Monday, January 26, 2009



Everyone's experiences are different because we each create
surroundings and realities that come from within us. And this
alone pretty much sums up the higher realms; the higher
realms come from within.

As the ascension process serves to release and purge much
inside of us that is not of the light, we then begin to experience
much more of a higher way. It is a very natural process and a
beautiful one at that. As much of the density begins to be
cleared away, a great and shiny clarity is revealed that, if you
let it, can serve as a perfect roadmap for being in the higher

This chapter lists some interesting experiences you may be
having upon reaching a higher vibrating reality. But generally
speaking, reaching a higher vibrating reality involves finally
seeing clearly what really is. It is not interacting with other
energy forms and experiences through your ego or inner child.
It is not being attached to anything but Source. It is simply
being and experiencing energy.

Below is a list of new ways of being that usually arrive when
we begin to reside in a new and higher vibrating reality. Many
of these greatly surprised me as they were so much simpler
and better than I could have ever imagined. The old rules and
ways we were told of the higher realms were derived from an
ego-based consciousness that existed behind the veil, and were
some of them ever wrong! And the majority, but not all, of
any channelings only derive from the individual who is
channeling the information. Anyone can tap into any energy
pocket they choose that is vibrating as they are and get about
any kind of information that matches their belief system. Who
knows about the accuracy. Through the ascension process, we
go there. In this way, it is quite different indeed..

1. You reach a certain level through your
ascension process where you no longer desire or
resonate with any kind of healing. And like a
reformed smoker, you can get frustrated when the New
Age arena continues to focus much of their energy on
healing. As we begin to vibrate higher, we no longer
need healing. Healing serves to basically introduce us
to a lower vibrating energy that is no longer any kind of
a match to us. It can take us "back" where we no
longer are. And it can really bring in a lower vibrating
energy that we need not ever focus on again. Where
we place our energy and focus greatly becomes our
surrounding reality more than ever in the higher realms.
Why would one want to continually focus on lower
vibrating energy? This energy can feel like something
from another world where you are no longer residing.
And receiving a healing after you have "gotten here"
can also short circuit your system.

2. You no longer have the same connection
with your physical family. We chose to be born into
a physical environment in order to support the
development of necessary traits that we chose to
embody in order to support our soul purpose. In
addition, most of us agreed to uplift the planetary
vibration through transmuting the darker and denser
energies. After our prior incarnation is complete and
we are done and have arrived in a higher realm, our
purposes with our families are now obsolete. The cords
are basically severed. We are no longer connected
through issues. We are done with this experience.
Therefore, our family members can suddenly disappear
from our lives for no apparent reason as there is no
longer a connection to them. But if we continue to
simply love them and have that as our connection, we
can continue to maintain a relationship based on joy
and choice. And after we arrive in a higher state of
clarity, we are also able to clearly see who they really
are and how they operate, which has absolutely nothing
to do with us.

3. Your lifetime friends suddenly leave your
life. Same as above. And sometimes we re-unite with
friends we haven't seen for eons. And this energetic
pattern is also true for geographical areas on the planet
as well. When we are done with a particular purpose,
we are done. In the higher realms it is all about joy,
fun, experiencing, and creating with no attachments.
This is why we may also get to go back to old friends
and geographical homes as we are now uniting for a
different purpose.

4. You suddenly see what it is all about and
always has been and it has nothing to do with
"karma", "contracts", "life lessons", or "Earth as
a school". These are things that someone made up
and many of us bought into. We needed a story to
explain why we were so uncomfortable and we needed
it to be spiritual and purposeful so that our suffering
would not be in vain. When the fog finally lifts and we
rise above it, we are no longer seeing through limited
thinking of a lower vibrating consciousness. It is all
about energy and using it to have an experience. We
wanted to play games. We made up stories. At times
we came to the planet to try and alter it through our
higher consciousness that we placed in form (our
bodies). We were bored at times. The purpose of Earth
and of existence is to create through form. We were
never trying to get anywhere, continually trying to go
back home. We wanted to play, have fun and
experience. And we weren't serious all the time!
Spirituality is about joy, fun, creating, and playing. It is
absolutely not rigid, full of rules, or judgmental. It is
about freedom, love, and laughter.

5. You are no longer interested in spiritual
gatherings, group meditations, or the New Age
arena in general. You have come to realize that
intentional spirituality is not really real and does not
stick. The truth of the matter is, we are spiritual 24/7
no matter what we are doing. Forced spirituality
removes us from the world and places us in artificial
situations where we are not really being, but "trying" to
be. In the higher realms, we are simply living our lives
and experiencing. We are not continually wanting
something else and trying to place ourselves in
situations that we think may bring us closer to Source
because they seem to be more spiritual. It is far better
to have the presence of your being here in the world
rather than in a pocket of distanced and artificial

6. You get rid of all your spiritual and selfhelp
books and no longer desire to learn
anything new. Congratulations! You have arrived in
the state of being. You are also done learning as you
are readying to provide your energy through your
special gifts and talents by simply being in a space
where you greatly enjoying being. Being in the
moment relates to this as well. And expanding and
growing always comes from experience, not from book
learning or mental awareness. We can now get any
additional information we need through connecting
directly to Source. In addition, if you are no longer
craving any new information, you are most likely done
in this universe and preparing to go to the next level.

