Friday, August 8, 2008

Synthesizing Multi-Dimensional Realities

Synthesizing Multi-Dimensional Realities
(Collective) Conciousness

Merging Parallels and Becoming Involved in Multi-Dimensional Awareness
in Preparation for Multi-Universal Ascension

by Wistancia Stone

Escalating the acceleration of Humanity's Awareness and Ascension

I believe that we are entering together the Portal for Synthesizing
Multi-Dimensional Realities. Many of us are experiencing what I call
"the escalation of the acceleration of Humanity's Awareness and
Ascension. Within this model of "reality" I have come to think of
ascension as "The Expansion of GOD." Our "personal" ascension,
whatever that would or could be, might be thought of as expanding God
through our vehicles. After all, all is connected and all is One. The
masters have trained me to see that ascension is only the expansion of
GOD on all levels.

Mother/Father God through Divine Power carries the Will of the
Creator, which is to move the substance of God, which is Divine Love
through the Wisdom Gates in order to expand the frontiers of All That
Is. With energy constantly in flux, this state is always moving GOD,
which is all that there is. In one way I find it more and more
difficult to examine "personal ascension," as we are all connected
through all the levels of creation. I have seen that there are no
closed doors. I AM the Open Door. The membranes between all
dimensions, levels, realities and universes, can all be "passed
through." All is interlocked and inter-woven in the most complex, yet
simple, pattern of Unity. It is a Unified Field of Love within a
Unified Field of Love within a Unified Field of Love… All the parts
fit one into the next into the next into the next perfectly and in
synthesis. The Microcosms fit perfectly into the Macrocosms at each
and every level of existence and each is both. In my model I see GOD
as inclusive of all macrocosms.

Citizens of Multi-Dimensional Awareness and conscious participants in
Multi-Dimensional Ascension

I believe that we are involved, as a planet, in an unparalleled
expansion of consciousness and a preparation to begin to become
Citizens of Multi-Dimensional Awareness and conscious participants in
Multi-Dimensional Ascension. The ascension of GOD on all dimensions
everywhere. I also believe that it is like a glorious geometric spider
web, whereby the effects of moving one lacy line affects, in turn, the
whole shape of the Wholeness. We are all One.

I will share some of my process of how I consciously have come to
experience this, because I know it is not unique to me. I have not
shared it before in a written way. It may be a mirror to image a
reflection of what you, too, might be experiencing and finding
difficulty in describing.

Some Holographic Vision Experiences
One of the most profound alternate reality/extra-sensory visionary
experience with Holographic Vision occurred on an airplane, not
asleep, sitting upright, totally aware of being on the airplane and
being awake and feeling all the influences around me. However, when I
closed my eyes I immediately began tracking UFOs and many kinds of
spacecraft. I followed them and it was like I was an airtraffic
control person. I could follow through black holes and wormholes,
although I am not sure what all that is. I came through and continued
to be able to go with them. It was not just Watching them. It was more
Whole than that. It was like I was able to Go with them. This went on
for quite a while, and was most likely only about an hour and a half.
It was effortless. I felt people on the airplane touching me because I
was sitting on the aisle seat and I purposefully sat upright so that I
would not go to sleep. I even traveled to some distant planets that
were very evolved and saw some of the beings. One being was masculine
and he wore purple and gold and his face and heart were so bright that
I could not even make out the features. I don't know what I mean by
the features of his heart but I was struck by that. Only that two
heart "places" poured out the most brilliant light so that all I could
see was glowing hair, his shoulders and the sides of his purple and
gold gown. It was awesome and I felt love there. I saw some other
planets and some were kind of soft and in monotones, at least the
parts that I saw. Very ethereal. Now, my "seeing" vision, I was told
at the time by a narrating master, was 5D not 3D. It was much more
clear than normal 3D vision. I could see the sides of the object even
when they were I front of me. I would see the body of the crafts
turning on their sides and my vision could trace and track with them
into the turn, seeing from every angle. It was not dreamy or hazy like
etheric traveling to ascension seats has been for me, except when I
landed on some of the planets. But the craft were really really clear.
In fact I remember knowing that it was not 3D visioning, but that I
could see the sides of the crafts and of the beings. They let me see
how they dematerialize and then materialize. They went sideways and
went through dimensions and came out the other side and my Vision was
able to track them. It was fascinating. I did not know why and for
what this is for. I do not know how it can help others. I am just
letting it all unfold. Holographic en-visioning is what I call it and
it is about seeing with a synthesized vision that incorporates
parallels of my vastness. In implies that new knowledge and ways of
"being" are coming on-line in my brain and that my brain, having
undergone re-wiring and restructuring for a while (with the resultant
headaches, ect.) is about to show me what the circuitry can produce.

