Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday August 11, 2008 Another fiery day

Monday August 11, 2008 Another fiery day

Today the moon remains in the sign of Sagittarius until
2:04am tomorrow morning. This Monday brings busy to
New levels as we have opportunities for learning at every

Major transformations, lots of new news and much today
Will be things which you kind of have to figure out on your
Own. Information seems good, but mixed and everyone
Has their own opinion don't they?

At 7:06am a great aspect to get us going with the SUN
(the light and NOW) trining (an aspect of ease) the moon
(emotions and feelings) Even though we are midst the
Eclipses we could really find some great answers today.

12:21pm a surprise of a good nature, and maybe some
Wonderful ideas could brighten your day. Moon square
Uranus. At 2:32pm a great aspect with Neptune (intuition)
Brings more insight into a long standing thing you looked
At as a problem, and maybe now have the solution for? At
7:24pm a Square with mars the planet of action asks us all
To slow down, do not react in anger, and be PRESENT
within the moment again.

- Color today Blue for clarity of vision
- Use Alexandrite which is the I LOVE LIFE stone
OR a less expensive and Very good alternative fluorite,
purple for spiritual connection, green for healing and
pink for love of all things
- Oil of sage to clear the air as you clear your life
- Kiss for today is Pay attention::: slow down
and do one thing at a time and please be nice
and think about who and what you love instead of who
and what pisses you off please... woops..should I use
that word? YEP:: the moon in a FIRE sign and that word
works sometimes doesn't it.


"When the power of love overcomes
the love of power the world will finally know peace"
- Jimi Hendrix


Carol Barbeau