7. You crave simplicity and can barely
tolerate anything complicated. We have released
so much that we are much more in a state of simplicity.
In the higher realms, one does not need to make
anything happen or to do one thing in order to have an
outcome. There are no hoops to jump through or
complicated processes. When we are being a vibration,
we simply and naturally draw it to us. And remember,
in the higher realms we are simply being, creating, and
experiencing. No planning, agendas, opinions, or
having to prove something or do something in order to
receive something.

8. Negativity feels downright awful. In the
higher realms, there is no contrast or negativity. When
we reach a higher state, we know intuitively that life is
about joy, passion, and creativity and we never have a
thing to complain about. Negativity comes from
powerlessness and this state does not exist in the
higher realms. And continually talking about anything
in a negative way brings it to life and makes negativity
a real experience and reality. It gives it fuel and allows
it to exist.

9. Drama is a thing of the past. When we
reach the higher states, we can clearly see that we had
been most certainly existing in a "play". As we are now
living and viewing things from a higher level, we no
longer need dramas and stories to unfold around us
due to unintentional and unconscious creating. We no
longer desire this emotional state of powerlessness as it
no longer fits where we are. And we are much too tired
and apathetic, as a perfect by-product of the ascension
process, to have the energy for this kind of thing!

10. What you think about seems to arrive in
record time. This effect really becomes evident during
energy surges. It is perfect training for practicing
positive thinking. We are so used to receiving realities
as if from no part of our own. We are coming to know
that we can really consciously create now with
purposeful intent for our best outcomes. And having
things arrive for us in record time can be a great
opportunity to become very clear in all aspects
regarding what we are trying to create. It can be fun to
continually tweak our creations until they are perfect.

11. You now wonder why you used to think
you had to surround yourself in white light or
clear any energies. In the higher realms this is a
waste of our time. Again, it only serves to focus energy
on what we do not want, thus giving it energy and
making it real. When we are vibrating high, lower
energies cannot possible affect us or gain access to our
space as they are not even a close match. With like
energies attracting like energies, we are now free and
clear to create, enjoy, and experience. This ties in with
the dimensional hierarchies as well.

12. "Saving" has no place in the higher
realms. Saving anything only serves to deny it of its'
rightful experience of growing and expanding and trying
something new through the contrast that is spurring it
on. Saving is interfering and comes from ego. If one
were to check in at a higher level with the mountain,
the person, or the animal that is being saved, one
would surely see that all is in divine right order and
these things do not need saving. I have done this
many times and always with the same outcome.

13. Putting yourself first is mandatory. Plain
and simple. We cannot pour from an empty pitcher.
Giving yourself away is disrespectful to yourself. The
best way to uplift the planet and really serve is by
sharing who you are through your special passions,
gifts, and talents and continually doing what you love to
do. After you have mastered putting yourself first, you
will naturally move on to service.

14. You no longer have the desire or need to
make things happen, to "try" or to "fix" anything.
At higher levels, we always know that everything is
always in divine right order so nothing needs to be
fixed. We also need not intentionally make things
happen as simply being them will draw them to us
along with intent. The old masculine involved doing
and extending ourselves. Through the ascension
process we become so weary that we cannot extend
even if our ego got in the way and encouraged us to!
We also know that we have to accept things and be OK
where we are before we can create anything new. In
the higher realms, we clearly get that we need to
accept where we are and be there, before we can move
ahead. Resistance only blocks the flow of Source
energy and short circuits us.

15. All your needs seem to be continually and
miraculously met. At first, this space may seem
strange and new, but after you get used to it, you don't
expect anything else. It becomes a way of being and
lasts. This occurrence is especially prevalent in regard
to money. If you have reached a higher level and are
really on track with your soul purpose, you will
absolutely and totally be supported. I know because
this has been my own personal reality for several years
and I used to really struggle financially before I
"arrived." This support never goes away.

16. You have no issues with the current
people in your life. This is similar to #2, but in the
opposing direction. Your relationships will now revolve
around companionship and projects with no "issue"
related hooks. You love, admire, and adore each other
for who you are, with no dependencies. When we get
to the space of no attachments, we are then free and
clear in all ways. This is where the fun, joy, and love
really come in.

17. You no longer relate to mental and
analytical processes. In the higher realms, we
interact and exist in relation to feeling. We come to
know that we only need to feel our way to anywhere.
And besides, our brains and thought processes are
barely working anyway. This is the beginning of really
using our intuition or rather connecting more highly
with our souls or higher selves...another step in getting
our ego out of the way. And in the higher realms, there
is no right or wrong, good or bad, or black or white.
Things either feel good (vibrating high) or they feel bad
(vibrating low). Everything simply is.

