Friday, August 1, 2008

You Have the Power Astrology

You Have the Power

August 2008

Solar eclipses are often regarded as omens of change since they are
powerfully charged new moons. This makes them ideal times to focus on
new beginnings and to make positive changes. The general feeling with
eclipses, and especially solar eclipses, is one of doors opening and
shutting, and that the doors which shut, tend to remain that way so
there’s no going back. Bear this in mind on the 1st of August as a
solar eclipse in Leo activates the heavens. The planet of lucid
communication – Mercury – is joining this eclipse so what we have is
the potential to see with much clearer eyes. This eclipse will perform
the function of wiping slates clean, clearing out confusion and
generating fresh new starts. Mercury is blessed with the ability to
see beyond the veil so it could well be that during this eclipse
certain truths come to light; watch for this in your own life and in
the world at large. Leo is the sign associated with royalty, leaders
and celebrities so there could be some news or interesting truths that
emerge surrounding these people who live in the limelight. And because
the veil will be thinner at this time, we all have the chance to catch
glimpses of life in other dimensions and to download valuable insights
from the heavens. So this is good for anyone who receives information
from the other side, or channels inspiration or creative works from
the universe – artists, musicians, writers, psychics, astrologers,
mediums and channels.

Leo is very much a sign of creation, so this solar eclipse will be an
opportune moment to consider what you would like to manifest in your
world. There is no harm in having big ideas at this time. In fact, the
more ambitious and creative you can be the better. But whether you
wish to manifest small or large developments, take some time on the
1st to contemplate your desires and add power to them by writing them
down, expressing them in a visual form or performing a candle magic

It goes without saying that this is a hugely important time for Leos,
many of whom will feel that their lives are at a turning point, but
for all of us, creative changes can be brought in and this is what I
have focussed on for the first week of your forecasts.

Also in this first week is a fiery clash between Mars and Uranus. I
refer to this as the dynamite aspect. It is great for making sweeping
changes, but the danger is that we act unconsciously resulting in
sudden rash actions which can be quite destructive. This is especially
relevant for Ariens and Aquarians who need to catch themselves before
reacting to provocative situations. But we all need to be aware of
feeling trapped, pressured or restricted as these feelings may give
rise to sudden explosions. Sometimes, it isn’t us that makes the
changes, but fate. This is more likely to happen to people who cling
to the status quo and who are afraid of making necessary changes.
Under a Mars-Uranus aspect, this kind of reluctance to change can
invite a bolt from the blue, and life can suddenly be turned upside
down. So the best advice for the first few days of the month is to
neither cling to what is safe and familiar nor to be wantonly
destructive with careless or impulsive actions that leave you worse of
than before. Instead, find the middle way, and be open to making
changes in a calm clear constructive manner to those areas of your
life which have become stagnant and which are calling for change.

No sooner have we navigated the choppy waters of an eclipse and the
Mars –Uranus energies, then we sail straight in the treacherous tides
of Mars and Pluto. (Mars seems to be in a provocative and aggressive
mood this month, so Ariens watch out!) If Mars and Uranus equals
dynamite, then Mars coupled with Pluto equates with a volcano! Here
the temperature reaches boiling point and power struggles become the
new danger zone. The signs that need to be particularly vigilant
around the second week in August are Aries, Scorpio, Virgo and
Sagittarius. Think carefully before you lock horns with another but
don’t allow yourself to be a victim either. The highest potential of
Mars and Pluto is powerful transformation, courage and healing, so try
and aim for these in any area of your life which you feel could do
with greater empowerment.

There is a strong Neptune influence at work this month which could
manifest as indecision, and not being able to see the wood for the
trees. The solar eclipse at the beginning of the month will do much to
generate clarity, but by the time we get to the Aquarian lunar eclipse
on the 16th which is joined by Neptune, we may have become confused
again as to where exactly we need to be going and what we should do
for the best. So the challenge is to see beyond the illusions. Perhaps
there is an area in your life where you’ve allowed yourself to be less
than clear sighted, resulting in others taking advantage, or kidding
yourself that things will change. Sometimes we lie to ourselves about
our habits, relationships, jobs and situations, or we allow ourselves
to get caught in the role of the victim. All this needs to be looked
at this month, and the lunar eclipse could be very healing in this
sense, bringing truth to light and enabling us to access the courage
needed to change unsatisfying situations. Part of breaking through the
illusions that we create for ourselves involves realising that we are
far more powerful than we know and that we create our realities by the
thoughts that we think and the beliefs that we hold. And in that
realisation we suddenly come to see that we don’t have to carry on
enduring things as they have been. We all have the power to change our
lives and this is a good month to start as you mean to go on.

