Sunday, August 24, 2008

Astrology For Monday August 25, 2008

Monday August 25, 2008
WOW:::smile and know this day will just last 24 hours

Hmmm, what to say about today? If you have an astrology
Calendar and are looking at it you may be saying (WHAT?)
So lets take the day apart into the energy which would work best.

2:52am the moon in Gemini makes a square with Uranus in
Pisces. Ideas and confusion in order to recreate new thoughts
And at this time of the morning wild dreams.

4:51am the moon trines (an aspect of ease) Neptune and
Great visions and intuition come to us all. 6:56am some
Of us have to get up and are not happy with this as the
Moon in Gemini squares Venus (what we want to do)

LEAVE early for work please..

At 9:03am the moon squares Mercury. NO CONTRACTS,
No arguments and DO NOT ASK For a raise today, you may
Get one but not the kind you want. ENERGY is high and
People are really going to be into control today. OR the attempt
At control at least.

2:52pm the moon goes v/c and times out making this the icing
On a rather interesting Monday. The aspect made is the moon
Opposing Pluto. So the push today is for fate to help give you
A boost in the direction it thinks you need to go. Walk softly
And keep your eyes down is a good suggestion for this Monday.

At 5:18pm the moon moves into Feeling and emotionally
Sensitive Cancer and feelings are very strong. At 10;58pm
A good aspect finally today between the moon (emotions)
And the sun (THE LIGHT AND showing us where we are)
Maybe showing you that today you stepped upon a new path
In some way? Even if this was a mental shift, today was intended
To shift us all in a new direction.

Go to bed tonight knowing tomorrow will be a much easier
Day: Often people wonder what they should be doing
For life path. This saying to me often explains a great deal.
YOU ARE ON the path, just not where you think you should
Be. VERY few people are totally off the path, but very
FEW are where they want to be.

"Then I saw what the calling was: it was the road
I traveled...

I came into my clear being; uncalled, alive and
sure."- Muriel Rukeyser

- Color today green for prosperity and healing and to calm you down
- Oil of Yarrow, for anti inflammatory and is one of the best
oils to use on a wound or scar to diminish it.
- Sapphire for truth and clarity of vision (Larimar is
Great for this also and much cheaper or turquoise
- Kiss, balance is the key, not too much of any one thing

I think I've discovered the secret of life -
you just hang around until you get used to it.
~Charles Schulz

"The inferior teacher tells you that something is wrong with you
and offers to fix it.
The superior teacher tells you that something is right with
you and helps you bring it forth." [Alan Cohen]