Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ag-agria: You are to experience upliftment into the Light

Ag-agria: You are to experience upliftment into the Light

Many of you are thinking "at last" as the New Year gets underway, and we must say that we are also eager to see opportunities come up that will allow us to openly visit you. Time does not have the same significance for us as it does you, but we still live through it with you as we share your ups and downs. We try very hard to get you to see beyond what is happening just now, and allow the rather hectic and chaotic financial systems to settle down. Be assured they will have to change for the better of everyone, and there will be definitely be no going back to the corrupt and inadequate way of banking you have been used to previously.

What you have known for many years as NESARA is going to help manifest the new system, and its benefits will take care of the pressing needs of the people. There is already sufficient wealth in existence to ensure you all enjoy a life without poverty and need. We don't promote ideas of greed, or consider one group of people any more privileged than another. We see you all equal and entitled to live a life where you have been given a share of the wealth of the planet, so that you may live in comparative comfort and happiness. No one of a spiritual understanding can possibly object to such views and we plan to bring equality to you as soon as it is practical, and those who would block such advances have been removed. These events are getting nearer to manifestation, and the groundwork for them has already been done. Our plan, if we may say so, has been carefully worked out with our computer programs, and since our technology is tremendously advanced it leaves no place for error.

Your dark forces are aware of what is to take place, but underestimate the power of our Galactic Federation to ensure they cannot obstruct us in our tasks. They care not for you, or really themselves having become totally confounded and self centred with the power they have had. They try to ignore the inevitable and are living on borrowed time. They still plan moves to exacerbate the present turmoil upon Earth, but rest assured they would only be allowed to go so far before we would intervene. We have not accompanied you through duality only to be foiled in the last stages. We have for example controlled their recent attempts to start nuclear exchanges, which by divine decree are strictly not allowed, as many of you are now aware.

Some of you make New Year resolutions, and we "hear" you promise to do all you can to bring peace into the world. Your thoughts and prayers are noted and although many wonder if their efforts are worthwhile, we can tell you most definitely that they are. It is not just your thoughts that are so important, but also the way you visualise the future as you really do create your own reality. With our repeated assurance that victory over the dark is already yours, imagine what that means in the period of transition that has now commenced. By seeing the perfection that is at the end of the tunnel of Light, you bring it nearer and nearer to becoming your reality. The Light coming from the Earth is most heartening, and has increased in leaps and bounds in the last 50 years. You are on course to soon see some dramatic signs of the changes that will signal the beginning of the end for the dark forces.

You may ask why you have had to bear these last years in the middle of so much turmoil. The answer is simple, and it is because of Man's inhumanity to his fellow beings, and lack of perception and understanding of your immutable link to each other. You really do make so many problems for yourselves by not realising that what you do to one, you do to all others. As a unit of consciousness you are One, and it is as though you would get annoyed with your feet and cut them off, without thinking of the consequences. You experience in mass-consciousness and evolve together, and but for the Creator's Love that has dispensed compassion and understanding by allowing Ascension, you would have continued to remain in the lower vibrations. There is great love being sent to you from all over the Universe, and these other evolved life forms are also part of your Universal Consciousness.

You are One, yet "Everyone for themselves" is a human expression, and we do not condemn you for it as it comes largely from the inequality created by those who have set themselves up above all others. You know that there is no gain by acquiring riches, because you cannot take them with you. Wealth is a great responsibility as it can be overwhelming and create a feeling of superiority. However, some souls enter the Earth with high ideals and love for Mankind, and remember their life contract is to share their good fortune with others. Such evolved souls rarely seek recognition for what they do, and are happy to provide for others who are less fortunate.

This period of change was clearly foreseen and predicted many ages ago, and The Brotherhood of Light planned for your upliftment and return of your sovereignty by creating opportunities to hold wealth for these times when it would be fairly distributed. The Trust Fund created by St.Germain is safe and out of reach of the dark forces, and it will be released when the right time comes, and is approaching more quickly than you might guess. However, this is only one stage in returning your rights to you, and is not the sole purpose of the benefits of NESARA. It is about bringing you up to a level that should have been yours by right, but denied you by the scheming and corrupt practises of the Illuminati and their minions. You are to experience upliftment into the Light, and with it come great joy and happiness, sharing and companionship and the knowledge that you are One. You exist for each other and you influence all of those you contact regardless of whatever you do.

Dear Ones, I am Ag-agria from Sirius and can tell you for certain that you are to know before long exactly who you are, and your place in the great creation that stretches into Infinity. You are to regain your higher consciousness, and that will enable you to accept that you are to set your feet upon the higher realms very soon, that are your real home. Duality has been a challenge that has tested your ability to find your Light amid the darkness of the lower vibrations, and we congratulate you on having been immensely successful. We look to the day when we shall arrive with great love to share with you all, and then you will understand the true meaning of Brotherhood.

Thank you Ag-agria,
Mike Quinsey