Also around the 16th we are blessed with an array of benevolent
aspects – a sprinkling of fairy dust from the Gods, as Jupiter aligns
favourably with Venus, Mercury and Saturn. This is a good time to
count your blessings and feel the gratitude for all that you have.
Relationships may be blessed at this time, and ideas could expand into
worthwhile projects. People aiming for success, achievement and
greater prosperity should find their paths lined with gold, and the
signs most likely to benefit from these heavenly blessings include
Virgo, Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius and the Geminis, whilst
the 22nd looks especially good for Cancerians.

At the end of the month we are asked to do something different. It's
all too easy to become a creature of habit and this can result in
deadening creativity and inspiration and a feeling that life never
changes. So under a Mercury-Uranus aspect this is an ideal time to
look at where you have become entrenched and to break some of your
habits. Try a new experience, accept invitations to which you might
normally say no, contemplate a new look – either for yourself or your
home. Learn a new subject, try eating something different for
breakfast, get up at a different time; in short, break your routines
and see how it changes your perceptions. In many therapies, people are
urged to change the way they think which will then change their
actions and patterns. But it can work the other way too, and by simply
breaking a habit, changing a routine, or trying something new, our
mindset alters and we can gain a whole new way of looking at the
world. So don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit. August is a month
for thinking outside the box, daring to be different, having the
courage of your convictions and being willing to close old doors and
walk through new ones. It is a month of sweeping changes when the old
must give way to the new. As White Eagle says; Many people waste too
much time in introspection; they wonder if this is right or that is
right, if this or that is wrong, so eager are they to progress. But
this is a weakness which must be overcome. A few mistakes do not matter.

Weekly Forecasts: August 2008

August 1-7
Life is full of endless possibilities and yet so many people stay on
the same path because it’s familiar to them. This week under a
scintillating solar eclipse, don’t be afraid to experiment, take a
risk or try new things. The best question to ask yourself is, ‘how can
I live more creatively? How can I bring more fun, laughter, enjoyment
and passion to my days?’ Areas that are up for change include: love
affairs, creative pursuits, children and speculation. So don’t worry
about making the wrong choice, for all choices lead to experiences,
and that’s what life is all about. The good news regarding this
eclipse for you is that if you’re not happy with something, you’re not
bound by fate – you have the power to change it.

August 8-14
Your work and daily routines come to the fore this week, and with so
much of your energy being spent getting things done you might not have
much time to relax which could impact on your health. Try and make
time to unwind and don’t allow frustrations to get the better of you.
With the Sun still in your 5th house of fun, you have permission to
put pleasure and relaxation at the top of your list. So even if you
feel under pressure to get lots of things done, don’t let life become
too serious. As Lord Byron once said, ‘Always laugh when you can. It
is cheap medicine.’ Be disciplined about the tasks you really have to
do, but balance this with plenty of fun and enjoyment.

August 15-22
This is a good week for work and career related interests and you
could be in line for a lucky break – that is if you can keep your
temper. An explosive square between Mars and Pluto on the 15th and
16th will probably manifest itself via a very frustrating situation
and so you may need to count to ten before reacting impulsively. But
if you can keep your work colleagues sweet, and anyone who provides a
service for you – such as bank managers, car mechanics, doctors, shop
staff etc - then there could be a happy development rather than an
unhappy one. Give some thought to your future too as a lunar eclipse
on the 16th should bring clarity to a previously confusing situation.
If you didn’t know where you were going, it shouldn’t be long before
you get a clear sense of your future direction.

August 23-31
What can you start today that you’ve been putting off?
Procrastination, as they say, is the thief of time, so how can you
make the most of the precious hours that you’re blessed with each day?
Maybe it’s a decision you need to make, or perhaps it’s something
practical which needs your attention. Either way, the time to act is
now. This is a week in which you can get a phenomenal amount done if
you put your mind to it. It’s also a week when you can make better
choices and decisions by focusing on your priorities. What’s really
important to you? What matters most? We carry around with us so much
stuff that we don’t need: clutter in the house and car, baggage from
past relationships, beliefs from our parents or society that don’t
serve us. Decide what’s important to you and then set about
manifesting it with gusto.

August 1-7
New beginnings are the dish of the day served up by the solar eclipse
on the 1st. Perhaps it heralds a new chapter of your life, such as
house moves and changes in family and personal relationships, or maybe
you just feel ready to move on and leave the past behind. You may even
feel as though you’re being reborn and with that comes a great sense
of clarity about who you are and where you’re going. Trust your desire
for change, even though it may seem scary. Playing it safe won’t get
you to where you need to be, but courage faith and a belief that
you’re heading in exactly the right direction will.

August 8-14
Children need no lessons or encouragement when it comes to playing,
having fun and letting their imaginations run riot. At what point does
all this stop, and why? And more importantly for you, have you
neglected the fun playful side of life in favour of getting on at
work. Or have you sacrificed your imagination for a stack of never
ending duties and responsibilities? Your inner child can only take so
many rebuffs before it shrinks back into a corner and sulks! But all
is not lost because with Mars, Saturn, Venus and shortly Mercury too,
all taking up residence in your house of play and fun, it’s going to
be difficult not to feel the desire to see the funny side of life. And
if you have a creative bone in your body (which you do) you should
find it easier to pick up a pen or paintbrush, sing, dance, make music
or create in other ways. Sometimes though we all need a little push to
get the creative and imaginative juices flowing and if you feel like
you don’t know where to begin, try reading the Artist’s Way by Julia
Cameron, a 12 week course in reactivating the creative artist within.

August 15-22
‘In order to discover new oceans, we must have the courage to lose
sight of the shore. Andre Gide offered these inspiring words which
are particularly apt for you this week. A lunar eclipse at the top of
your chart invites you to step into the unknown, to take the path less
trodden, and to see what adventures await. Changes in your direction
are occurring and whether you’re happy about them or if they arouse
uncertainty, your best way to navigate them is to just let yourself be
guided and don’t try too much to force things. Indeed, with Neptune
conjunct this eclipse it would be almost impossible for you to direct
matters, and sometimes it’s as well to accept that a certain amount of
mystery is a good thing. You might not know exactly where you’re going
but the current planetary signs are that your journey and your
destination should be very positive and if you’re not already in
celebratory mode, you soon will be.

August 23-31
This is a week when the planetary odds are stacked in your favour, but
it perhaps isn’t the best week for getting ahead and making progress
with work and other worldly concerns. Or for making important
decisions and deciding which way you should go. It is however good for
rest, enjoyment fun and romance. It’s also good for changing your
habits – a certain amount of routine is healthy, too much though can
leave you stuck in a rut and feeling uninspired. The best way to
counteract this would be to do something different. Try changing a
familiar habit like the newspaper you read, or the time you get up.
See how different you feel. Best of all, go somewhere new with friends
or with your lover. Try a new creative venture or a different
activity. The planets this week want you to have fun, but they also
want you to incorporate an element of adventure into proceedings too,
so surprise yourself and others and break out of your mould.

August 1-7
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How are you going to
live it? Do you want things to carry on in the same way as they have
been? Think of today as a blank slate because with a solar eclipse in
your zone of perception it is like throwing back the curtain on life
and seeing it in all its potential for the first time. Be open to new
ways of thinking, new ways of acting and new ways of living. You don’t
have to keep perpetuating the same habits or self defeating patterns –
no one wants to be stuck in a Groundhog Day scenario where we keep
doing the same thing and getting the same results, only to find
several years down the line that life hasn’t really changed. So make
this – the 1st day of August – your day of new intentions – today will
be different and tomorrow all the more intriguing because you dared to
change the record.

August 8-14
Home and family commitments loom large this week, so whether you’re
tending to your nearest and dearest, making changes within your home
or simply enjoying reading a good book in your garden, your energies
are best directed within your own four walls. This is a good week to
rest and take stock, to replenish your energies and nourish your
spirit. Get back in tune with nature, perhaps by going for long walks,
enjoying picnics in parks or by encouraging nature to blossom in your
garden. This isn’t a week for rushing, but it is ideal for taking each
day as it comes and adopting a moment to moment philosophy. Geminis
can sometimes be here there and everywhere – both physically and
mentally – this can leave you feeling scattered and anxious. Bring
your focus back to where you are now and know that you don’t need to
be anywhere else. Oh, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for
taking time out to rest and enjoy life.

August 15-22
Knowing what the best course of action to take is often not
straightforward or clear cut. There are various factors to take into
account and one option is rarely 100% wonderful and the other choice
100% bad. So a weighing up process needs to be done. But does that
always work? Trying to figure things out intellectually drowns out the
voice of the heart which always knows the best way. So go with your
feelings this week, and try to find a balance between adventure and
stability. Bear in mind too that change doesn’t always have to be
painful. Sometimes, it’s the little changes that we make that can be
just as inspiring as big ones. Sometimes just moving the furniture
around can be enough to create a positive mental state which invites
further inspiring changes. So if you’re caught between a rock and a
hard place, make one or two seemingly unrelated changes (throw out
some clutter, sign up for a new course, change your hairstyle,
redecorate, take a different route to work, read a different
newspaper) and see if this inadvertently brings about the answer you seek.

August 23-31
Happiness need never depend on outside circumstances. If it does, you
will forever be buffeted about like a cork on the ocean. So don’t wait
for everything to fall into place, for the right person to share your
life with, the new car, the big house, for the magical amount of money
that transforms all your troubles or for the holiday to make you feel
good for a week. As Mars moves into your zone of fun and enjoyment, he
reminds you that true happiness comes from a natural state of joy
inside your heart. Part of this joy can be found through doing things
you love, through being a creative soul and expressing your innate
gifts. So spare a moment this week to think about what you love doing,
and then start bringing this into your life. Then every day will be
reason to celebrate.

August 1-7
Do you wish that your financial picture were rosier? Do you long for
security and abundance? Well, if the answers to these questions are
yes, then you can thank you lucky stars as a solar eclipse activates
your money zone on the 1st. However, wishing and waiting for fate to
intervene may not be enough. What works is a combination of intent,
action and right timing. So if you can supply the first two, the
universe will definitely provide the latter. So wipe the slate clean
of financial mistakes. Let go of negative beliefs and any victim
mentality. Get a handle on any debts, look at ways to increase your
fortunes, and perhaps most importantly of all, believe in your ability
to generate more prosperity.

August 8-14
‘When you shoot an arrow of truth, dip its point in honey’ Allow these
wise words from an Arab Proverb to be your guide this week, especially
towards the end of the week when an explosive aspect between Pluto and
Mars in your communication zone could provoke unnecessary fights
squabbles and hurtful remarks. Take extra special care with
neighbours, relatives, colleagues and anyone who provides a service
for you. Instead, use the charms of Venus – also in your house of
communication – to add sweetness to your interactions, as this way
you’re more likely to witness favourable reactions from others. It is
an often overlooked truth that the more positive we are with someone,
the more they respond in a like-wise fashion.

August 15-22
A lunar eclipse in your zone of endings on the 16th indicates that
there is most likely something in your life which needs to be brought
to a close. It could be that you are already feeling the sadness of
loss, or it might be that a situation has just run its course. Either
way, adopt an attitude of letting go. Neptune joining this eclipse
urges you to not cling on – difficult for a tenacious Cancerian – but
something which you should try to do never-the-less. It will also pay
to examine those sides of your life that normally remain hidden or
that you like to keep private – your shadow side and your fears,
financial or sexual matters. There is the opportunity for tremendous
healing to take place – both on a physical and on an emotional level.
So if you can face your pain and then let it go, you will emerge from
this eclipse renewed and reborn.

August 23-31
If you feel disconnected or in a void, then perhaps it’s time to look
at how you can get back into the swing of life again. Neptune, Chiron
and the north node may be perpetuating any painful issues activated by
last week’s eclipse making you concentrate more on what’s wrong than
on what’s right, but so much of where you are now is a result of your
thinking and your beliefs. A cluster of planets in your mind zone
encourages you to see life in a different way. Nothing lasts forever –
everything has its time and we make life more difficult for ourselves
when we fearfully hang onto that which has gone. It is time for you to
turn your attention towards the present and to contemplate how you
would like your future to be. What would it take to reconnect you to
life? A happy family and loving relationships perhaps, or inspiration,
healing or adventure? Funnily enough, all of these are available to
you now and you can take the first steps towards manifesting your
priorities by focussing less on pain and more on the beauty and
potential that each new day brings. I’ll leave you with a quote from
George Bernard Shaw. “People are always blaming their circumstances
for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances; the people who
get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the
circumstances they want and if they can’t find them they make them.”

August 1-7
The month kicks off with a solar eclipse in your sign; this has to be
good news if you have been waiting for a change, turning point or
breakthrough. This is the ideal time to make some big changes to your
life and with Mercury involved in this eclipse you should have no
shortage of ideas for inspiring changes. If you are feeling stressed
(quite often when Mercury is in one's own sign, the pace of life is
fast and there seems to not be enough hours in the day) then try to
prioritise the most important things and let the rest wait. Take time
to nourish yourself and enjoy some relaxing or pampering activities.
Venus in your sign makes this the perfect time to change or enhance
your appearance and indulge in some pleasurable activities and
precious ‘me time.’ Whatever is happening in your life now – good or
bad – try not to resist it but welcome the changes, knowing that at
some level they are for your highest good. Eclipses always bring
events that need to happen, so whether you’re celebrating or wishing
for a break from the stress, know that this is an incredibly important
phase in your life and make your decisions and responses with this in

August 8-14
As the planets shuffle out of Leo and into Virgo the emphasis turns to
your finances and material life. Now is the time to generate ideas,
take charge, think big and channel your energies into making money or
creating a more suitable job role for yourself. Spending money may
also be a theme but with Saturn here, try to make any big purchases
with wisdom and practicality and your smaller purchases with enjoyment
in mind. It may also be appropriate to examine any issues of self
worth and see how much you truly value yourself. Are your decisions
coming from your head or your heart? A Leo can only be truly happy
when making heart centred decisions, so if you’re currently doing
something out of duty, obligation, fear, insecurity or routine then
now is the time to access your courage and independence and move
towards choices and activities that make your heart sing.

August 15-22
Is it time to see a relationship as it really is? Perhaps this means
admitting some uncomfortable truths, or it may mean changing the way
you look at it to find a higher more loving way of relating. Either
way, this week’s lunar eclipse in Aquarius shows that the way forward
in an important relationship is through compassion and non-judgement.
Do whatever you can to heal any problems. This may mean looking at the
part you’ve played in the creation of the challenges as much as
pointing the finger of blame. This eclipse urges total honesty and
says that only by being really open about yourself and your feelings
can you heal any problems and move things on to the next level.
Aside from your relationships, this is a good week for business
ventures, money and work. With a wonderful aspect from Jupiter to a
cluster of planets in your money zone, this could be the week when a
new job role leads to more money, or a good business idea generates
more cash. Either way, this is the week to think positively and to
know that you can bring about financial changes for the better.

