Friday, August 8, 2008

LightSpring Transformation Articles

LightSpring Transformation Articles

August 2008

Many of you have noticed what seems to be very palpable change in the
air. The energy is shifting, you say. Something is happening. I can
feel it.

You are correct: something is indeed happening. What?

We can talk about this time of change in a number of different ways:

1. Energetically. It all points to energy anyhow, does it not?
What we are seeing now is that things are elongating energetically.
In other words. there is a sense of tension created by the suspension
of what is occurring globally. Things are in a state of change, yes,
but also this change is being suspended somewhat in time so as to
create a more marked effect. This is, of course, by collective
agreement. In other words, there are a number of you present globally
who wish to really feel what is going on now, to have a marker of
sorts to point back to in the future. Consequently, you have chosen
to collectively suspend time somewhat. So even as many of you are
feeling sped-up in some ways, you are just as held fast by this
momentary suspension. And the tension mounts. You can feel it, in a
palpable way as we said. The very air seems heavier, as if you are
awaiting something of portent.

2. Emotionally. Emotions continue to run close to the surface at
this time and also for the foreseeable future. All this energetic
tension leads to snappishness, cross words, and a sensation that one
is being followed, perhaps. The “thicker” air leads you to think
about the life it contains, and this tends to make people more
unnerved than usual as well as quicker to react in a “negative”
fashion. Because emotions are closer to the surface, little hurts
feel bigger than usual. It is helpful, then, to maintain perspective
and to understand that this feeling is partially only due to the
energy that’s present in the time. You likely also will feel more of
what others feel as well. This can also have an unnerving effect as
you struggle to maintain balance within the seeming chaos of your
neighbor. Remember, then, to sort out what is yours and what does not
belong to you. Whenever you are bowled over by emotion, attempt to
follow the thread to where it began. You’ll soon begin to discern
what belongs to you and what comes from another, and you may simply
leave the latter where they came from. This is often easier said than
done, of course, especially for those who are emotionally-centered.
It can be difficult to shrug off what’s not yours when you are in the
midst of feeling it, being immersed in it. But we like to think that
simply by suggesting that such a thing is possible, you will open up
to its possibility when next you need to.

3. Environmentally. We have said before that we see change
occurring on this front. Global energetic change will have an effect
on the environment, period. There is becoming a higher sense of
awareness, on a global level, of the state of the earth and its
beings. Do not mistake this: there is of course an agreement, a
collective agreement, to begin to hold the state of the earth and its
beings in this higher state of awareness. Some of you will perceive
pain from this. Others, indignation. There is no one right way to
react to this overall higher state of awareness, but being aware of
this state is enormously helpful. If you are one who tends to act,
then act. If you feel, then feel. If you deny, then deny. All
responses are valid, all of them. Understand, however, that
additional change comes from this higher state of awareness. Where it
ultimately leads is, of course, up to all of you extant on the planet.
What we see presently is more or less a constant state of change. Is
that a “bad” thing? Not necessarily. Change is permanent. You are
aware of this. But at the same time you often wish for a plateau
within the change, a resting place. We see more tumultuous change,
however, as the months ahead become the present.

4. Personally. We have spoken about you on an energetic level and
also an emotional level, but we see also that change will affect a
good number of you in a tangible way as well. In other words, look
for a higher number of change in living circumstance, financial
circumstance, and food consumption than has occurred for a long time.
You may be driven to assist those around you who you perceive to be
in need. This has a variety of consequences (and notice we do not
attach a negative connotation to that word but use it simply to
describe “what happens next” after an action is chosen and made), not
the least of which is overall a greater sense of connection to others.
By becoming aware of the state of others, others both known to you
and unknown, you increase your awareness of Self at the same time. It
is rather a mirror effect, then, seeing yourself through the eyes of
others, and can be quite startling and humbling even as it can be
hugely rewarding. If it is in your nature, then, to take this sort of
action then you will likely see some interesting results, but those
results extend to everyone no matter the actual response to what is
occurring o this global level in terms of personal change. You are
all engaged in the support of one another, whether you are aware of it
or not.

To assist you through this month-of-change, we offer you this: Simply
Be Aware. In other words, as much as you can be in a given moment,
whenever you happen to think about it, be aware of who/where/how you
are in that moment. There is nothing more to do. By bringing focus
to your life by bringing the art of presence to yourself, you engage
in this business of living and growing just that much more, and in so
doing increase your very humanity. Since everything you do, feel, or
think has an effect upon everyone else on the planet, like ripples
around the stone tossed in the water, your very moments of presence
act as a wonderful calming influence upon the world, allowing everyone
else that much more space in which to continue holding their
collective breaths, waiting to see what will happen next.


Karen Murphy is a spiritual teacher on many levels: she is a
warm, profound, and insightful channel and is also a Reiki master,
shamanic healer, writer and artist. Karen brings her enormous sense
of compassion and understanding to her work which enables her to
empower people to find their own inner sense of Self. Karen believes
that it is through one's own connection to Self that true enlightenment
and personal power and happiness is reached.

Karen has been channeling the Michael entity since 1999. Her life path
has allowed her to touch people's lives from many different countries,
cultures, and walks of life. She spent 10 years in the corporate service
world of property management, and has a wide knowledge of a number
of alternative healing modalities including herbal lore, homeopathy,
nutritional healing, and flower essences.