Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8-24-8 Activation by Master Kuthumi

8-24-8 Activation

The last activation of this month is done by Master Kuthumi, with of course the assistance of all the other masters, guides and angels.

In the previous activations we have been working with the sun and the moon. In this activation we will be working with Mother Earth.

We will be connecting with the energies inside the earth to support and assist the earth in bringing in and integrating the new energies of this month August 2008.

By bringing in the energies into the earth we will have the support of the earth while going though all these energy changes.

We will be working as a conduit to connect with the new consciousness around our planet and bringing in that new consciousness, the new way of thinking, the new way of abundance and manifestation.

So while the new consciousness is slowly seeping through the old third dimensional consciousness and transforming it on the way, we will also have the energy of the new consciousness being released onto us from inside the earth.
This way you will have the support of the new consciousness coming from above and from below you.

So we are able to transform the third dimensional consciousness even faster.

You will be a conduit for this new consciousness. Bringing in these energies onto your planet earth.

This activation is completely focused on bringing in the new consciousness of abundance and manifestation for all. So not just for you, but for everyone.

Through Petra Margolis

Love and Light