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Trust and Believe in Your Highest Vision

Trust and Believe in Your Highest Vision
DL Zeta
(Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness, Part 7)

As you receive regular downloads of spiritual guidance, you may find
your mind flooded with images of possibilities that seem beyond your
present capabilities. In fact, it is likely that acting on some of
the visions you receive requires you to take "great leaps of faith"
within yourself. This will sometimes seem like jumping off a cliff
and trusting you will be supported by the loving arms of spirit. Each
time you access fifth-dimensional consciousness, you will find
yourself receiving amazing visions of future possibilities that can
only be realized by entering a space of surrender and trust.

Risking the Comforts of the `Known'

It may seem following your highest vision often asks you to take
risks. You may be asked to risk the loss of your present identity,
your long-held support systems, relationships, ways of being and in
general, the comforts of the "known."

It's understandable if your conscious mind pulls back from such risks.
Its job is to assist you in navigating physical reality. Risking the
safety and comforts you have worked for probably seems ill-advised
from a conscious perspective. This is the point where you will need
to have a conversation with your present identity self – the current
orchestrator of your conscious mind/ego. You will need to explain to
this self how following spiritual guidance is the wisest, most
beneficial way to navigate physical reality. You will need to explain
how aligning with your highest vision allows you to carry out your
spiritual purpose of adding to your understanding and becoming "spirit
incarnate" on Earth. You will need to help your identity self
understand that as you come into greater alignment with your spiritual
guidance, all your needs are met "within the moment." Events, people
and things arrive in your life with impeccable timing. Life flows
easily and effortlessly as you allow the true essence of your being to
shine through. When you accept you have many aspects of your being
(see part 6 of this series), you are able to see how the "you" most
closely aligned with your higher self can become the loving guide and
teacher of your conscious mind.

Be Willing to Embrace the Unknown

So why does following your visions feel so scary? It is because you
are being asked to explore new areas and undertake new and expanded
courses of learning. To do this, you must be willing to step into the
unknown. You must be willing to exist in a state of chaos. We will
talk more about the important role of chaos later in this series. For
now it is enough to know that the part of you that craves order and
certainty will feel challenged stepping into the unknown.

Following your highest vision will feel challenging to the degree that
you are invested in physical existence as your sole reality. In the
course of following your vision, you will be asked to believe in
yourself, in your ability to receive and translate spiritual guidance
– in your fluency and understanding at interpreting the downloads you
receive. If you feel you need more practice in working with spiritual
guidance, return to part 5 of this series: Spiritual Telepathy Is the
Key to the Fifth Dimension. Coming into a place within yourself where
you find the courage to follow your spiritual guidance is a rite of
passage that allows you to put all your spiritual understandings to
the test. It allows you to step into a new level of believing in
yourself. It allows you to strengthen your spiritual guidance, to
affirm your commitment to your spiritual purpose, and to align with
the Divine essence of your being.

Be Willing to Listen and Take Action

You may not always be 100% certain you have correctly perceived
spiritual guidance. The important thing here is your willingness to
listen and take action. If you find you still have questions, you can
formulate these and "ask" your guidance to clarify. Take a first step
and you will know intuitively if you have heard correctly. By being
willing to begin this process, you begin a conversation with your
higher self where you act, then receive further guidance and feedback
that allows you to fine-tune your response.

Opening to Future Vision

During moments when you are most aligned with your higher self, you
will receive downloads of guidance and information. One aspect of the
guidance downloaded into your consciousness involves images of future

It's easy to recognize a spiritual vision because it will lift you up
and excite you. Your conscious mind may experience fear and concern
around this vision, but on another level, you will feel expanded and
excited by it. Allow these visions to enter your consciousness and
exist in their own space. Avoid the temptation to surround them with
thoughts of how you would carry them out or how challenging or
impossible or difficult it would be for you to act on them. Your
conscious mind always wants to know the what, when, where, how, and
why of your visions. Allow yourself to not know the answers to these
questions. This is a big part of trusting in your highest vision.

Allowing Visions to 'Take Root' in Consciousness

When you allow a vision to exist in your consciousness, you will see
it begin to take root. You will begin to see steps you can take to
nurture it into being. You don't need to know all the steps at first.
It is likely you won't. Trust that when you receive a vision, it
already exists in your energetic field as a potential reality. Trust
that when you receive a vision of something "already in existence"
energetically, the resources to manifest the vision are readily
available. In fact, in order for a vision to not manifest, it must be
blocked by your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. If these
are all clear and open, you will receive guidance on actions you can
take to bring your vision into physical reality.

You may not understand at first why you're receiving a vision. For
instance, if you see yourself moving to a new city or undertaking a
course of study, you may not consciously understand why. As you take
steps to explore the visions you receive, you will see why you have
received them and how they can provide you with important
understandings you need to progress spiritually. Since you may not
fully understand the importance of a step until you take it, you will
need to learn to trust and believe in your visions.

Be Willing to Embrace Rites of Passage

The steps you are asked to take in realizing your visions may require
you to make difficult and painful decisions. You may see yourself
leaving your present career, ending a relationship, moving to a new
city, or otherwise letting go of ideas, things, and connections.
Sometimes you will be asked to release an aspect of your past or
change a deeply ingrained habit. Spiritual learning is not always
about maintaining the status quo. In fact, it is often about tearing
down what has been and moving forward in a new way. As you enter a
place of surrender where you embrace and allow all that spirit is
asking of you, you will find many wonderful and beautiful things
entering your life. Change and growth are not about "losing" things,
but about discovering and embracing new parts of yourself. These
parts may be reflected in your physical reality by people, situations,
places, and experiences.

Be Willing to `Ask' for Assistance

You may be asked to learn a new skill or expand your vision for what
you believe is possible for you in your life. Do not judge yourself if
you experience resistance and uncertainty. You are always able to ask
your guides and higher self for clarification, assistance and
additional information to prepare the way for you to come into a place
of readiness. There is nothing "wrong" with seeking this
clarification and assistance. Keep preparing your consciousness and
finding your way; request the guidance and resources you need to
undertake your journey and open to receive them.

We offer here steps to receiving a spiritual vision:

One) Set your intention to open to the visions your spirit brings you.

Two) Enter a peaceful, trancelike state through breathing, meditation,
self-hypnosis or other techniques.

Three) Quiet your mind, release all thoughts and remain in a state of
alert listening.

Four) Allow an image to form in your mind.

Five) When you see this image clearly, write it down, speak it into a
tape recorder, or sketch it out.

Six) Enter a state of allowing. Allow this image to exist in your
consciousness without knowing how it will manifest.

Seven) If you have questions about this vision, ask your guides and
higher self for clarification. Don't hesitate to formulate questions
to your guides and higher self seeking additional information and

Eight) As you receive guidance, be willing to take steps to take act
on the images you receive. Part of this step is acting with impeccable
timing. This may mean watching for signs and synchronicities to line
up. When you see your guidance line up with your environment, be
willing to act impeccably within the moment.

Nine) Once you have taken action, observe how this action unfolds. If
you need clairification, question your guides about the steps you have
taken and ask for further steps.

Ten) Accept the results of your actions, whatever they are, affirming
that everything that happens in your life is an opportunity to expand
your understandings.

Eleven) Thank your guides and higher self for the assistance and
information they have provided.

Twelve) Remain in a state of alert listening for any further steps you
need to take.

Next week we will discuss steps to the emotional freedom that is the
gatekeeper to accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness.

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