Monday, August 25, 2008

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network
August 2008

My sweet friends

Welcome to The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network. It has been a while since I have been in contact, and I have personally experienced many changes in my Life, from being a full time mother this last year, to moving from Cape Town to Lisbon in March of this year. And what an interesting time to be getting back into the swings of things, with the Cosmic rollercoaster ride we have been having in the month of August so far! Between the Solar eclipse on the 1st , giving us a wonderful opportunity to create a deeper alignment to our Higher Light while looking at any perceived challenges or changes we needed to make, through to the 8-8-8 gateway, experienced either through the ability to magnetize what we needed to further our Service work and create increased abundance, or taking us into the shadow aspects of ourselves, through to the more recent partial lunar eclipse and full moon, another moment in time to clear the lower bodies, and the emotional body in particular.

What I have personally experienced through these magnified energies is both the shadow and the Light. The effect of an eclipse, for example, lasts twelve weeks. Six weeks leading up to the eclipse and six weeks following this. And during an eclipse, we also experience greater upheavals and earth changes from what is astrologically referred to as a "moon wobble", or "moon/solar wobble, although a "moon/solar wobble" can also occur without an eclipse. "Moon wobbles" occur usually about four times a year, and during these moments in time, we experience an increase in violence, war, earthquakes, plane crashes, riots, floods and so on, so it really is to bring our attention and focus to holding the Light collectively during these intense moments in time.

Further to this, each portal or gateway experienced activates the DNA and creates parallel merges, playing a major role in our multidimensional journey. The 97% dormant or so called junk DNA, holds the encodings and blueprints of each lifetime and related timeline as well as how to achieve ascension and enlightenment in each timeline. However, what is perhaps less known about the DNA is that it is actually connected interdimensionally to each wormhole, portal or stargate experienced, and the DNA strands or light particles within the DNA act as transmitters as well as receivers to these wormholes; in other words, the DNA itself is activated and actualized through these wormholes as well as becoming these wormholes of stralim radiation, of Divine Light. Wormholes or portals have the ability to receive information from outside of our time and space, and this information is transmitted in the form of light particles to the DNA. However, the DNA itself has the ability to transmit information in the form of light particles interdimensionally - and this further connects us to each atom and molecule within our Multi-universe. In addition, this activation assists in creating parallel merges. Parallel merges occur as we streamline our lifetimes, often experiencing numerous lifetimes simultaneously. Initially of course this is all very confusing, and as this recalibration takes place at a cellular level as well as through the seven master glands and related chakras in the body, ending with the activation of the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands, our DNA is further activated and actualized through the virtual/etheric 12 strand DNA, and we become more multidimensional.

What may be initially confusing is not only the short term memory loss, fatigue, headaches, energy/body aches and discomforts, change of job, partnership, location and so on, but also the oscillations experienced in the lower bodies, particular the emotional body. As these parallel merges occur, as the dormant DNA is activated and the clearing accelerated, you may experience memories in which you were saints, and sinners, lovers and monks, achieved ascension, killed for your beliefs and so on, and while this is an imprinting, it creates simply a memory within the DNA, you perpetuate these patterns with friends, family, colleagues, in career choices, abundance manifestations and so on, with many of the Soul groups you have been involved with in past lives/parallel realities. (The clearing of the DNA is also related to genetically inherited beliefs as well as patterns created in this lifetime). The good news is that this shifting and clearing of three dimensional realities usually occurs more rapidly at the start of our multidimensional journey (although it is ongoing), and as we activate and clear the DNA further, we start to experience more parallel merges with higher dimensional aspects of ourselves (our multidimensional Selves and Higher Light), which in turn starts to actualize the 12 strand DNA. And this is truly when our multidimensional nature is experienced, when we understand that we are co-creators to the Company of Heaven, when we understand that we create our holographic reality and that we are all Master Creators and Beings of Light, interconnected to one another and to each atom and molecule on every dimension and plane of existence.

These light particles or DNA strands can further be activated through the related axiatonal lines at each dimensional level. If for example, you were presented with a specific map of say, nine dimensions or perhaps twelve dimensions, and you knew how to enter the related portals or wormholes to these dimensions, you could activate and actualize the dormant DNA and 12 strand DNA interdimensionally through the related axiatonal lines. The axiatonal lines are found within the body, and around the Christ Consciousness/Unity Grid at each dimensional level, connecting all Life to particular sound and color frequencies that awakens the dormant DNA and takes you further into Unity Consciousness. The axiatonal lines create a weaving of Light around each organ and body part in your body and this corresponding frequency is found within the related planet or star at each dimensional level. So, by activating the axiatonal lines within the body, you activate the DNA, as well as have the ability to experience Unity Consciousness through tapping into Mother Earth at this dimensional frequency, for example. Each organ or body part further has its own unique frequency, and if you can tap into the related frequency through the axiatonal lines within and around the planet or star you are connecting to, you can heal any organ or body part or experience Immortality - this is simply a frequency or vibration you are tuning into (and the belief of this probability). What is also important for us to understand is that since April 24th , 1994, we stepped into the third level of Christ Consciousness, and now have 46 chromosomes plus an additional 2 etheric chromosomes waiting to be activated and actualized. What these etheric chromosomes will unfold, will be related to our Immortal and eternal Divine nature (More about this in our next newsletter).

Live Life in Love . . .
I look forward to connecting again, and please feel free to email me anytime.

From my Heart to your Heart to the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.

Blessings in Love,
Anrita Melchizedek-Choun
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