Friday, January 9, 2009

4th Dimensional Reality, What Is It? What Does It Mean?

4th Dimensional Reality, What Is It? What Does It Mean?

Much has been spoken of in the last 8 to 10 years about 4th
dimensional reality. Much information has been channeled, much
information has been brought forward by a number of individuals in
which certain entities upon your particular planet are interested in
moving on, manifesting themselves upon 4th dimensional reality.
Certain individuals perceive themselves as being able to transcend 3rd
dimensional reality to the 4th. Certain individuals perceive
themselves as ascending to 4th dimensional reality and some perceive
4th dimensional reality as being 'better' than 3rd dimensional
reality, therefore something to strive for, something to move towards.
We are here (this evening) dear friends to provide you with an
opportunity to explore 4th dimensional reality from the perspective
that we perceive it. That you then, in the exploring, in the
understanding, can gain an awareness of 4th dimensional reality and
what it takes to move to that particular point. From one perspective,
4th dimensional reality is in existence now, has been and always will
be. From that perspective therefore, it is not so much that you
yourselves have never been there. Quite the contrary, some of you
have, some of you have chosen to return to 3rd dimensional reality to
explore certain aspects of yourselves in this reality which were
unavailable to you in 4th dimensional reality. As a result therefore,
if you were to view it from that perspective, certain individuals
shift from 4th to 3rd dimensional reality on a continuous basis.

So what is 4th dimensional reality? What are the parameters of it?

First recognize that in 4th dimensional reality entities such as
yourselves do not have physical bodies. In 3rd dimensional reality,
you perceive your limitations based upon your physical body, your 5
senses. You perceive yourselves through those 5 senses and as a
result, you define yourself on the basis of your physicality. Now in
4th dimensional reality the physicality shifts. There is a
physicality dear friends but it is far different from what you
yourselves experience. The physicality is one that is made up of
light and sound. Therefore one individual in that particular
existence would have a certain ray of light, a certain vibration of
sound. Another individual would have a different ray of light and a
different vibration of sound. Yet there would be as a result of this
difference, a certain physicality that would define who you are.
There would be a defining signature of an individual that would be
recognized by other entities in that environment and they would
recognize that signature as your "name". There are limits and those
limits are not much different than 3rd dimensional limits. There is
interconnection between individuals, there is procreation, there is
from one perspective, love, hate, jealousy, frustration, happiness,
and contentment. Those emotions are not displayed in the same was as
in 3rd dimensional reality. In 4th dimensional reality the display of
emotion affects the vibration of light and sound with what is
described as "the self". Is there fear in 4th dimensional reality?

This was an excerpt from "4th Dimensional Reality, What Is It? What
Does It Mean?" taken from recording a007-129-1-98.
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