Previous to this I had a really killer coming-on-line headache. Many
years of headaches for a Holy Spirit Gift of Expanded Sight in the
realms of higher dimensional sight that is Holographic. It may be a
new "Dimension" of viewing through the Third Eye. It appears to be a
connection with the Screen of GOD that focuses in from the higher
dimensions onto the prism or window or portal known as the inner eye.
The interesting part of this is that I was not in an "altered state."
I was in a "Normal for me" state. I could open my eyes, talk to my
companion, and then close my eyes and continue the experience. I was
aware of everything that was going on on the airplane, well not
everything, but I was aware that they were serving drinks and food and
people were talking, but I was gaining more and more Simultaneous
entrance to this "other reality" in other "dimensions" all at the same
time and it was feeling very normal and very natural. I believe that I
was having a very profound introduction to a new "level" of experience
into what I now call "Synthesizing Multi-Dimensional Reality and
experiencing Alternative Realities and Simultaneous Parallels. After
this experience I felt totally normal, spoke about it to my traveling
companion and felt that it was marvelous and exciting, but somehow
also normal. Not out of body. Very much like a bilocation experience,
but somehow different as well.

Another Visionary experience with the Holographic Vision
This repeated one has to do with laying in bed and knowing I am not
asleep, feeling the body and the bed, but being allowed to look at
ancient inscriptions, texts, scrolls, like a computer scrolling, all
in gold, and in three languages with English at the top, However it
was very very hard for me to read the words because they were too
small. I realized that I seemed to retain my Earth vision, which is
not being able to read without glasses, and words being too small. I
was aware that I was not sleeping and was combining an Earth Vision,
with an Alternate Vision simultaneously. There were others with me but
I did not see them. It was all very wonderful and I knew inherently
that it was important. And then the languages below it were very
ancient, foreign or even pictographic. So far I have not been able to
decode any of it. I remain in this state of consciousness for what
feels like quite a while, not getting "up" from bed, yet not being
asleep. Just looking.

Some lying down experiences:
Sometimes I am so dizzy and disoriented with the new energies that I
must lie down. One time, I remember that I am feeling like I am very
very thin and pulled out or stretched to about 20 feet. Pulled from
the feet and at the top of the head. I can see many converging lines
or triangles, pyramids at the top of the head.
I can feel it rushing in through the cells. It is very very real.
Nothing is imagined here. It felt better to be in bed than outside. I
feel a bit vulnerable.

Lying down I was told that this is a capping of the Resurrection
process that I am undergoing. Mary has been telling me that they are
wrapping me in special cloths. Ointments. I feel these are some of the
ointments going in.
Mary was very much with me. She said that the compression in my lungs
that I have been feeling is actually Her BODY coming into and
submerging with mine. It is recombining with her elements! This was
the first I could put together the Compression of the lungs and my
experience of Mary walking with me through another cocoon process. The
grail is the container where the blood of the Christ was contained.
She said the goal is to find it within self. Find the motivation and
then folllow it wherever it takes you. The goal is to connect to the
Christed Overself Body fully and let come, be-come the Christ. Have
that bloodline re-connected to you. It is the priceless gift, the
jewel in the lotus, the living blood of the Anointed one. It is liquid
light. And I felt that it was pouring through every cell. I know why
they call it the Grail. It is a very high capstone of energy that
really can LINK YOU with the 8th chakra so that the physical body
domes with the Christ in a Christ cycle. It is that liquid light that
will go into every cell and regenerate it into its Next Evolutionary
Leap or Step. Our next step as humanity, is to move fully into the
Christed Overself Body. To shift to The Adam Kadmon Body.

