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Number Sequences and Miracles - Coralie Mitchell

Number Sequences and Miracles - Coralie Mitchell

Posted: 30 Jul 2008 08:46 AM CDT

After you have brought the deeper meanings of numbers into daily life, reality takes on a pastel of beauty and connection. This is a painting which you create with the support of your Higher Spirit. You may discard the painting for a new blank canvas any time you like. You may encounter new colours, different brush strokes and tools to which you had not encountered before which will bring your reality to LIFE.

When you align with your Higher Spirit, you use these tools creatively and one of these is TIME...via the digital clock. You begin to conceive time as a tool for meeting with life and artistically using your experience to paint your reality. As you use time as a tool, your higher spirit can use it also to send you Cosmic Winks, which help you focus energy and create opportunity for working MIRACLES within your life.

Many people are experiencing the phenomena of Number Sequences and there are many explanations of these available on the internet. Although today I will describe the most powerful of these number sequences, from a very personal perspective. I have been experiencing Cosmic Winks for the last 6 months. They always have deep meaning and I take them very seriously. Some can be a warning; some can be a message of significant opportunity. As a conclusion I will describe two incidences where miracles have occurred with the powerful energy which the anticipation of which a number sequence can bring. By being aware of their significance, you are able to manifest the highest possible energy that they send you...via your Higher Self.

Similar to codes held in crop circles and symbols, Cosmic Winks will program your mind to receiving a Miracle. It could be anything from a simple decision to a life changing experience, or a string of events one after the other that lead you to an overall miracle. Whatever it may be, it is essential that you surrender to life without fear and are open to all opportunities coming your way.

Here are the most influential Cosmic Winks that one will receive when on the path of ascension or healing:

111 – Something significant is about to be presented to you to spur you to the next level of personal development.

222 – Sensitivity to others is prominent. You are about to face your fears through communication with others.

333 – The mind will create what you wish to experience. This is a very creative gateway.

444 – You are creating the physical – be aware of your physical surroundings and clear your space to enable manifestation.

555 – Change is at hand. Be ready to change how you express yourself and love within relationships. It is time to take a new direction and heal the heart.

1111 – This signifies a physical experience which shows you yourself in a new light. It brings personal evolution to a higher state and increased empowerment.

2222 – A psychic experience which evolves your DNA in the physical to bring love and light into the physical. It will take place on the astral, so you may not be aware of it, but you will be aware of your highly sensitive nature.

I just received a cosmic wink...1111. So what does this mean to me? It means that after years of being a hermit and studying spiritualism, I am now coming out! A second ago was feeling happy that I have written this and that my website is going well. The wink said 'WELL DONE – you are on a path of empowerment and success'. My whole life I just wanted to be a nun! But now I want to be the Sun! And I am on my way to success.

OK now those 2 stories I was going to tell you. They are both quite amazing and life changing.

1111 + 333

For 3.5 days I received these cosmic winks...everyday. It was so amazing! It was hard to believe to coincidence of these...for every time how could the clock repeatedly show these numbers. The something amazing happened. While I was dreaming one night, I simply chose to leave the old script of my dream and just walked away. That was when I saw mother ships and met with an evolved ET. I also met a higher aspect of myself which was also a light being. They healed my throat on a ship using magnetic technology. If you would like to read about my experience you can find it here . The cosmic winks continued for 3.5 days afterwards.

111 + 555

I received these signals for over a week, everyday. It told me that my heart was about to be healed. I began to say no to people and put myself first. Through people I had met in the last month a wonderful change was about to occur. I realized that I had to step out...and tell people I am gay. As soon as I did the winks stopped, the job was done.

Do you notice the similarity between all of these events? In all of them the theme is Stepping Out. Coming out and not being held back by fear or judgments. Maybe Cosmic Winks should be called Stepping Stones instead!

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