Sunday, January 25, 2009

SaLuSa: Your future Assured by Divine Decree

SaLuSa: Your future Assured by Divine Decree

Life has turned a corner for many who now see that Humanity has moved into the direction of peace and freedom. Suddenly where there was a lack of hope a new energy has embraced people, and opened their eyes to an opportunity for change. The visions that they have held of a new direction leading to world peace, have arrived with the authority and spiritual motivation of President Obama. Now you will see and experience joyful events that shall signal a clear change from the policies of earlier decades, ones of wanton abuse and misappropriation of the people and their contribution to their country.

There will of course be those who still try to hold onto the old energies of disruption and destruction, but their days are numbered. A new path to a glorious era of friendship and cooperation will soon commence. The frustration and pent up energies that have been unable to be expressed, are about to be released in a massive show of support for all of those that wish to actively participate. Hidden or even forbidden talents are surfacing to be part of great parade, of those who know their place is at the forefront of what is occurring. Never has there been such an opportunity for those who have felt oppressed, to throw off their yolks of imprisonment thrust upon them by the dark forces. So much has been hidden from you that would have been so beneficial, and prevented the collapse of your civilisation. Now it can be slowly released and quickly help lift you up into the New Age.

We of the Galactic Federation will also immensely add to your advancement, by introducing you to some of our advanced technologies. Not only will they release you from the difficulties you are facing, but cover those lost years where you have been denied them. At different periods in the past we have approached the major powers, with our offer to give you knowledge of our technologies so as to speed up your evolution, but they have been turned down. This time there will be no such problem, and we will demonstrate our peaceful intentions and help for your civilisation, knowing that it will be received and used in the correct manner.

It would be easy to brush aside the threat that has faced you and Mother Earth for eons of time, however it must be stated that forces of darkness had plans to take over you and your world. Now you can rest easy and overcome any feeling of fear, as your future is assured and by divine decree you will complete the process of Ascension. What better news could you receive when outwardly your world is in a state of chaos. It is but a necessary lesson to all those involved that the old ways are a failure, and it has to be seen to be believed. The impulse is to go back to what they know, but it will not work and those who are here to build bridges will direct the energies into the new ways and methods. These will serve everyone fairly and far better than previously.

Because you are in the thick of everything that is happening it is difficult to see the way forward, but we are here initially to help with guidance through our many allies on Earth. There will then quickly come a period of expansion coupled with our coming to Earth, and it will accelerate the completion of your work with wonderful achievements. What has been lacking will be catered for to ensure you all have the right quality of life, and are relieved of the burden of working as a slave to money to support your life. Time is something you have had too little to spare for your hobbies or pastimes, and your enlightenment as to the purpose of life. You must be free to follow your spiritual search for knowledge, and not have to rely on others for your understanding. In that respect we set before you our beliefs for your discernment and intuitive assessment. There is no forcing of our opinions on to you, but as your mentors you may like to consider carefully what we tell you.

Bearing in mind that you have descended from the higher realms into this lower dimension, you have all knowledge within. So it is within your power to "feel" what is right and resonates with you. Be your own guide even though you have many dear souls accompanying you on your journey, and know that they answer your questions when you allow them near. It is the order of the Universe that requires of ascended souls that they administer to those following in their footsteps. You may feel very lonely at times but your Guides and Angelic Beings are always linked with you in thought. Have you ever wondered how "miracles" seem to happen when you are near to what you call "deaths door," and how you have miraculous escapes from seemingly impossible situations? Search "near death experiences" and you will find that many souls have been aware of the Angelic presence at such times.

Dear Ones, we come to you for many reasons, and we desire to bring you up to the higher levels of consciousness. This is necessary, as part of your preparations for Ascension, and much will put into such endeavours following our arrival on Earth. It will not be as your schooling days, and our approach will be one of giving you the truth as a joyful and wonderful experience. History will be re-written as it should be, with all of the accompaniments that our holographic technology can provide. If you need to you will experience events as they happened, and you will know the truth beyond doubt. More importantly will be your understanding of Ascension, and in that respect we are well experienced to advise you having been through it many times. Yours is to be truly unique with ascension taking place with your new physical body, as your existing one is unsuitable for you in the higher vibratory rate, and would simply disintegrate.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and delight in passing on messages, and my link with you is that I should help your understanding of our part in your upliftment. Matters can now be more freely discussed with you, and our presence in your skies can be more deliberate and planned to emphasise our peaceful and friendly approach. All we need now is the official seal of approval from your government, and we can arrange specific fly overs so that you can be prepared for them. Until then we observe you and follow the activities of the dark ones, as we are your protectors and guides for Ascension. All we do is on a level where our actions and thoughts are shrouded in the energies of Love and Light. We come not to deceive or mislead you, but help you find your true spiritual path that is uplifting you into the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey