Friday, August 1, 2008

Life Relationships - Partnerships

Life Relationships - Partnerships
by Maurene Watson

Q: How do I know my partner and I are holding each other back or just
mirroring our issues?

As you awaken more, your spirit naturally claims that you
trade/complete more of your human ego needs and old ideas of loving
for more independence and self love. Your inner spirit is your primary
relationship as your true: lover, source, supply, guide, inner healer,
and soul flame. Yet, many memory videos may still fly out of the
body’s emotions, telling you that everyone in your life is a lie, that
love will always be a trap, and you’ll never escape the recycling bin
of never ending disappointment, un-fulfillment, and enslavement. Such
is the appearance and not the real you! Your body wants to be one
unified heart, no longer split into fractioned selves; but one that is
fluid open, and present to life.

Your sexual bodies are challenged to transform the false self energy
in the adrenals as survival/death; in the belly as: self
worth/diseased identity, and the spleen and liver as: power/loss of
control. This life force energy wants to spiral up the spine to turn
on dormant brain cells, while seeking the true heart, which claims
your inner gifts to share with the world in your conscious dream

Relationship with one person can be very limiting in this time of
global community, unless there is equal communication, respect, shared
purpose, constant change and re-evaluation with commitment; not to
speak of time alone for inner investigation and guidance. Has your
love grown too big just to share with one person?

Women are used to the role of being emotional and spiritual caretakers
while men follow as the physical and mental caretakers, stressing a
redefinition of love. Many of you have yet to share un-judging love
with those you now live with and are intimate with. Can you change and
surrender the old weaponry of love in your old addictive bodies’
emotions, with beliefs and lies of enslavement, control, and getting a
love reflection, a fix, from outside the self? Allow false self the
grieving of these seeming lost possibilities from the lockdown of the
soul. For as these memories rise up to say goodbye, they offer sweet
revelations and flashes of why your genius created them, under the
veils that call you to balance your own inner male/female partnership.

Partnership Inventory:

_ If one partner shifts, does the
other follow? Are you focused on human false self differences, or are
you both ready to look for your deeper soul desires?

_Are you willing to be your own inner partner first?

_Does each partner take responsibility for those issues that impede
their true self, which impacts the greater good of the family?

_ Have your contracts, vows, and commitments been renewed recently? Is
there a plan of action by both to do whatever is necessary to change
and become more loving? Do you have a working model for mediation,
conflict resolution, and problem solving, or are you prisoners of your
old identities of self in a stubborn refusal to change?

_What happens when you share your bodies, your deepest feelings, your
inspired creations? If you can not share these, then why are you together?

_What childhood wounds, modeled from your human parents, are you
willing to surrender to make the relationship work for both partners?
Does your body still fear that change, dealing with addictions, or
inner demons means death?

_Do you give the other person time alone to explore their own inner
world, only to share it with you also, or do you feed off each other
judgments, blame, rage, or hurts?

_Are you deserving of a new partner and can you give yourself one?
Design that relationship and give it to yourself! Are you afraid of
change, being alone, owning who you are, or giving up the old identity
for what you say you desire? How much do you really trust yourself?

_Do you have proper professional legal and financial representation to
deal with practicalities need be? Are you ready to face the terror of
leaving a partner behind or letting go?

_ Are you using relationship as freedom, or as a weapon, to punish and
battle? Are you using sex, money, trust, emotions, male against
female, hurt, jealousy, competition, or blame as leverage? Love is not
a weapon.

_Are you changing who your children are through all the conflict by
putting them in the middle, or are you providing a positive model of
communication/love, so they can be themselves?

_Are you divorcing/separating from: yourself, your children, or your

My decree: As I allow self to receive and surrender to self love
first, then I don’t have to leave the body, or shut down the body’s
emotions. I can have my love and my feelings; my direct connection to
spirit, and so I retrieve my dreams.

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