Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hannah Transmissions - Segment 1 - Soul Consolidation

The Hannah Transmissions - Segment 1 - Soul Consolidation
aRA Miles


Hannah (aka "Antimorphic") is a member of a community of awakening
souls and of the Global Circles Meditations group on
When experiencing an illness which the medical community could not
identify, the Voices of SourceSelf as channeled through aRA Miles,
offered to do a transmission for Hannah in return for her recording it
as text. The main question for the Voices was that of the origin of
the illness. After the session the illness abated and disappeared. Two
secondary questions were also posed. The first, regarding an unusual
stone which opens portals (this is a story in itself) and the second
regarding "the blue lady" who is a being of pure energy and travels
with Hannah in her dreams. The two second questions are responded to
in Segment 3. Following is the actual transmission of the Voices:

The Hannah Transmissions

Segment 1
Soul Consolidation
The Voices of SourceSelf
Through aRA Miles

Hello HannahSelf. We speak to you from the core of each cell in your
body. We are a signature signal of living light coming on in your
body, in each cell at the core of your being. We are the energy you
allow to run through your being and your chakras and spin them open as
spherical waves. We are not separate from yourSelf. We are melded into
your being. We are the conglomeration of all the parts of yourSelf
moving in fullness with Source, so it is to your mind we are speaking
today, to the part of you that has been programmed and has been caught
in the human grid of separation.

There is not much of your mind left in the programmed modality. You
have cracked open places of space and permission in your mind for
years now, and you have freed yourself from these frequencies that
hook into the body and manipulate the energy force. However, the mind
is still needing to be brought more into union and so when we say
'you', we are speaking to the mind, for otherwise all yourSelf is
speaking inside of self, using this mouth of the being known as aRA.

What is moving within you can and will become fully conscious. The
mind will align with all the dimensions of Self. Today we come to
reveal more to you about the multidimensionality of your being, how
you are actually in the here and now a composite of strands of
starlight that run through the dimensions. Each links to a self in
another dimension or a self in another body or a self in another time
and space; for Self is a tree of being that runs through the
dimensions and you are a leaf on one of the branches. There are many
leaves and there are many branches, and then there is the trunk of
this mighty tree that runs through creation, of which you are one and
a part.

So you see, your mind is about to go through an exponential expansion:
Antimorphic for sure. This is not because you are having the reading,
rather if you wanted to use a cause and effect modem of seeing all of
this, we would say that what is going on inside of you has created the
reality for this reading. It is not actually a reading. It is an
amalgamation of your energy beingness with the aRA energy beingness,
so we are working as two in one here right now, though many miles and
oceans separate you. Your bodies are sharing the same experience at
this time so we may speak through the throat chakra of the aRA self.

Now we have a deal we would like to offer you. As in the American
popular show, Deal or no Deal, we will be asking you to feel this in
yourself and let us know what you decide. We would like to offer you a
deal. We would like to give you many channeling sessions. We would
like to bring through the aRA body much new vocabulary that will allow
your mind to think in oneness with the interdimensionality of
yourSelf, to be able to be cognitive, aware, awake; able to function
well and effectively in 3d and at the same time be thinking with Source.

Where you are at right now is that Source moves in you and you have
enough permission that this movement inspires you within and trickles
up into your mind as new thoughts and awareness, which you follow
instinctively and let go to as release and become one with what is
creating itSelf in the human continuum. You follow through well, yet
there is still the trickling, there is still the place where the mind
is picking up only aspects of the whole story. You desire in yourSelf
to have that mind be melded – one - with the whole story, be able to
function on all dimensions in this body and in so doing, change the
body. You are awakening your DNA and you are doing it magnificently.
You have much going on within yourSelf. Many places in being meet in
the location of your energy signature. See yourSelf as living,
stranded starlight woven through your body. Lines of connection flow
in spherical waves between many celestial bodies, between many bodies
in this dimension; for here you see the greatest wonder that you are
about to fully reveal to yourself is this: You are linked to millions
of beings core to core, and you can do it.

You can become this conscious aware, active, living being that moves
as a web of interconnection throughout time and space.

This does not mean that you will become famous, though you will be
known and you will be recognized. The kind of fame that draws the
paparazzi has nothing to do with you, so wipe your brow and say "thank
goodness!" You are here to become part of a web that is aware of each
'other'. This is on the human dimension where bodies recognize each
other because they are indeed co-creating a new earth. This means
communities being woven around the planet in networks. Communities
that are doing new things; that are going into places of nature, for
example, and creating a way to live that is whole and recognizes each
other as Source. This will unleash much inner technology and we do
want in the future to channel through aRASelf from you, to you, much
more about the inner technology of the co-creating of new earth. Our
deal with you is this: We channel with you through aRA and you type up
the words and we call it "The Hannah Transmissions;" by which you will
bless the world with something many millions are waiting for.

See, you can be your quiet being, living your life in close proximity
to those that are beloved to you. The thing that will change is that
there will be more beloveds, and because they are beloved core to
core, there is always space allowed between you and within you.
Therefore you are not crowded. You are not pressured. You are simply
being yourSelf, and when your heart reaches out it connects with a web
of recognition between many souls.