August 23-31
We can never be impoverished for long if we follow our true purpose in
life and do what we are supposed to be doing. And with half the zodiac
lined up in your money zone and Jupiter in your work and service area,
there has never been a better time to move with conviction towards the
path with your name on it. If you don’t yet know where your path is,
spend some time thinking about when you’re happiest – this will give
you clues. Other clues can be identified through considering those
times you’ve made a positive benefit to other people and felt really
good about it. As a Leo, you need to live creatively and without being
fenced in or told what to do. If you feel oppressed or that you’re not
making the most of your talents, then now – during your eclipse month
– is the best time to reset the dial on your compass and head off in a
new direction.

August 1-7
It is highly likely that the past is currently affecting your present.
From regrettable mistakes that you may have made or disappointments
with other people, through to events that happened in childhood and
even past life influences, this is one time when it will pay to dig up
the roots of your current problem. The solar eclipse in Leo on the 1st
offers you the chance to put the past to bed and to move on from
something which has been holding you back. So it would seem it is time
to haul up your anchor and set sail for new beginnings. You may need
to spend some time alone to get to this point, but quite often the
most inspiring solutions or creative results come from spending time
in isolation. So don’t fear being alone this week – relish it – for
what emerges from your unconscious will point the way forward to a
much more creative phase of your life.

August 8-14
It’s time to think about what you really want. What matters to you?
What are your priorities? A cluster of planets in your own sign gives
you permission to contemplate what you want and to set about getting
it. Mars especially, says that now is the time to act and to not feel
guilty about putting your needs first for a change. So whether you
want to start a new project, go for a new job, push forward an idea or
express your point of view to another, this is the time to further
your own interests and show the world what you’re capable of. It is
however, important that you communicate with absolute honesty and to
be on your guard against deceptive intentions from others as an aspect
between Mercury and Neptune can be confusing to say the least and
downright deceitful at worst. On the whole though, this is a very
positive week when you may experience a breakthrough and get a clearer
sense of what you want from life.

August 15-22
Are you judging yourself a bit too harshly? Perhaps you’ve fallen
short of your own high standards and are experiencing feelings of
failure. Perhaps you have experienced a disappointment and you’re
allowing it to take over. Watch out for criticism this week, either of
yourself or others. Try instead to forgive the mistakes that have been
made. A lunar eclipse on the 16th suggests a disappointment of some
sort but with it comes a realisation of what is good for you and what
works against you. If you get knocked down, the challenge is to jump
back up again, maintaining a positive spirit and trusting that you
will be taken care of. This eclipse also asks you to forgive those
around you in a work environment; from colleagues and employers, to
bank managers, car mechanics and anyone else providing a service to
you, the way forward is through forgiveness and compassion. This is a
great week for business and work matters, getting organised,
negotiating, signing contracts, and for anything concerned with your
health and wellbeing. If you have any health complaints, this eclipse
urges you to look deeply at your symptoms and to assess whether
letting go of the past and releasing all judgment, criticism and
grudges will help you to heal.

August 22-31
As Mars moves into your zone of self worth, perhaps this is the week
to realise that you deserve better treatment in some way. Perhaps
someone hasn’t been entirely straight with you, or maybe you feel left
out – perhaps the last to be consulted or informed. Mercury’s sharp
link to Uranus suggests that you may feel a bit like an outsider this
week, but if you can think and react in a more flexible way, you’re
far less likely to end up feeling alienated. So the key to dealing
with people and situations this week is to be assertive – without
being too blunt – at the same time as being willing to bend if need be
and embrace necessary change. This is not the best week for routine so
don’t try and keep things as they are, but instead allow spontaneity
to creep into your days (especially around the 22nd and 23rd) and
enjoy an element of the unusual and the unpredictable. “It is
familiarity with life that makes time speed quickly. When every day is
a step in the unknown, as for children, the days are long with a
gathering of experience.” George Gissing.

August 1-7
It’s time to think about your future. A powerful eclipse in your hopes
and wishes zone opens a portal of opportunity for you. The question
is, will you step through it into a new world, or will you cling to
the life, habits and patterns you already have? It would seem that the
only thing stopping you from moving forward is your own restrictive
thoughts and fears. Even if it doesn’t seem like this; even if it
seems as though things out there are holding you back or conspiring
against you, know that at some level these circumstances are the
product of your own unconscious feelings, thoughts and desires. Mars
and Saturn in your unconscious zone are capable of tricking you into
thinking that life is working against you, when in actual fact, if you
changed your perception, the blockages would dissolve. Don’t make
excuses; don’t allow fear and ‘what if’s’ to stop you. Instead,
realise that this eclipse at the start of the week offers you the
opportunity to take a giant leap forward.

