Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SaLuSa 04-August-2008

SaLuSa 04-August-2008

You are in a period that offers much for those that are mentally
linking with the incoming energies. There are more opportunities than
normal as the amount of Light being sent to Earth is dramatically
increasing the Light quotient. It is lifting up and moving towards the
changes that are necessary for it’s cleansing. In fact it has already
commenced, and soon the need for more physical movements will arise
with the consequent inconvenience and unavoidable changes in occupied
areas. Our part in this will be to monitor them and direct the
energies along a course that results in the least amount of
disruption. We will also keep away the dark forces from interfering
and using “natural” changes for their own ends. What is happening is
far from unusual, but it will intensify as the preparations for your
Ascension are speeding up.

Everywhere you look changes are taking place, and most are related to
the breakdown of the structure and fabric of your old society and its
outworn beliefs. It is a time of much confusion as you can see the
break up occurring, but not so easily the new paradigm that is
replacing it. Nevertheless, it is shaping up and is ready to bring the
multitude of necessary changes into being very soon. We have in fact
been prepared for our part in the proceedings for many years, and
speed and efficiency will be our main objective. The task may sound
too formidable by Earth standards, but know that we have unlimited
resources that we can call upon within the Galactic Federation. We
have never been more ready than now, and our allies have set up the
new ways of working that shall re-define your handling and use of
money. It only awaits the changes in the government, and removal of
those in power who maintain the old system.

What is so heartening is the extent to which people are now awakening
to the truth, of how they have been used and abused for the benefit of
the Illuminati and their minions. Knowledge is a powerful tool to
galvanize people into action, and we see a great energy for change
increasing day by day. Some hesitate and fear the result of changes,
but come they will as the old set up must be broken down and re-built
in line with your needs and entitlement. For too long your rights have
been eroded, and removed by stealth and false events to create such
opportunities. They are aware of the process of Ascension, and would
deny you that chance to evolve if they could. At one level the battle
between the dark and Light is for your souls, and the dark would have
held you prisoner and as slaves to their desires for global control.
Do not fear however as the Light has won that battle, and now it
remains only to remove the last cabal so that your freedom can be
fully restored.

You are hearing so much from many different sources, and some will
conflict with the view of others. Allow for the different
interpretations, and accept that there is more than one time line that
leads to completion of this cycle. What is not negotiable and has been
decreed, is that Ascension will be the final act that shall lift you
up into the higher realms. You will also meet us your Space family,
and that is a necessary coming together as we shall accompany you as
you rise up and join your Cosmic brethren. Indeed, how could you
become Cosmic Beings if you do not meet those who have gone before
you? You have been gradually moved towards a change of consciousness
for many years now, so as to lessen what would undoubtedly be a great
shock to your system if the truth of our existence was forced upon
you. The dark forces have consistently covered up our presence through
their UFO cover-up, but it no longer fools people who know better.

The fact that your movement into the higher dimensions has taken so
long, is because the grand design for your upliftment desires that as
many souls as possible are given a chance to move into the Light.
However, as you often say, “time waits for no man” and that has now
become a reality, as there are only a few years left in which to
complete the tasks we have been given. There are now deadlines which
cannot be exceeded except by divine intervention, and as many of you
have become intuitively aware they now loom large. Never forget that
Ascension is an event of universal proportions, and therefore not
simply confined to Earth. Understanding the magnitude of the changes
that are occurring is beyond you at present, and also the great Beings
of Light hold your future in their hands. Suffice to say that you are
no less important because of it, and our presence bears witness to it.

We sometimes wish that you had a waking knowledge of your interaction
with us, as many of you visit our ships and stay with us. This usually
takes place during your sleep period, when most of you leave your
bodies if only to meet other souls in the region you call Nirvana. On
awakening after such experiences you often have a fleeting memory of
what has taken place, but it soon passes by and you have difficulty in
identifying it. This is a normal memory function that “hides” such
experiences, as you would otherwise be distracted from your daily
responsibilities if you fully knew about them. However, because they
are pleasant and reassuring, you often feel happy and fulfilled
without knowing the reason why. It means that if you have met us,
subconsciously you know that is has been a friendly and satisfying
experience. Forget the so-called “abductions” as these are not
associated with any member of the Galactic Federation, and are the
work of the Grey’s.

Over the last half-century, we have consistently been seen in your
skies and in some cases landed upon your Earth. Contacts have been
made and it has balanced your beliefs about us, as your writers and
filmmakers have previously delighted in depicting us as fearful Beings
out to capture you or destroy Earth. All of your experiences of Space
Beings formulates your “feeling” about us, and we have taken great
care to show ourselves as your friends. We are aware that there is a
large following of people that would be really happy to see us openly
land upon Earth, and that event known as First Event is not too far away.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and privileged to be part of the contact
team, and there are many of us throughout your world involved in this
task. We come in love as you true brothers and sisters, and have a
genuine desire for you to join us in our future adventures throughout
the Cosmos.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.