What is opening now from your heart chakra is multidimensional and
multidirectional. That means to say that your heart is reaching out in
all directions from the core. The kind of intimacy one has with a
beloved is the kind of intimacy that is opening inside of you to
connect with many others. You are in the breakthrough wave of this
movement. For example, there those who are awakening who are not yet
ready to open the heart chakra to the multidirectional Self, to the
intimacy of core to core recognition with many, so you are going where
the human species has not gone before. You are going into a love
affair in which Romeo and Juliette makes no sense in anymore. You are
going into a place where there is real recognition. The soul level
Self is walking in many bodies and the self comes to see each 'other'
as Self. Working in attunement, before words, before thought, there is
knowing, and this knowing shares itself as a oneness.

You have co-created with aRA Global Circles Meditations and it will
come to be known that this is so. The two of you silly sisters will
find your way into owning what you are and allowing yourselves to
fully shine. You are the East and the West. The owning of the other
directions has not found it's place yet in human expression in the
Global Circles. What was spoken through the aRA Self about the
directions, however, remains to be true, and we point it out to you
today, beloved Hannah Self, we point out to you for your mind that
when you hold the position of the East you hold open the beginnings of
new realities for all of earthSelf. You give a space for what's going
on universally to get into the human continuum. Your body becomes a
vessel, a vortex, indeed you are a very good little vortex, you are,
yes you are. You have been waving your crown chakra around like a
searchlight and that is actually what a planet does as it rotates
around the sun: the poles tilt and they move how they are connected
with other celestial bodies. There is a tracking or scanning of the
frequencies, a going up and down the dial of vibrations connecting
into different innernets in a vast web of magnetic threaded light that
links all beings. So the planet changes it's alignment with varied
celestial bodies and as it does so, different energies run down
through the core of the planet and affect the entire magnetic field
and all that is here . Now you are doing the same with your own human
body for you are just as much a magnetic magnificence as is the planet.

You are linked core to core with the planet. The energy lines that run
through the core of you link with the planet and are resoundingly
amplified and run through the core of the planet into the core of the
sun. into the core of the galaxy. Also from your body there are
alignments that take place throughout the dimensions directly. You are
core to core connected, for example, with yourSelf in other
dimensions. You are core to core connected with people who you are
just beginning to meet, who are alive and awakening on the planet, and
you are core to core connected with souls who are becoming one with
your essence. That is to say, beings who have died and who's souls
have released themselves into amalgamation with your being.

Now we will speak today briefly about one of these souls. His name is
Ahmed. He's from Western Africa. He died of aids. He died worn and
weary, but before he died, his eyes came up. That is to say that he is
part of a tradition of many ancient histories, part of a long, long
knowing that has moved through his people for centuries and he was,
you might say, the last in his line, the one who was meant to teach
and pass it on, but there was no one to pass it on to. They were sick
or dying, or they were going to the cities or they were caught in the
Western web of perception and not listening, so there was no one to
pass it on to and his eyes went down and his body went down and he was
worn and weary and yet he still knew within himself the Song of
Creation. He still knew what Spirit has to say and could hear and feel
for real the connection to Source. So when he died, his soul awareness
came into oneness with your selfdom. He is not only another leaf on
the tree of being of yourSelf, he is, you might say a branch of your
being, a coming together of many lifetimes. He has made a choice to
join you and he is no longer an individual separated being. However,
what he carried in his personality is affecting your body. This is
where the discomfort, the dis-ease, the infection is coming from. Your
immune system is being convinced by residuals of Ahmed's personality:
being convinced, the immune system is, that it is in dysfunction and
that it cannot work. That is why there are no test results that show a
specific cause. For it is the immune system itself being convinced it
cannot work. This is coming from residuals in Ahmed's personality. You
can cleanse yourself of these residuals because he no longer exists as
a personality. He is now a flow of Source moving through you from
yourSelf. He is wisdom of the ancients. He is a knowing that resides
in you from all time and space, for he had true connection to Source.

Now we recommend a book to you to assist you in this process. We give
it to you dancing with this gift. We are so pleased there is this gift
that we can give you. We give you the name Maladoma Somé, a man from
Western Africa. We give to you a book he has written called "Of Water
and the Spirit". It is the story of his people as they remember
through the centuries. The channel will send the links to make it easy.

So it is also about souls, that other souls have joined you in your
essence. You could say in the way of the Velanthas modem as she spoke
it in her blogs on Lightworkers, that Ahmed is your fourth soul
consolidation and you are still working on the second and the third.
You have been here with the kind of permission that allows awakened
souls to die and release to the union of Soul Consolidation. Not
everyone has that ability. That is why in the Velanthas blog she says
she is the one in her family of interdimensionality who is bringing
together the souls in ascension. Some souls simply release back into
fragmentation and reincarnate. At this time on the planet most of the
souls who are leaving bodies are choosing to reincarnate elsewhere to
other worlds. This is so because the planet is going into a
vibrational shift where being whole and complete is required in order
to be here. You are at the beginning forefront of a wave that is
breaking open the human continuum to the ability to awaken, so you are
drawing into yourself soul consolidation from other bodied lifetimes -
for Self exists in many bodies.