In December
Many visions whenever I close my eyes. Seeing all kinds of spirals in
a lot of colors, seeing spinning wheels, geometries, constantly,
energetic devices, tubes, etc. They really pull me inside and I went
with it. Saw three close up ships and the reverse side of the ships
and screens showing how they see us. I have been very very tired and
my eyes hurt a lot from the inner stuff going on. I feel like I am
really making shifts. Whenever I close my eyes, the light is so
bright. But there are always these gadgets, these tools that I see and
everything is always turning and turning and spinning. We are full of
geometries. On the inner plane, when I close my eyes, I now see that
all of the of Creation are in a sort of "liquid, flowing" state of
creation and re-creation. There are constant passages of energy
through tubes. Wherever I look there is the converging of many forms
of material creation. I notice Spiral nebulae of Light and conical
sections of Light. Pillars unfolding into various geometries. The
Higher Light appears to be processed to lower levels through what
looks like trickling water. The Waters are composed of spiraling
radiations of Light. The Universe itself seems to be shaped by an
intricate, yet traceable Network of Divine "Linkages" that look almost
like elaborate "pipelines" that distribute and transport light
emanations. What is constant is Constant Pulses of Living Light. I
have been seeing and witnessing Energy Grids of Creation that are in
different "realities" and different "dimensions." But it is only US
that calls it "Different." Because the masters see it as All Connected
and All in Oneness. So it is THE SAME.
I always say, to God, everything is just a second away. That it is
only the duration of "Time", as we know it, the lag-time that causes
the suffering that humans feel. I have considered that The Time Lag:
is between energy grids of creation and the Human Point.

Are we beginning to be privy to participation in structures of
Parallel Worlds?

What I am experiencing may be going faster than the Conventional
Brain. What I am beginning to begin to begin to witness could be High
Speed Energy Events. Are we beginning to be privy to participation in
structures of Parallel Worlds? Yes! Are we beginning to become
participants in a Super-Consciousness Continuum so that when our mind
links to the Higher Consciousness Mind operations, we tune into
multiple realities of Divine worlds?

This is what I think is happening:
We are beginning to:
1. Step in and out of Multiple Realities
2. Participate in a Super-Consciousness Continuum
3. Experience Parallel Worlds of Intelligence
4. Witness High Speed Events the conventional brain couldn't witness
5. Witness energy grids, spinning spheres, disks, and devices not from
this parallel, but from other "parallel worlds" and realities
6. Attune to a shape that will be known as "White Time"
7. Attune to a shape that is a constant Round Spiral that pulsates
8. Access these States of Consciousness simultaneously with the more
conventional one. This is experiencing Simultaneity.
9. Be able to move from One State of Consciousness to another fluidly,
like water
10. Be able to Integrate the Dimensions/Realities/Parallels like a
bunch of sound bytes joining onto one CD.
11. Allow a Crystalline Network now to come ON LINE in the brain
12. Monitoring mechanisms of Light and Ships of Light, up close and
multi-directional as we expand the frontiers of Consciousness
13. See the connection between One Program with Many Programs of
Organization and Light (The unity of Life)
14. The brain is definitely becoming a Receptor for Light, for
increasingly higher and higher light, which means faster and faster

Could it be that we are beginning to access the Holographic Process we
were promised long ago?
Could it be our brain waves will now carry Holographic Patterns from
"Other" Sources, where it did not before?
Is Neural Holographic Processing of Divine Images coming on line in
the brain?
Does the existence of pulsating Light Geometries in consciousness show
that we are part of a Divine circuit of Information, which flows from
light body to light body?
Could it be that we must now totally accept the realities that we have
seen, felt or "known," even if we cannot prove them?
I believe, therefore, that I am in the process of synthesizing
Multi-Dimensional Reality! I believe that we are in the process of
synthesizing Multi-Dimensional Reality!

