Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Period Of Preparation For Transformation

The Period of Preparation for Transformation

We, Master Kuthumi and Ganesh draw close to those now who are focused and determined in achieving their goals of mastery. The time that lies before us is a period of preparation for all those who wish to rise to a new level of consciousness and awareness. It is a time when all the lessons that you have experienced and achieved can be collected, viewed and integrated with your being. Lessons and reoccurring patterns in your life must now be submerged with light to break away from the old energies and anchor the new abundant and loving energies of 2009. From 8th August 2008, higher vibrations will be pouring into the Earth, into those who invoke and anchor its energies. This will instigate a boost of vibration and light quotient for many allowing them to tie up lose ends in their lives and realities, mastering many aspect of their beings and personalities in order to obtain a new level of consciousness. The energy entering the Earth with such force and vigor is the golden light of the Christ Consciousness; it endeavors to anchor and manifest love onto the Earth through the souls and energy systems of humanity.

Ganesh and I have come to make many aware of this stage of preparation that will soon be developing; we wish to make you aware of your mission while offering you valuable guidance. This period of time has been planned for sometime by the inner planes of the spirit world and many of your guides have been directing you to achieve a certain level of awareness and consciousness in order to be ready for the wonderful challenge ahead. It is a challenge to humanity to gain and anchor the Christ Consciousness and their Ascended Master Consciousness into their beings.

Love needs to be anchored constantly into your being in order to release old energy patterns and the negativity of the past. Love must be anchored and integrated with the mind so that positive thoughts flourish and negative thoughts of doubt, fear and poverty may be eliminated eternally from the mindsets of many. Love is the key to all periods of transformation, as you integrate the Christ Consciousness which essentially is love into your being, you will manifest a reality of love for you to exist within. This will allow you to constantly experience the powerful influences of pure abundance in your spiritual and physical lives on the Earth. The energy of abundance and peace will be the final result of this transformational period if all focus on mastering their minds and anchoring the Christ Consciousness into every aspect of their being. Abundance, peace and love will develop from within each soul. As courageous souls share their light with others these divine qualities will seep across the world.

This may sound like a difficult task but I assure you that it is achievable. If you place your determination and concentration on achieving this goal set by the Creator to raise the energy vibration of humanity as a group consciousness, you will be submerged with support, guidance and light to ensure your safe passage to a new level of consciousness with ease.

During meditation invoke the Christ Consciousness to anchor and integrate into your being, descending into your crown chakra at the top of your head. Focus on the light melting into your mind. You can ask for your mind to be reprogrammed with positive thought forms and beliefs. You can also affirm positive statements about yourself and your desires to ensure they manifest into your reality. Manifesting with the mind is one of the challenges of this period of transformation.

Imagine the golden light integrating into your soul and descending down through your chakras into the Earth. As you emanate your soul light you allow the golden light of the Christ Consciousness to expand and melt into your aura. The Christ Consciousness begins to shimmer as it unites with your energy field. This shimmering works as an activation, stimulating the higher frequencies and energy vibrations of your aura and soul to come to the forefront, manifesting into your reality.

Allow yourself to take advantage of the vast amounts of new energies being poured into the Earth and humanity. Allow yourself to anchor these energies into your being. The energy will assist you in mastering your mind, producing positive thought forms and expressing the love of your soul to many across the world.

Allow love to be your focus and you will reap the rewards of mastery abundantly. Effort must be put into motion now but the short period of focus will manifest a greater loving and prosperous life in all ways for yourself. Don’t be taunted by the term ‘mastery’ we only expect you to rise to a new awareness gaining the next step of your journey of mastery on the Earth. Mastery develops over time so don’t doubt yourself but allow yourself to easily access a new level of vibration, frequency and awareness, integrating it into your being.
With blessings and love,

You may invoke us to assist you in this process.

Master Kuthumi and Ganesh

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