August 8-14
As the planets begin to pile up in your zone of reclusive reflection,
it may be a good idea to honour any desire for some quiet time. If
your energy levels aren’t at their best, this is a definite sign that
you need to slow down and recoup. This is the perfect time to access
the divine part of yourself through spiritual exercises such as
meditation, yoga, dream work, visualisations and engaging in any
necessary therapies for mind, body and spirit. Try to release all
negative judgments as this will help the divine energies flow through
you more freely and enable synchronistic events to happen with greater
regularity. Try also to be aware of any obsessive thoughts or
feelings which are taking you out of the ‘now.’ Let go of the past so
that you are free to dance unencumbered into the future.

August 15-21
The lunar eclipse on the 16th turns your attention towards one or more
of the following: love affairs, children, creativity and self
expression. There is the opportunity to heal a deep wound in one of
these areas and your keyword is ‘maturity.’ Perhaps this is reflective
of you becoming more responsible, or taking on a more adult role. If
you have previously behaved in a dependent or less than responsible
manner, this eclipse shows that the way forward is through
responsibility and an acceptance of your power. This is also a time
when all your hard work and efforts are coming to fruition, resulting
in a feeling of inner wealth and deep contentment. Enjoy this internal
blossoming, for you have worked hard for it.

August 23-31
On your marks, get set, go! Well, okay, maybe we can settle for the
get set business, because with a cluster of planets in your house of
endings no one really expects you to suddenly launch yourself like a
rocket into the stratosphere. But that time is coming, which is why
you need to be getting ready and making plans. Mars in your sign is
paving the way for a few weeks of dynamic action when you can
accomplish much if you are prepared to act. For this week though, it
is enough to get clear about what you want, what changes you want to
make, what you want to let go of, and to then prepare yourself for a
new chapter of your life. Be in no rush this week, and enjoy some
simple pursuits that connect you with your heart centre. In the
stillness know that things are taking place behind the scenes, and
that pretty soon the seeds that have been planted will begin to blossom.

August 1-7
The main themes for this month are your direction and professional
life, your future and your home and family. It is the first of those
three that will catch your attention this week since the solar eclipse
at the top of your chart brings changes and developments to your life
path and where you are going. This could be something big like news of
marriage, children, promotion or some opportunity or development which
makes life unlikely to ever be the same again. Try and take whatever
changes are occurring now in your stride, otherwise you could find
yourself feeling stressed with the weight of expectation upon your
shoulders. If your life is filled with too much work and
responsibility, then this eclipse may bring the realisation that you
need more play time in your life. If that’s the case, start making the
changes now.

August 8-14
Power struggles could be the dish of the day as a feisty clash between
Mars and Pluto highlight imbalances of power in any of your
relationships. A friend, acquaintance or even a stranger could be
troublesome especially if money is involved or if you feel certain
boundaries have been transgressed. Pluto urges you to stand up for
your rights and to not feel guilty. But aside from the odd person who
may be pushing your buttons and trying to take more than they give,
this is a good week for developing contacts and nourishing your
friendships as favourable news or opportunities are likely to come
through the people you know.

August 15-21
Whatever is going on in your outer world can probably wait as you
really need to focus on what’s going on in your own four walls. So
time perhaps to put aside your concerns with your career, life path
and responsibilities in favour of that which really matters – your
home and the people closest to you. There is much opportunity for
healing in this area of your life so any family rifts, domestic
problems or property problems can be brought to a head now and
resolved. In fact you could be looking at new beginnings if you’re
prepared to move on with forgiveness in your heart. Focus this week on
simple pleasures – pursuits which nourish your heart and soul –
preferably with your loved ones. Friendships are also very favourable,
and now would be a good time to communicate with people, enhance your
bonds and have fun in your social scene. And if ever you doubt the
importance of good friends, contemplate the words of Samuel Taylor
Coleridge, ‘Friendship is a sheltering tree.’

August 22-31
As Mars enters the secluded area of your chart, it is time to just
slow the pace of your life a little. You may still be busy socially,
or with plans for your future, but you should try and conserve your
energies wherever possible, especially by cutting down on those
activities and duties that you find draining. Listen to your inner
voice when it comes to choosing where you should put your energies –
if it doesn’t feel right maybe you can either leave it for another day
or abandon it altogether. Focus more on the things you enjoy and make
time in your life for anything of a happy or celebratory nature. All
invitations should be accepted (unless your intuition says otherwise)
as there is likely to be some kind of opportunity or welcome news that
comes through friends and acquaintances. The arrival of the Sun in
this area on the 22nd brings much optimism and light at the end of the
tunnel. To make the most of the planetary alignment in your future
zone, focus positively on what you want to manifest in your life and
believe in your ability to make it happen.

