fit" into the systems of financial enslavement that you have called "earning a living." Now, in the New Earth, as you reclaim the right to live a life of Passion and Creativity, your Education systems will come under increasing pressure to become places where children and young people can express the passions of their souls and explore their gifts and talents with the full support of their community. Young people will no longer be "tailored" to the system and forced to conform, but education will be a way of nurturing the Divine Gifts of each beautiful soul. It has been almost 40 years since the first wave of Indigo Beings came to Earth with the express purpose of showing you that young people who were "wired" for Christ Consciousness would no longer accept being distorted in their souls by education systems that were based on forms of imprisonment and control. It is time for the gift of free self and soul expression as Masters of Light in the New Earth. And, as these changes occur, you will find that what you always suspected, that your children are infinitely wiser and more gifted than you would acknowledge, and that they have great gifts of Creativity and Wisdom to share when they are allowed to develop themselves as Masters of their own Light.

And now, Beloved Ones, we will speak of one more system that will come under increasing pressure, that system of beliefs called "religion." As you become Masters of Light you will begin to perceive how Sacred Truth has been distorted. You will begin to perceive how you have been enslaved for many centuries by systems of belief that taught you about your "imperfection" and "evil." You were led to believe that you were "fallen" from God's Love and Grace, and that you needed to work and suffer to be redeemed. You were taught that suffering and death were "punishments." You were led to believe that you were trapped even beyond death by systems of karma that "recycled" you back to Earth to "learn your lesson" in an endless drama of reciprocal suffering and that maybe one day you would be able to break out when you were "enlightened" enough. You were taught that you were damaged, and that you need to be "saved," and if not, you were destined for eternal suffering even beyond death. Beloved Ones, these enslaving beliefs have kept you locked into trauma and violence for thousands of years. You have fought wars within yourselves through the forces of duality, and you have fought wars amongst yourselves as an externalization of these conflicting forces of anger and guilt as you have defended your belief systems from others with different beliefs. Know, Beloved Ones, that these belief systems are nothing more than ways of channeling embodied souls into a desired and known outcome by creating that outcome as an expectation or a "product" of the system. These systems of belief kept you locked into this level of experience and have not allowed you to evolve to new levels. It was like a form of "soul addiction" with souls returning to Earth to play out the same cycles and dramas of violence and suffering in the name of religion.

Beloved Masters of Light, every Avatar or Ascended Master that has walked this Earth has taught you the message of Unconditional Love and Self Empowerment through your inner Divinity and Light. Every Master and Avatar has come to show you that you are a Master of Light and that you are Avatar of Divine Consciousness. And yet, these teachings have been received at lower vibrations and distorted into belief systems and religions. Beloved Ones, we ask that you respect the belief choices of others as their right on a Planet of Free Choice, but as you rise into the Golden Light of Higher Consciousness, free yourselves from systems of belief that limit your awareness to the Divine Light within You, the Christ Light within every Being on the Planet.

Know that your relationship with God, with the Divine Light within you, is your own unique and beautiful gift. It cannot be taught to you through religion or by another Master. A Master may set an example and share wisdom, but he or she will not tell you how to experience your own unique Divinity, for they cannot hear and experience your communion with God as you do. Indeed, at this time, Beloved Ones, as you emerge as Masters of Light, your work is to empower this Mastery in others, not through systems of belief, but through the way that you live in Unconditional Love, Trust and Joy, and your sacred ability to manifest all that you need in Divine Order.

For, in the New Earth, each Awakened Being will enter into their own Sacred Communion with the Divine Source within, and systemized belief will fall away. You will join together to celebrate ceremonies and rituals of Light and Gratitude only according to the inner motivations of your Heart and Spirit, and you will follow the Divine Guidance of your own Inner Christ Light or Divine Truth. You will share with those whose Heart Light resonates with yours as you move into the Sacred Gift of Oneness, of the "One Heart" and "One Soul" that is the Source of all Love and Light.

Beloved Ones! It is a Blessed Time!

Live Life "Naturally" and Without Fear

Beloved Ones, as you awaken to the Christ Light within you, you will experience your own Divinity and Perfection. You will know yourself as pure Love and Joy. You will know yourself as a Human Angelic Being - Light and Matter combined in the service of the Light.

Beloved Ones, it has taken many lifetimes for you to evolve to this point where your physical bodies can carry the Light of Oneness as a Planetary Consciousness. Yes, indeed, there were times in Lemuria and Atlantis, when you lived at Higher levels of Consciousness and Harmony with the Earth, but you were not yet a Planetary Consciousness of Unity as you are now;. Beloved Ones, you have evolved the precious Light of Divine Consciousness to embrace your Planet in the Love of your Heart and Souls, as One. And so, you have created the Planetary Grid that supports the Flow of the Golden Flame of Peace and Abundance.

This is a powerful energy and it will support your lives as new forms of living in your Master of Light essence emerge for you. We ask that you learnt to live "naturally" and without fear. Trust that your every need will be met and your every desire will manifest into material form to support your life on Earth. Living naturally means to trust that your Human Angelic Being is designed to thrive on Planet Earth and to experience Joy through Fun and Creativity. It means to trust your desires and choices as they lead you forward, knowing that there are no "right" or "wrong" choices, only possibilities that lead to new choices and new experiences in the Light.

