Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SaLuSa 18-August-2008

SaLuSa 18-August-2008

Your future is all about energy, and how you use it in respect of
Self. Your physical body which you are taking with you as part of your
Ascension, is comprised of millions of cells all carrying
consciousness. They too like you are being affected by the energies
that are all around you. By your thoughts and actions you attract
certain energies to yourself, and these determine what changes take
place within your body. By creating your own space around you, you can
effectively provide protection that can prevent the lower energies
from pulling your vibrations down. It is also the acceptance of your
own power knowing that you are in control of your own reactions, and
that nothing can touch you unless you open yourself to it.

At present the energies being sent to Earth are increasing in their
potency, and we see so many of you able to accept them and lift up
your vibrations. Certainly the numbers of you that sense changes are
occurring is on the increase, but without preparing yourself in
readiness to bring them to Self, you are so to say drifting in a sea
of energy without any direction. Fortunately those of you who are
aware of what is taking place, are compensating for them and
manifesting the Light all around them. Also you are transmuting the
dark energies, and making it easier for those who have been pulled
down to break out of their control.

Ascension is laid before every soul, and before the end times each one
shall have had an opportunity to accept or reject the path to the
Lighted Realms. It is your choice, but clearly it would give us
greater joy if many more were to lift up before it is too late. The
old paradigm is still attractive to many who have come into life to
experience materialism, and have not yet understood the Oneness of all
life. They have insulated themselves against the Light by believing
that they have all that is required of life, overlooking the guidance
of their Higher Self. For them the task is extremely difficult, as
their beliefs do not allow for changes. Nevertheless, there will still
come a time when the truth shall stare them in the face, and then they
must make a decision as to their future. No one shall leave this cycle
without such an opportunity, as all is just and fair where your
evolution is concerned.

There has never been a time when so much information is surfacing,
about your true history and your immediate future. For many years the
plan has allowed for many teachers to incarnate upon Earth, with a
view to awakening as many souls as possible. Indeed, the changes have
been occurring since the beginning of your 20th century, and it has
intentionally been a slow process. It has gradually brought you out of
your slumbers, and the intent has been to gently bring you into the
Light. The greatest change has been your understanding of Self, and
opening up to your power to determine your own future. Hitherto, you
had given it up to those who took over control with their own agenda.
Now many are leading the quiet and peaceful revolution, to take back
their power and determine their own future.

Some people despair at what they see happening all around them,
believing that they are doomed and cannot be saved. We say to them,
believe in yourself and your power to change what you see. You are far
more powerful than you realize and even your thoughts can affect the
future. You do not solely act as individuals, as your contribution
alters the mass consciousness, and it is an energy that can bring
about massive changes. However, it requires that you bring Light to
whatever you see that is out of balance, as a negative response will
only strengthen the very thing that you desire to change. As we so
often take care to tell you, it is fear that feeds the dark energies
and they play on this knowing it to be their most powerful weapon.

There are more Lightworkers on Earth than at any previous period in
your current cycle. It is a purposeful plan that is destined to create
sufficient Light to not just contain the dark forces, but also prevent
them from advancing their plan for global domination. They cannot
achieve their goal without being able to control you, and for this
purpose they have virtually taken over all of your media outlets.
However, the communications between each other and particularly
through your Internet, have ensured there is some balance between the
contrived news and the truthful facts.

Your politicians with few exceptions have forgotten their oaths to
serve you, and your leaders have become the minions of the dark forces
known as the Illuminati. They control your lives even if you are
unaware of it, and would totally enslave you if it were possible.
However, their power is waning, and we of the Galactic Federation
working with our allies have prevented them from achieving success.
Their power structure is falling apart as they find so much opposition
to their plans, and they cannot stop it growing and ultimately
bringing about their downfall.

Regardless of what you perceive is happening all around your world,
realize that it is in state of wondrous changes that are being led by
the people. No power can rule without their backing, and dissent and
demonstrations will persist until notice is taken of their demands.
Even in countries with despots ruling you will find that changes are
taking place. The rising up of the people is creating a massive
thought form for change, and its energy must find full manifestation
before very long. There is no going back to the old ways as they are
now defunct, and are being cleared to make way for the new vision of
freedom and worldwide peace. Be assured that your success is
guaranteed not just because of our presence, although our support is
clearly necessary. It is because the end times have been decreed as
the time for the cleansing of Earth in preparation for Ascension.
Absolutely nothing shall prevent your release from the dark forces,
and our coming together in open loving friendship and the renewing our
links from the past.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and each time I come to you I feel how much
closer we are coming to that grand time of acknowledging each other’s
presence. Accepting that we are One, and are evolving together on a
great journey through the Cosmos. Knowing that we are all sons and
daughters of God, and are all linked in everlasting Love and Light.

Thank You SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.