August 1-7
Letting go of your restrictions is the theme for this week as a
powerful eclipse on the 1st activates your freedom and adventure zone.
And your restrictions could be as much to do with a state of mind as
actual physical circumstances. So have a look and see where your
attitudes might be holding you back – if you believe that there’s no
such word as can’t, then the sky is the limit in terms of what you can

August 8-14
With Mars, Saturn and Venus at the top of your chart, soon to be
joined by Mercury, this week is ideal for pushing forward with your
aims and ambitions. All career and professional matters are positively
highlighted and it could well be that you experience a breakthrough of
some kind. However, this breakthrough is more likely to happen if you
are expecting a positive outcome and refuse to give up at the first
hurdle. Refusing to take no for an answer and trusting your intuition
could be the attitude you need to get you to a place of victory and
success. So don’t hold yourself back and believe that you are capable
of achieving whatever it is that you need or want to do.

August 15-22
Letting go is your motto for this week as a lunar eclipse in your mind
zone urges you to release all damaging or limiting situations and
attitudes. Perhaps you need to let go of grievances and grudges. Or
maybe you need to develop an attitude of non attachment so that you
can relax into whatever the outcome of a situation may be. With a
cluster of planets at the top pf your chart it looks as though you are
focussed intently on something, but sometimes a needy approach keeps
us from having the thing we most desire. So let it go and be open to
other options. You might just find that as you let go what you wanted
suddenly appears.

August 23-31
The focus is still very much upon your direction in life and your
professional situation. Where are you going? Are you happy doing what
you’re doing? Which doors would you like to magically appear in front
of you; doors of happiness, success, recognition, love, creativity,
imagination, self esteem? The first step to achieving what you want is
to be clear about what it is exactly that you do want, and checking
that this is actually a real need and not a by product of your ego. If
you’re comparing yourself to others (they’ve got this, that or the
other and I haven’t) or feeling too needy and grasping, then you need
to stop and be aware of your ego’s voice. If on the other hand what
you want fills you with feelings of joy, fulfilment and contentment,
then go right ahead. Use your imagination to help you achieve your
goals by visualising the desired outcome or daydreaming your desire
into reality.

August 1-7
Transformation and change are what’s needed as a solar eclipse
highlights your area of rebirth. Perhaps it’s time to shed your old
skin? Maybe it’s time to move from one phase of life to another? It
certainly looks as though something can’t carry on as it has been, and
by embracing change you will allow this eclipse to work its magic in a
way that will benefit you in the long run. Although such an eclipse
can indicate endings – which usually involve some emotional pain as
you grieve for the loss – it also means that you are ready to move
onto a new way of living. Perhaps its time to follow your passion;
this might mean going on an adventure, enjoying a spot of travel,
going back to college to study something which will open up new doors
for you or leaving a phase of your life behind that’s no longer
working and then stepping into the unknown. Whatever your personal
circumstances, the overall message is the same: don’t cling on to that
which needs to go, and prepare yourself for new adventures.

August 8-14
Most people have a fear of stepping into the unknown. And especially
as we get older, we tend to become more set in our ways and
increasingly fearful of change and taking risks. However, if we want
to stay young, energised and healthy, we must regularly push out of
our comfort zone and test ourselves with new challenges and different
experiences. The planetary line up suggests that you really need to be
facing your fear and doing it anyway. There are never any guarantees
in life, but with the planets on your side it does at least look as
though you’ll have a safety net. So be brave, be adventurous and take
the path less trodden.

August 15-22
Although the emphasis thus far has been on making changes and trying
new things, there has been a background theme of finances, and this is
the area that really comes into focus now as a lunar eclipse
illuminates the money angle of your chart. Changes are needed,
especially if things have been confused, uncertain or if mistakes have
been made. Try not to allow any balance of power to become too one
sided, as so often is the case with loans. Take care that you’re not
allowing yourself to be ‘bought’ or that you’re not ‘buying’ others.
Whatever has been going on financially, there is great potential for
healing any problems with money and your material life now. One final
word of advice: don’t let fears lack stop you from doing what you want
to do. If you really and truly want to do something, you will find a way

August 23-31
How many new things have you tried this month? How many new
experiences have you had? Have you been to somewhere you’ve never been
to before, or have you tried a new activity, a new place to eat or
even a new hairstyle? From the little things right through to the big,
this is one month when the cosmos is urging you to branch out in a new
direction and seek out different experiences. For some Capricorns this
might mean stepping into the unknown and embarking on a big adventure.
For more cautious Caps, just taking a different route to work or
experimenting with a different look can be enough. So if you haven’t
yet felt the exhilarating winds of change ruffling your hair, now is
the time to try something new and to preferably test your limits and
see what you’re capable of.

August 1-7
The time has come to see a relationship as it truly is. A solar
eclipse in your partnership zone will help remove any illusions,
confusion and uncertainty. For some Aquarians this will be a time of
big developments whilst for others the changes will be more subtle.
But whichever camp you fall into and no matter whether the
relationship in question is a romantic one, business of friendship,
the way forward is the same: truth, openness and communication. Oh,
and count to ten before saying or doing something you might later regret!

