Saturday, August 2, 2008

ELOHEIM: What are you ready to heal in August 2008?

ELOHEIM: What are you ready to heal in August 2008?

This clip is from the 7-30-08 meeting. Eloheim revisits the energies
of August 08 with specific focus on what you are ready to heal during
this powerful month.

You may also want to view the longer description of the energies of
August at this link:\

In an effort to give you more of the feel of our meetings, I included
a bit of the beginning of the meeting and also included the intuitive
sounds by Margy Henderson which are from the end of the meeting.

"This is the month to shed that which doesn't serve you."

"It would be very interesting to ask yourself each day in August,
`what would I like to release today'….'what would I heal',… `what is
the thing I would transform my experience of?'"

Full video available via this link:\

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