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Planets Promise Brainstorms Ahead ~ 5 January 2009

Planets Promise Brainstorms Ahead ~ 5 January 2009

Of course with Jupiter in Aquarius, astrologers stand queued up to predict innovation, invention, brainstorms, advances, evolution and so on. During the year Jupiter intersects with the Lunar Nodal Axis (February 13th) focusing attention on humanitarian causes and personal karmic evolution. He engages Chiron on May 22, July 21 (retrograde) and December 6. These potent intervals address matters of healing both personally and collectively. Should one be involved in healing any health care system malady or coming up with a new antidote or body modality, these times are rich. If Jupiter and Chiron impact your chart during these times, get back your spirit back in your body and improve your physical well-being, perhaps in the reverse order than stated.

Jupiter engages the other co-ruler of the inspirational/creative/talented sign of Pisces, Neptune also three times: May 26, July 9 (retrograde) and 12/20. All the Jupiter-Neptune dates flourish with high-flying ideas. An example of such inspiration, though not part of these patterns if the fact that Air New Zealand can now fly its jets on a bio-jet fuel partially made from the fruit of the jatropha bush, a plant found in Africa and Asia. Hopefully the oil extracted from the poisonous fruit when mixed with jet fuel is less toxic than jet fuel. The point is someone had to come up with that idea and that's a Jupiter-Neptune type brainstorm. So inspired am I that I've decided to develop a serum/vaccine to offset the ill effects of the rash of end of the world prophecies now focused upon 2012 (and Nibiru). No worries, the serum will not be a kool-aid.

Anyway, astrologers tout the endearing resident strangeness of Aquarius, placing absent-minded professors on top of the sexiest persons lists. Often ignored is the 20 degree overlap between Aquarius and Capricorn. There's quite the unique crossover between the signs. In terms of Jupiter and grand ideas, this border sharing of signs reminds us that ideas not completely immigrating across the synapses and into the working force of brain-body power really don't mean all that much, huh?

If only we could find some sort of biorhythmic cycle through which ideas could be processed. If only we could be queued up for intervals of extra-creative humidity. Well, our ifs are in luck. If we examine the notable black holes acting as the galactic backdrop of inspiration in Aquarius, we're going to be all dressed up (in a weird avant-garde outfit for sure) and with somewhere to go.

Following is a list of black holes, the period of the black hole and the date(s) they are transited by Jupiter (within a day, depending upon location on Earth):

NGC 7022 - 4 Aquarius 17 - Jupiter transit: Jan 23
V*QZ Vul - 10 Aquarius 27 - period = 0.344 day or 8 h 16 m - Jupiter transit: Feb 18
4U 1954+31 - 11 Aquarius 16 - period = 5.09 hrs - Jupiter transit: Feb 22
3U 0115-73 -12 Aquarius 28 (SMC X-1) - periods = 3.89 d, 16.66 d - Jupiter transit: Feb 29
3U 1956+35 -13 Aquarius 45 (Cygnus X-1) p = 5.6 d- Jupiter transit:13 Mar
3C 405.0 - 17 Aquarius 35 (Cygnus A) - Jupiter transits: Mar 24 / Sep 26 Rx / Oct 28
GS 2023+338 - 20 Aquarius 49 (V404 Cyg) - p = 6.47 d - Jupiter transits: Apr 10 / Aug 24 Rx / Nov 30
3U 2030+40 - 28 Aquarius 42 (Cygnus X-3) - p = 4.8 hours - Jupiter transit: Jan 12, 2010

For any of the black holes with noted periods, consider that ideas received during a Jupiter transit may take the interval of the period for the rough to be buffed away, revealing the most brilliant luster. Hold onto those ideas constantly keeping them a part of your consciousness around the time of the transit for the length of the associated period(s). In the interest of brevity, a delineation for each black hole will not be rendered here (The Galactic Trilogy), but a few special notes. For astrologers, GS 2023+338 seems to hold extreme astrological insight. Thus, the Jupiter transits to it are fine for developing new chart techniques or cultivating new delineation methods.

Cygnus X-1 tracks similar to the Galactic Center in that there is a 6-month gestation time for the collective to catch up with innovative ideas. This non-galactic/stellar origin black hole appeared in documentation left by the Sumerians in cuniforms more than 5,000 years ago. It's iconic nature continued as astronomers considered this star system the first theoretical black hole. An avatar image? You bet. The Hubble Space Telescope photographed this body and those images were used to confirm Cygnus X-1's status as a black hole - becoming the first confirmed black hole, as well. Similarly insights from this black hole possess the singular "first of a kind" feeling.

