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Preparing for 2012:

Preparing for 2012:
Dealing with and Defeating Negativity by Roy Francis Stewart

In order to deal with Negativity, you need to understand how the
universe works and how you work within this Universe. Negativity is
the polarity of the Positive, in balance and what makes up this 3rd
dimension. Without Negativity, you would have NO 3rd Dimension. It
wouldn't exist and thus, you wouldn't exist in it.

The confusion is what and who we are really AND the fact that most of
us don't know who and what we are and are thrust into this world and
have no memory of any other experience, are ill equipped and are
exposed only to the negativity we see. We think that this is all there
is. Then we get all depressed, thinking that I have to escape or I
spiral down and turn to over indulgence in drinking, drugs, whatever
which of course, draws us down deeper into the negativity and thus
some experience only these hell type worlds, then get comfortable with
them, adjust to them and are perhaps live in them not unlike the
living dead. Obviously anyone around you whether it be an individual
or the news, or a war or countless other negative things drags you
down to this side of the polarity.

BUT, the question is, what is the root of all this? And the answer is
simply IGNORANCE. Ignorance of who we really are, what this universe
is and how it operates.

So, the religions help point the way (but even they do not have all
the answers). A Buddhist Monk for example, leaves the "perceived"
negative world and enters a monastery. No more negative people, no
more negative news on tv, etc. His day consists of doing chores and
reading sutras and meditating and in time, he or she comes to the so
called "enlightenment". The individual is transformed from ignorance
into knowledge and comes to know his true self or what the Buddhists
call "the mind" or "clear mind".

Now, I'm not a Buddhist per se, but they get pretty close to an
understanding. However, the problem is, the individual still lives in
this world and still may not know the ultimate truth. They may label
the world as samsara, an illusion and seek refuge from it in
meditation. Meditation is great, a great tool, but in order to escape
the illusion world which is the 3rd dimension, one would have to spend
the majority of their time in meditation. The next question
this really living?

So lets cut to the chase:

This is the 3rd dimension. It's real, it's not an illusion. If you're
here, there is NO escaping it. You can spend 6 days and 23 hours in
meditation if you want to, but when you come out of it, you step into
the 3rd Dimension world for One hour and then you immediately realize
that wow, this world is very negative and the Tibetans are still
getting beaten up over there and the war is still going on over there
and some soldiers just got blown up and on and on and on, so, man I
want to escape, so I better go back into my meditation to seek refuge
from the illusory world. Again, is this living?

I say NO. So we need simply to shift to a new understanding. Ready?

1) This world is the world of duality, the world of polarity, of
positive and negative. This is the world of the 3rd dimension.

2) There are countless dimensions above this 3rd dimension.

3) The world of God or Source or Pure Mind or Oneness, is NOT in the
3rd dimension. It isn't BUT we are. This world of God or Source is
singularity not duality. it is a singular all positive dimension that
gives birth to all lesser dimensions.

4) However, inside of us, is the DIVINE SPIRIT, that is the real us.
The Divine Mind encased in a flesh body here to function in this
material world - this 3rd dimension - with a purpose.

5) We recognize, realize or understand that our true nature is
SINGULARITY, or Oneness. But we live in a world of Duality.

6) If we attach ourselves only to the material, and to the degree that
we do so, we also separate ourselves further from the truth (see 5
above). We only perceive the negative and can get caught up in it.

7) Society is set up to lock us into the material 3rd dimension world
and Controllers profit from keeping us in this sleep state. (In
example, when you're in Kindergarten, do they tell you that you are an
infinite being capable of being a co-creator in this dimension because
the real you is the Divine encased in a material body and as such this
reality is molded by your every thought? NO. They teach you the basics
of reading, writing and arithmetic and you are indoctrinated into
eventually serving this system.) (This whole system is against the
divine plan, thus may fall, as we are starting to see)

8) With this new understanding, you know who you are, where you are
from and where you will eventually go to. Right now, you are a
walking, talking, living Sage - a physical manifestation or expression
of the non-physical Divine Mind. Sure there is alot of Negativity. And
out of compassion, you can and do help others. But you also enjoy
life. You take a walk by the beach and enjoy the surf pounding. You
smell the flowers, you listen to music, you laugh, you cry, you
create, you sleep, you eat, make love, communicate, whatever. You
simply enjoy life.

9) By your example, you are released from the world of illusion as you
know the Truth. You are no longer ignorant and a prisoner of the 3rd
dimensional world. You are also no longer a prisoner of Dogma -
something man made. Also by your example, you are living in balance
with the Divine Universe and as such you are in flow. Good things
happen to you. The landscape changes simply because you walked past
it. The kid you said hello to is transformed. The cat you gave some
milk to learns to trust humans. You are walking your talk and you are
aiding in the raising the consciousness of the entire planet and
everything in it. Even the pebble evolves because you held it in your

10) This is the best part. This understanding can come in an instant
or it could take years. It is under the direction of a higher
intelligence beyond your comprehension, it is coming from an infinite
place. And the exciting NEWS is that it is now directly coming in
through energy, through light, through people, through star
emanations, its moving as part of a quickening and now is the time to
jump on and ride the wave to immortality and enjoyment. This is the
realm of SPIRIT. Spirit, the above overcomes the material, the below.

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