Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Friday at 2:16pm PDT with the MOON AT 24 degrees 21 minutes
Of Aquarius and the sun at 24 Degrees 21 minutes of Leo

The word “eclipse” is from the Greek Verbs Ecleipo, which is (to cease, existing)
and Calypse (to cover). We see the sun as a linear and logical energy (left brain)
which we use to create life with on this planet. While the moon is the right brain,
more intuitive energy of feelings and emotions and in astrology represents our past.

We are living in exciting times and this eclipse now ends a cycle for us which
we have been dealing with for the last few months. At a full moon we have
the option to release and let go until the next NEW moon. Ideas, feelings,
emotions, and things which no longer serve us Leave more easily over
the next 2 weeks and we are now sensing that some things are just not
working and either Must be reconfigured or released.

A Lunar eclipse is when the Earth (practicality and where we are now)
stands between the moon (which represents our emotions and our past)
and the sun, (the light) cutting off the light of the sun from the moon
(our past) .

These eclipses seem to bring us into REALITY. The bright light of truth,
justice and what is really TRUE. Let this light shine on all those Old
ideas and feelings and we will get an opportunity to truly
SEE THE LIGHT in our own lives and release the past with this
full moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar eclipses are a bit more emotionally electric than solar
eclipses so remember the ECLIPSE RULE: NO NOT REACT
or even ACT right now if possible for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks
after these eclipses. Eclipses will reverberate for about 6 months
for all of us, so there is no sense in rushing into actions right now.

Lunar eclipses are always at a FULL moon time and this is usually
a more emotional time than usual, so slow down and have FUN and make
Love and peace, not war during this Aquarius / Leo Eclipse

For many of us finally we will begin to feel safe enough to take
off our masks, come out of the closet and experience the freedom
of not hiding behind our pain or our old stories, or our past as this
Aquarius energy pushes us towards being our own unique and
original self.

My personal belief is that eclipses are the WILD cards that allow
us to AWAKEN. Eclipses happen to WAKE US UP

TRY NEVER to sign important papers, have surgery, or do major
debates or negotiations, during the 24 hours prior to and after the
eclipse. The waves of emotions are still high and it is best to wait
for a smoother energy for important events.

THE ECLIPSES work with the LUNAR Nodes which represent in your
chart where you have come from and where you are growing to.
AND In the sky where we learning spiritual development are the
North node and the South Node is what has nourished us in the past.

For this eclipse we have the energy to reconfigure our lives but we
have to learn Non-attachment to the past which is the lesson in

So for this eclipse we have
Chiron the wounded healer (retrograde) at 18 Aquarius
North Node what we must do at 18 Aquarius
Neptune illusion and intuition (retrograde) at 22 Aquarius
And the moon (our past and emotions) at 24 Aquarius asking
that we remove ourselves From pain and suffering, move forward
and envision what COULD be and heal the past.

My Mantra for this time is I FORGIVE ALL PAST EXPERIENCES without
Putting blame or excuses on any of it and LET IT GO” Which seems much in
Theme with all the other energy.

Uranus the planet of change going backwards (retrograde)
in Pisces Asking us to think differently, dream what we want
and realize we are manifesting every moment by our thoughts.
GOOD or bad, it is being created with this magical new energy.

And we also have a GRAND Trine of earth energy which is productivity
and an energy which urges us to build firm foundations.

We have the planets Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn in the
linear and logical earth sign of Virgo. We also have Vesta the
energy of sacred commitment in Taurus And the 3rd earth
energy is Jupiter going backwards (retrograde) in Capricorn.
A Grand trine of Earth energy will assist us over the next 6 months
in our building projects to create what we want instead of what
others have expected of us.

Pluto is moving backwards in the Freedom loving and
TRUTH sign of Sagittarius (Fire) asking that we find the
FIRE and the passion to create a life which is in alignment

All of the outer planets are involved aspect wise in this eclipse
which is always the theme when HUGE changes are coming upon
the planet to politics, and since Aquarius is Equality for all and
Leo is heart energy about creativity, love and joy.

This should be a wonderful time coming for the planet.
Though the Virgo planets are asking us to tighten our belts,
we are told that if we Pare down and really look at what gives us JOY
we are going to gain much more than we thought we ever could have.

As in all FULL MOONS we have an opposition to all the
Aquarius (air energy) as We have the SOUTH node (our past)
at 18 Leo, (Leo energy is Fixed Fire) we have The sun
(the light and the now) At 24 Leo; and
Transpluto (personal transformation) at 28 Leo.

These Leo planets Are asking you to step up to the creativity,
fun, romance, risks, adventure and take a gamble on yourself.

Be open to miracles with this eclipse as Neptune asks us to dream,
believe and as planets Begin to go direct around Thanksgiving
we will have many answers as to what we are going to be doing next.

For Right now, get into the vision of believing that things will be
better than you could imagine. For right now, get into joy.
For right now, take a look at your life and begin to approach life
in a simpler more joyful manner and we are all going to be truly
astounded at our new lives. One day at a time is all this energy
asks of us, we can do that, right? And if we do this we will….

HEAL the past by seeing a new future for yourself and for
the next 2 weeks let go of all Blame, Anger and guilt.

How you do this is by replacing it with FUN, with laughter,
with Joy, with color, and sunsets, and sunrises, and friends
who love you and by beginning each day anew with renewed
vows of “Today I shall be more joyful, trust more, and be
open to miracles”

And if you read this and think “I have none of these”
THEN RIGHT NOW Begin to create it. Begin to hang out with
people who donate time and care for others, people who are
energetically open, cheerful and alive, and you can pick up this
energy and become this also.

We none of us are finished products and we are all BECOMING
something new with this energy. So lets create the US we want to
be and if we each do this, how can the world not become a Better
and happier place?

Do this and I promise that this next 6 months are going
to awaken you to a new life . I WISH YOU LOVE, JOY, peace
and that you immediately begin to
Putting blame or excuses on any of it and LET IT GO”

Namaste Carol Barbeau