Cygnus X-3 possesses an x-ray eclipsing cycle that is the fastest of the documented black holes. Much like Haumea, the processing turn around time is ultra fast: 4.8 hours. Here, when you hit upon an idea, take time to clear emotional resistance to the idea you track (it ain't natural to fly into space, stem cells are wrong) and nail it into your consciousness. Stick with the initial brainstorming session for an ultra-dedicated five hours. Then, get comfy and be patient. Unfortunately, some of the best ideas coming through this black hole take from five years to a full decade to install into the workings of society.

Now back to Jupiter and newly relevant bodies in our solar system: Jupiter has a judicious and benefic relationship with many of the dwarf planets. He arbitrated the dispute between the dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto, coming up with a workable deal for both - okay, well don't ask Pluto if it was fair. Jupiter smartly refused to arbitrate Eris' goddess debacle but enlisted her aid in reversing the motion of the Universe for one day such that a political wrong - according to his point of view - could be righted.

Perhaps with thoughtful consideration, we can observe Jupiter's influence in the Pacific Rim cultures of the Arctic, Hawaii and Rapa Nui as he weaves his renderings via aspects to Sedna, Haumea and Makemake. No doubt Jupiter's patterns with the dwarf planets shall reveal inspired insights for those choosing to ponder. How about:

The array of Jupiter to Ceres patterns:

Jupiter quincunxes Ceres in Virgo February 2nd with Ceres Retrograde. On July 21, this repeats with Ceres direct. Establish no ultimatums that fail to serve one's causes, no exaggeration of circumstances, instead seek a metaphor from crop rotation, you cannot exhaust the nutrients in one's foundation. On August 15th Jupiter trines Ceres in Libra. So if Pluto gets Persephone for four months a year, that's not a fair and balanced deal without some sort of cash outlay, not all resources are temporal or monetary. Finally with Ceres in Scorpio, Jupiter squares her on November 28th. Absolutely no cutting off the nose to spite the face. Now all resources are energetic. Look for personal energetic innovations.

Jupiter runs at Pluto via a semi-sextile on January 12th. Focus on territorial disputes, oil, resources of the Earth, personal claims of if only (fill in the blank), then I could render transformation in my life, locate the missing piece of consciousness, establish acute perception and possess crystal clear cognition of my surroundings.

Jupiter sextiles Eris three times this year April 13th, August 15th retrograde, and December 1st. Collectively, we could look for correction in recent political transgressions. On a personal level, people must decide to what they should belong and why. Themes of commitment to a style of quality living dominate. So, what innovations, improvements and such make a life worth living?

Jupiter also forms three patterns to Sedna this year, but through the harshness of a square. These patterns appear on April 9th, August 15th and December 2nd. It is worth noting that the second of these forms on the same day as Jupiter's second pattern with Eris; Sedna and Eris appear in an exact semi-square that day. Here we find personal choices involving sustenance and residence followed by a commitment to conscious choices that make one's spirit soar. Yes, as the Pluto in Leo (and many of them Pluto-Haumea conjunct in Leo) generation has sought to point out, much to the criticism of other Pluto generations, without full consideration of yourself and priorities - from material to spiritual- in life's choices how can you groove on your path? Sedna supports such personal directed choices as long as you don't mix the flesh of the sea with the flesh of the land. Yep, surf and turf entrees are considered a breach of propitiation protocol.

Jupiter trines the Hawaiian dwarf planet, Haumea, and her entourage on March 15th. Though Haumea is in Libra, her orbital elements appear in Aries and Leo. Here's yet another transformationally driven planet striving to re-enforce the importance of prioritizing one's spirit. This pattern surfaces matters related to one's profession or chosen destiny for review and following improvement. It's not what you do that makes you who you are, it's how you do what you do.

And Jupiter quincunxes Makemake, the birdman of Rapa Nui on April 30th, July 28th and lastly on the second day of January in 2010. Fertility dominates. A distinction must be made here that can appear 5th house in nature. Certainly children are a function of one's creative prowess, however, there's more right? Right? It's about all the things a person can birth, not only human offspring. Think big. Think global. Think universal.

While this may be a bit longer than normal, what a way to honor Jupiter than by exceeding usual word counts? Hat's off to inspiration and innovative consciousness. Open those crown chakras and turn up the base.

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