Beloved Ones, a Master of Light lives naturally and simply, knowing that what is needed is always provided from the Flow of Divine Abundance. You need simply ask, and it is given, you need simply say the words, and it appears. This does not necessarily mean that your lives will be "simple." Indeed, in the 21st century and at your level of evolution, life can be very complex. But, the choices are always simple. You will be guided simply by what feels right for you, for your Inner Light will guide you through whatever complexities life may offer on your journey.

Expect Miracles

Beloved Ones, as you assume your Mastery of Light and Creativity on Earth, we will say that the key to Creating Miracles is expecting Miracles! Always!

Know that there is always a Miracle that can be created, and the Divine Intelligence loves to create miracles of playful Joy and Surprise. Allow yourself to be surprised and enchanted by the gifts of life and feel gratitude for all that flows through you. Do not limit the power of miracles with demands, but allow the miracles to be as big and limitless as they need to be. It is the ability to be open to infinite love and blessings that allows the wonder of Miracles as they manifest in your lives.

Beloved Ones, when you are a Master of Light, creating a Miracle is well within your powers. You are surrounded by geometric "grids" of consciousness that exist within you as well. When you "command" a miracle, you draw on that Divine Consciousness and request that it take shape on the material plane according to your desires and needs. And, So It Is! And, as we have said, the closer your desire or "command" is to the flow of Divine Love and Intelligence, the more rapidly your miracle will manifest.

Eventually, Beloved Ones, you will see miracles and their manifestation as a natural way of life. For indeed, the ability to draw energy into material form is to create miracles, and indeed, each one of you that walks on the New Earth has that ability. It is only required that you let go and release your reliance on the old systems of providing for your needs and begin to draw on your own Inner Power and Wisdom to manifest energy into material form as you desire and command.


Co-Create Together in 2009

Beloved Ones, the gift of Mastery is given to each individual as you move into Higher Consciousness. Indeed, also as you move into Higher Consciousness, you become aware that you are not only an "individual," but that you are part of a greater Unity or "Oneness," an expression of the "One" Source energy.

It is here that you will begin to perceive the importance of working as Groups so that the power and wisdom of Group energy can accelerate the Creation of Peace and Abundance on your Planet.

This energy of Group Co-Creation can be expressed and experienced in Spiritual Ceremonies, Rituals and Activities that have the intention to empower Peaceful Change and the creation of Abundance. There is immense power generated and released when the Christ Light in you combines and is focused with the pure intention of Love and Peace.

But know too, Beloved Ones, that this energy of Group Co-Creation can also be used in your own communities. As you begin to manifest the New Earth, lend your creative and magical powers as a Master of Light to social projects that advance the ideals of Justice, Peace and Abundance for All. Know that your power can make a difference, you can help to harness the power of miracles to move such projects forward simply through Intention and Trust!

Indeed, Beloved Ones, it is time to begin to trust your ability to bring Peaceful Change right where you are, knowing that your Light is powerful as it connects with and draws on the Sacred Grids of Divine Intelligence that generate manifestation and miracles on this New Earth.

The Energies in January 2009

The Full Moon in January falls on the 11th. It is a Moon in Cancer, with the sun in Capricorn. As such, it carries powerful energies of the Feminine, as Cancer is governed by the Moon. Its opposing sign is the powerful Masculine energy of Capricorn. This offers an opportunity to align with the inner Masculine and Feminine energies and to work with the Golden energies of the Twin Flame grids to empower Love and Joy in your life. The 11-01, or 01-11, depending on where you are, will also be a powerful moment to connect with the energies of the 11 and the 1 that are so prominent right now. The energies of New Beginnings and the Energy of Initiation into Higher Consciousness and the Energy of the ONE.

The Sun moves from Capricorn and into Aquarius on the 20th of January. At the New Moon on the 26th, there will be a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. New Solar Codes will be activated to assist the unfolding of the New Energy on the Earth. For personal meditation, the "Seeds of Light" that will activated on the 26th will be those for the New Golden Age of Aquarius. It will be a good time to work with the Golden Flame and the Golden Light of the Christ energy within to bring Higher Consciousness and the Manifestation of the New Age of Light to the Planet in an easy and gentle way.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 11th of January, so at this time, move gently and do not try to forge ahead. This is good advice for January as a whole. Allow the energies to integrate gently and do not try to bite off more than you can chew at this time. Allow yourself to be supported by the energy of Trust.

The powerful planet of Transformation, Pluto, continues its journey through the Earth sign of Capricorn as the power house of transformation on the physical plane. Saturn, the energy of Change and Restructuring, continues its journey through the Earth sign of Virgo, bringing change also to the way that you view your health and your physical being.

Beloved Ones, in this time of Change and Transformation, know that you are Human Angels and Masters of Light, and that you are greatly loved and supported in this courageous path of Transformation that you have undertaken. Here in the Realms of Light, we applaud your Courage and your Perseverance. You are indeed the Creator Gods and Godesses come to life to Co-create a New Earth and a New Reality! May this month of January show you the Power that lives in each one of You!

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