August 8-14
It would seem that events or forces around you are trying to change or
transform you. If you sense that this might be for your good – such as
change that will lead to growth on your part - then go with it.
However, it may be that a certain amount of conflict is being
generated and you may be wondering whether to stand your ground or
back down. Or you may have been feeling trapped or pressured and could
be looking for an escape route. Whatever the problem is – power
struggles, pressure, restriction – your keyword for this week is
courage. That might mean standing up to someone or facing your own
fears. It could mean that you have to take a risk and move away from
that which has become too safe and predictable. Whether you find this
week easy or challenging, a playful attitude will help you to come out
smiling on the other side.

August 15-22
I recently came across a profound slice of wisdom from Jerry Hall – ex
wife of Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger. She said, "when you let go easily
everything starts to make sense.’ She was referring to how so many of
us cling on to phases in our life that should be released in order to
make way for the new. When we cling on, we create inner stress and a
load of angst. With a lunar eclipse in your sign and a host of planets
in your zone of endings my question to you is, what needs to end? What
needs to be gracefully released? What are you holding onto that’s
preventing you from moving forward? Whether it's an attitude, a
memory, a habit, a person or a situation, the time to let go is now.
This may take some courage but it is time for a new direction, and
once you take that first step, you’ll probably wonder what took you so

August 23-31
Every so often we need to venture down into the underworld in order to
emerge with a vital treasure. Sometimes this journey can last weeks,
months or even years. Sometimes we only realise we’ve been there later
on when we look back and think, ‘goodness, that was quite an
intense/serious/heavy time in my life.’ And yet such dark journeys
never leave us empty handed. With a host of planets and Saturn in your
deep, dark house of transformation, this might not be the lightest,
easiest most enjoyable time of your life, and yet you are learning a
lot about yourself and life. This week as the Sun heads for this same
region of your chart, it may seem as though the light has gone out.
But this is only a temporary darkness and you will emerge stronger,
wiser and far more empowered than you were before.

August 1-7
Your main themes for August are: work, health and relationships, and
as the month kicks off with a solar eclipse on the 1st it would seem
that changes are afoot in one or more of those areas. Certainly your
day to day existence looks set to change, whether that’s due to
changes at work or with your routine, so the best approach would be to
go with the flow and don’t resist whatever seems to be occurring now.
This is an eclipse of clarity so perhaps something will come to light
– perhaps news that brings developments, although you may need to be
alert with people as it would seem as though there is a little
deception in the air. If you’re unsure, ask for guidance and trust
your feelings. Health wise, this would be a perfect time to turn over
a new leaf and make some positive changes to your physical wellbeing.
Could it be time for a detox, a new exercise regime or the kicking of
a bad habit? Or perhaps taking up a spiritual discipline to help
integrate mind, body and soul? If your body has been complaining
recently, stop and listen to what it is asking of you.

August 8-14
Negotiation, contracts and commitments – these are elements of your
life which may take up some time this week. Certainly dealings with
others are a focal point now and to make the most of your
communications with others, focus on honesty, commitment and long term
success for both of you. However with a square from Mars to Pluto,
this might be difficult as this aspect is notorious for manifesting
power struggles and angry responses. If someone isn’t playing ball,
try not to get mad, but be assertive and maintain your position. It
may feel at times as though you’re banging your head against a brick
wall, but whatever the frustration try not to resort to sneaky tactics
otherwise you could end up losing out. Do what you feel is right, act
with integrity and try to see things from the other person’s point of
view. And in the meantime, look after your health – rest as much as
you can – sometimes just taking time out from the frantic tempo of the
world can be enough to restore sanity.

August 15-22
A lunar eclipse in your secluded zone on the 16th brings clarity where
previously there was only confusion. If someone hasn’t been straight
with you try and offer them compassion anyway but make it a priority
to be more alert next time. Pisceans can easily be taken advantage of
due to a kind and caring nature. If others abuse that then that’s
their problem, but you can guard against it by letting your powerful
sixth sense warn you when something’s not right. There is a strong
people theme in your chart at the moment, and once you’ve decided who
is worthy of your time and who is best kept at arms length you can
start to make headway. This is another good week for negotiations and
signing contracts – with the 22nd being the best day for making or
signing deals. It’s great for committing to people and for taking a
more serious attitude to your relationships. If someone offers you the
opportunity to partake in something which will be of benefit to
yourself and others, then take it (after intuitively testing it of
course.) It could lead to bigger and better things.

August 23-31
Seek a break from the norm this week. With an opposition from Venus to
Uranus, you will fare best if you expect the unexpected and go with
the flow. Be open to spontaneity as this transit wants you to
experience different things and have new adventures. If you rigidly
stick to your routines and habits you could find yourself on the
receiving end of a sudden event that unsettles you. But even this will
spice things up a bit and blow the cobwebs away. Don’t be afraid of
the untried and untested this week – be daring, bold, courageous, and
take a walk on the wild side.


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