Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome To The 5th Dimension Elevator

"Going Up?"
August Newsletter

Welcome to the 5th Elevator/Dimension

It's "official" the 5th "elevator" or dimension is open, not only is it open, we are being called to go into this dimension. So what does that mean?

For years, I have been talking about the 3rd and 4th elevator/dimension. The 3rd elevator is where you feel separated from Creator. It's the "veil" that separates us from our 'higher self' or us from our Mastery . It keeps us in chaos, drama, karmic imprints and in the dark or sticky situations or relationships.
The 4th elevator is where the "veil" is thinning - allowing us to clearly see when and where in our life that we are keeping ourselves in the 3rd elevator/dimension. It's the saboteural energy that keeps us from being the Master, living our full potential. The 4th dimensional frequencies are faster, lighter - Re-minding us of who we really are - Masters, not ego driven humans having an occasional Ahh, ha moment. The 4th dimension releases us from Karmic imprints embedded in our original blueprints. Our original blueprints are the keys to Mastery. They contain the 5th dimensional energy of our true lineage, where WE KNOW that WE are responsible for our life/energy. The 5th dimensional frequencies FREE us from our "history" allowing us to live in the NOW ENERGY as a miraculous Master. As we radiate that signature of love out of every fiber of our being, we automatically transmute anything that is disempowering and fear based. In the 3rd dimension we get stuck in linear time which leads us to hold on dearly to our wounds/pain, causing us to forget that our "history" also contains talents, miraculous gifts, and those times in our "past" when we tapped into our Mastery and felt on top of the world.
When I look into someone's energy field, I scan their "history", I often see what looks like static energy around a "ball". The ball contains and shows me an event, for example, when you won a contest in school you would show me how you felt empowered, worthy, and in touch with your "Mastery". The static energy would show me that even though you had a wonderful experience of winning; you went home and your parents ignored the award. That empowered event turned into a wound that is related to a theme you came into this life time to learn. You are worthy. It is your birthright to be worthy. You are a piece of the Creator which makes you a Master. So, as we enter into the 4th elevator it looks like the "Void." The "Void" is that space of pre-creation and creation. Imagine going outside at night, picture the whole sky filled with stars. That is what the "Void" represents. We are standing in the doorway of the field of potential, creative energies. That is what the 4th elevator now looks like, a beautiful starry night. The dark background is the pre-creation energy of the "Void". The stars are the 60,000 creative seeds of potential given to us daily. When you are stuck in the 3rd elevator the 4th dimension looks dark. The sticky drama of the 3rd dimension won't allow you to fully see the "Void" filled with the star-seeds of potentials. Now it is our job and responsibility to get out of the 3rd elevator. In the "past" we could go up and down elevators 3 and 4. We could have convinced ourselves we are "helping" those stuck in the 3rd dimension/elevator, be it ourselves, partners, children, friends, family, etc. For example, staying in a dead end job that we hate because of the security it gives us. That security is an illusion. With the 5th dimensional energy we continue to ascend, clearing out our energy field, transmuting old karmic patterns, we feel the pull up to the 4th/5th elevator. If we only pop our head out, we have a fear film over our eyes. That film won't let us see the dead end job that is draining our precious life force. So, we pull back down into the 3rd elevator - staying in a dis-empowering job, relationship - we didn't see all the potentials waiting for us. As we put our 5th dimensional energies into those seeds, when we enter into a co-creative relationship with ourself start loving ourself back into re-membering yourself as a Master with unlimited potentials and your essence is pure LOVE. So many times in a reading, I see family members come in encouraging the person to go beyond the fear - to proudly stand in the doorway of new beginnings - be empowered and take the responsibility to direct our lives with mastery - not fear. There wasn't a "true" Master in our history that would encourage us to stay in dis-empowering relationship of any kind. All Masters said you can do this too and more, with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains. When two or more gather in the energy of Love (not fear) you can change the world. 2008 is the "changing point/turning point" written in our DNA, our original blueprint, with that information, everything goes back to self-empowerment and self-love. If you are looking outside of yourself - you will always end up feeling lack, disappointed and dis-empowered. The 5th dimensional energy is the energy of the Master. As an angel having a human experience, we are responsible for pushing the elevator button. No one - No one can do it for us. So we are at this amazing turning point in our history to allow, trust and surrender our fears and BECOME. The 3rd elevator is getting darker, more fear based, building the veil that separates us. So it is our job and responsibility to embrace this energy of change. What we resist, persists. Remember to reconnect with our 5th dimensional bodies that hold the original blueprints (free from the bondage of karmic imprints). We need to command our energy as a Master would and direct it. We need to face our fears, as they are part of the karmic imprints that have kept us in the dark for so long. By freeing ourselves,we can step into the 4th/5th elevator/dimension - feel, sense, imagine and work with those 60,000 seeds of light given to us daily. Then consciously plant them, so we have a new foundation that keeps us out of the 3rd dimensional energies of separation. Reconnect to your Mastery. Enter into the Kingdom of the 5th elevator - that is creating Heaven on Earth. Which allows us access to our true heritage of unconditional love. Fears can't be in the 4th and 5th dimensions - get rid of the residual energies of old programs, and if anyone is talking about negativity, fear, separation, they are looking at the dimensions with fear-based filmed covered eyes.We have been given symbolic trifocals that allows us to see the 3 different dimensions but not get pulled into the the Bridger, the LIGHT SPREADER, THE MASTER. Be fully present in our human temples that we chose to ascend in. Also remember that one person holding their heart's signature - their soul song - holographic unconditional love signal - ONE person pulsing that high frequency energy out to the universal fields transmutes 100,000 people, putting out fear patterns. Love and light also transmutes fear because fear has no power in true empowerment. Unconditional love signatures is our truth. Each and everyone of us, lined up to be here at this pivotal turning point of the earth. So it's time to be proactive, be the co-creative master bridges as we are creating Heaven on earth. We have already been living in the 3rd dimensional hell, so this isn't a time to collapse and hand your love signature over to anyone. It is the time to get connected with it inside every cell of your being and that will bring you up to the 5th elevator. You are the Master - your energy field is the key to enter into the higher dimensions. So remember who you really are, step out of the fear within yourself and around you. It's part of the birth process, pulse yourself lovely through this birth process. Anytime you feel yourself slipping into any kind of fear -realign yourself to your Heart - that is where the keys are and have always been. Now we know it's not the time to modulate and turn down your light because it makes everyone uncomfortable. That's a 3rd dimensional drama, shine from your Heart, you already are the Master. We are bridging in the miraculous energies to create Heaven on Earth, the plan from the beginning of creation. You are only responsible for your own energy field, direct it as a Master would and you will become a miracle magnet. Be of this world but not in the 3rd dimension. If it sounds like fear, walk away, physically or energetically and stay in your heart space. If you get hooked into the fear, drama - each night (in your mind) go "back" to that event, cancel it out and replace the event with a new "seed" of empowerment. It can take practice, these are "new"energies because we haven't evolved this way ever before in our history. Everyone matters, be the Light Forerunner, holding the transmuting Light and Love while others are waking up out of the dreams of separation. I Law of Pure Potentiality The source of all Creation is pure consciousness...pure potentialilty seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest and when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.*
Namaste, Kerrie

*Deepak Chopra The Seven Laws of Success