18. You no longer care what anyone thinks
about you. You also may not care about what anyone
thinks about anything! You do not care what anyone
thinks about you because a lot of your ego is gone. In
addition, in order to fulfill our soul purpose (which is
also our passion and joy), we can't be feeling insecure
or powerless with the possibility of being knocked out of
our grooves from an ego posture. Becoming worn
down and tired, again, gets us out of the way and we
begin to say, "I simply do not care anymore!" Perfect.

19. You finally realize that there is no dark or
light. There is only light. All energy is always going in
the same direction with a higher level purpose of
supporting the light. The appearance of lack of light
only exists to ignite the light or provide the contrast
needed to spur us on to create and bring in more light.
In the higher realms, polarity is no longer needed once
we realize this and have integrated it.

20. Your health improves. And this involves
your physical, emotional, and mental health. With all
the purging and releasing, we have literally been put
back together so to speak, in a more solid way. And
then, just like the earth herself, we will move forward
once we have been restored. We will then begin a real
"morphing" into a higher level form of human and

21. You get to retire. You begin to experience a
flow to life at a slow, leisurely pace where you need not
do anything you do not really wish to. Everything falls
into your lap. You life consists of much basking,
savoring, creativity, a strong connection to Source and
gratitude for the simple things in life.

22. You have no agendas. I have not used a day
planner for years. The rare times I need to make an
appointment (usually for my hair!) or be somewhere at
a certain time, feel extremely off and confining. One of
the reasons I discontinued giving personal soul readings
was because they were scheduled. In the higher
realms, we naturally meet up with who and what we
need to connect with through synchronicity and the Law
of Attraction. Occasionally, I will find myself conversing
with a stranger and end up giving them a reading...all
very naturally. It's all about being in the moment and

23. You have no responsibilities. And when you
do, it feels so downright awful, wrong, and confining
that you can barely tolerate it. This is why the first
wavers are going first as they are primarily in their 50's
and their children are grown. It was all perfectly
planned. To ascend, we must be totally free and clear
with no attachments. After much of the purging and
purifying is done (for awhile, at least), what is then left
is the purer gold nugget of the real you. In the higher
realms we need only wear one hat. We do not need to
scatter our energies in places that are not a pure and
clear reflection of who we are at the highest levels...or
our soul purpose.

24. You have no more fear. In the higher
realms we have mastered trust. Having already been
through so much and come out alive, it must mean that
there is a higher plan going on. Besides, we're much
too tired and weary to do it all on our own anymore. At
some point, we have learned to let Source in and help
us out.

25. When something unpleasant occurs, any
corresponding emotions come and go in record
time. A dramatic event happens in our life and we're
over it almost immediately. No holding on. Being in
the higher realms is being in the moment with no
attachments. We know we can start fresh and new in
any given moment and create a whole new life,
scenario or space to occupy. We have become masters
at releasing.

26. You are rarely connected to your
surrounding environment. Or the environment that
was created from the old consciousness. You find that
you spend much of your time in your own personal
sanctuary at home and that you spend much more time
than you ever did alone or with a very small circle of
close friends. The outside world and many of its'
inhabitants are not yet vibrating where you are. You
just can't do it anymore and are much more
comfortable out in nature or spending time with

27. You have an unquenchable thirst for
creativity. After so much has been swept away within
ourselves and in our lives, we may find ourselves in a
space of boredom. What do you do now that most of
your needs are met and you are so very free and clear?
This is when the creativity comes barreling in. In the
higher vibrations, it is all about creativity. We have
come into form to experience and create. When you
arrive in this space, you will feel like you are almost
manic with your creativity. The enormous amount of
energy that is now running through you demands an
outlet. And now that you are no longer in a space of
healing, fixing, trying to make change, or shift the
energies, it's time to have fun and create, create, and

28. You laugh a lot and find many things
amusing and funny. Lightheartedness is a natural
state of being in the higher realms. Enough said.

29. You have a heightened love and
compassion for all living things. The higher states
can at times overwhelm you, but they feel so good.

30. Incredible peace is a mainstay. Great
peace seems to be about all there is for you at
times...and these times are frequent. Being still in the
simplicity...watching a spider crawl down it's web in the
sunshine...basking with your cats...being one with a
sunset or even with a bug on the earth. All regular and
frequent occurrences.

31. Your inner child seems to have
disappeared. Although you still love to play and frolic.
In regard to childhood wounds and issues, you no
longer see things from this point of view. What is now
left is simply the healthy aspects of your inner
child...seeing things with awe and wonderment and the
original innocence. And oh, is it wonderful! This is why
it can be so much more comfortable to hang out with
our little ones...they get it.

32. You begin to have an understanding
about how all is connected. You understand that
there are no mistakes, all is in divine right order, and
there is never and was never anything "wrong."

33. You are much more connected to your
soul. You and your soul or higher self are now much
more one. Your human personality that operated from
a disconnect and from beneath the veil is seemingly no
longer running the show."