I believe that this may be what is Happening with Humanity:
1. The Masters of Light, Elohim, Archangels, assist us in accepting
Other Realities of the higher universe by taking us OUT of the
physical body during a dream cycle, meditation experience, or altered
reality experience in order to educate us through a Light Experience.
Now we are beginning to do it Simultaneously with our "normal
reality." As we progress more and more in our
Spiritual education, our higher bodies (possibly electromagnetic body
and eka body or multi-dimensional body) and parallel consciousnesses
can traverse other physical and consciousness worlds of Light in
simultaneous time. This is a big leap for humankind.

2. However it happens and wherever it happens, this education we
receive that is beyond our "physical" world of reference helps us to
Synthesize Multidimensional Reality. When this happens, the Masters
can tap into our inner space and code information to us or channel
light directly in in a close up and personal way.

3. When we activate our lower and higher bodies and begin to receive
these wisdom teachings, we become available for higher and higher
encodements from the Higher Realms. Through the transference of these
"teachings" that are not necessarily in words, we fine-tune our
Mastery expressions. I believe that this mastery will be based on the
ability to work Simultaneously with information from many worlds.
According to the Keys of Enoch, it is the eka body that "leaves behind
3D consciousness time frame and experiences other time zones to see
and work with masters who protect and educate the EKA body through an
Activated Light Network."

Could it be that this is the bridge upon which we now stand? Is this
happening to us? Are we being prepared to fuse our consciousness
simultaneously in different dimensions?


The Masters all have Multidimensional bodies. We are becoming Masters.
Could it be that we are beginning to activate our Eka Bodies? When we
begin to have more and more Multi-Dimensional Relationships between
Body Vehicles, will be then interface in different ways with the
Multi-Dimensional bodies of the Masters?


When there was a dim light on the Earth, the higher masters HAD TO
incarnate here. It was the only way to interface with us. It may also
have protected their higher bodies from contamination. It was a lot to
ask and it was their mercy and their love that made them do it. Could
it be that it is different now? Could it be that with the acceleration
of energies at this present NOW time on Earth, humanity can begin to
manifest the power of the EKA body and our Multi-dimensionality? Could
this lead to the ascension into our Anointed Christ Overself Body?
Could this process open the gateway to interfacing with the higher
masters without them having to incarnate? Could it be that we need to
see that the only constant is Massive Change? Can we let go of the way
is ever was before and open up to a New World and New Frontiers to
that World?


I experience that we are being Involved in Multi-Dimensional Awareness
in Preparation for awareness of Multi-Universal Ascension.


Wistancia Stone is a liaison for many Spiritual hierarchies, Cosmic
and planetary and a Divine Mother emissary dedicated to Bridging
Heaven and Earth while integrating the Kingdoms. She is a voice of The
Full Return of the Sacred Embodiment of Christ Consciousness and God
Consciousness through The Holy Spirit. She works as a telepathic voice
channel, teacher, and author. Through the Melchizedek Synthesis Light
Ashram and Academy she specializes in ascension clearing, activation,
dimensional travel, counseling, manifestation ceremonies, creative
meditation and invocation, and White Time Healing. Her book
Invocations to the Light published by Blue Dolphin is now available
and can be ordered through Blue Dolphin or the academy. You can
contact her at her personal line or email her at
wistancia@.... You can write to her at MSLA, 28951
Malibu Rancho Road, Agoura Hills, CA, 91301 USA. She invites you to
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