Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SaLuSa: You are beginning to live your vision

SaLuSa: You are beginning to live your vision

Dear Ones, the possibility of a new direction for Humanity, is rapidly dawning upon people who had otherwise given up hope of seeing the world move towards peace. The energy created through the great optimism accompanying the U.S. President Elect, has spread and the Light has increased beyond our immediate expectations. Certainly we knew that Obama was destined to lead the world out of its years of disaster under the old regime, but the manner in which hope and belief has grown is quite impressive. There is no turning back now as the die has been cast, and together you shall open up new ways and return to the pathway of Light that leads to freedom.

So many of you came into this period not just to experience the end times, but to contribute in your own way to create the opportunity for change. Your destiny may be pre-ordained but you still have to travel a path that presents many unknowns, and rise up to meet the demands of the occasion. On the one hand you are clearing the last remnants of your previous lives, yet you are also moving ahead. You are beginning to live your vision of what Ascension means to you, and motivated by the opportunity to move out of duality. You have been working towards it for a long, long time, and now you are here at the point of success it seems so much easier.

However, there is still work to be done and it will bring Humanity together in a common purpose. With a new world leader who is spiritually awakened, you will go ahead in leaps and bounds. As he moves into the full realisation of his role, he will become a tower of strength. Already his words carry an energy that is uplifting people, and he is gaining support very quickly. This year will be quite remarkable for the changes that will be started, and it will not be long before you recognise the direction you are going in. After all, there are not many years left before Ascension comes around, and you want to be totally free to move into the new energies as they are beamed to Earth.

Your greatest enemy is mental tiredness, and it will be of benefit if you become centred and allow events to pass you by. Be aware of what is happening, but where possible do not get involved with emotional issues. If you wish to help calm situations, send out your loving energies and envisage them bringing about peace. Believe me, every little that you contribute to the whole does bring change, and when many of you are doing the same, the result is that much greater.

Many of you are at the centre of the changes and being adversely affected. We say to you that you should hold onto your faith in the future, as these are only passing phases necessary to carry out cleansing. There is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, and we call it the Golden Age. If you could just glimpse what the future holds, you would sail through this present time. Everything you could wish for lies in waiting for you, and you will never need to go through duality again.

The truth now abounds upon Earth as many old beliefs are seen for what they really are, and you have become more discerning with time. You have the ability within to make your own decisions, and take note of the thoughts that come to you when your mind is clear and quietened. Your Higher Self sometimes struggles to be heard above the multitude of thoughts that clutter your mind. The Earth is a cacophony of so much noise that it is a wonder you can ever manage to relax. When you also consider the effect of so many different energies that are man made, that assault your bodies all day long it is not surprising to us that you tire so easily. None of these problems will exist in the higher dimensions, and you will experience a peace the likes of which will caress you in a heavenly wave of absolute love.

Whatever you have experienced in your past lives, all the effort that you put into achieving Ascension will be more than worth it. The lure of materialism and power still holds many in its grips, but in time they will tire of it and seek what is essential to lift up and find their true reality. You have been this way before and have failed to achieve your goals, but each time another opportunity is offered through the Divine Grace of God. You are never doomed to live in the perpetual darkness, but that may be your choice when you fail to recognise the divinity within yourself. You lose the knowing of your link to God and feel separated from all else until one day you are awakened. The Light is ever around you and tugs at your heartstrings to be remembered.

We can say that you are on your way to the greatest experience you are likely to have in this cycle. Matters will change to the extent that it will not be long before you look back, and marvel at the strides you have taken. It will seem much like a dream after all of the dark times you have experienced. Almost the impossible dream, as you experience one change after another that lifts you nearer to Ascension. Then will be the going through to the higher dimensions of Light and Love, happiness and joy. Dimensions that hold everything of lasting beauty that does not decay, and a spectrum of colours reaching beyond the one you are familiar with. Also the music of the spheres that fills the air wherever you are.

My friends, you are part of an historic moment on Earth, as a new President moves into the White House. For the first time in ages you will have one who is the people's choice, and not the Illuminati's. Our support is with him as are many Beings of Light, and his service to Mankind will be according to his life plan, to lead you out of the darkness and into the Light. We will be with him every step of the way, and offer our help whenever it is required. At last we have someone we will be able to approach with confidence, knowing that he will have the best interests of every one at heart.

This year is just about to really get under way, and we are excited at the prospect of now being able to go ahead with our plan to return to you your freedom and sovereignty. We come in love to make the rest of your journey a joyous occasion, and with open contact it shall start in earnest. Take heart and strength from the changes that are now commencing.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey