Friday, August 8, 2008

Divine Transfigur8tion

Sandwiched directly between the two powerful eclipses of this month (solar & lunar) is the 888 (08 +08+2008= 26=2+6=8) doorway to infinity where many will begin to emerge from the proverbial dark night of the soul thru this powerful passage leading to divine transfigur8tion.

trans·fig·u·r·8·tion (trans-figure-8-shun)
n.1. A marked change in form or appearance into a more spiritual state. vt. 2. a metamorphosis.

What's this mean?

Essentially that our external reality and form will begin to trans·form to match the vibration of our internal reality, thinking patterns and heartfelt intentions thru the clearing of our lower energy centers (chakras). As above, so below.

A figure-8 frames the upper and lower flow of energy from your I AM Presence into your lower being. When you reclaim the balance of your four lower bodies, the figure-8 flow is restored, and the energies now flow back to the spiritual realm, where they are multiplied and sent back to you. Thus, when you multiply your talents, your creative powers are expanded. Jesus explains this in his parable about the talents: "For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath." (Matthew 13:12) -

The transfigur8tion into our divine-human blueprint requires that we transcend all survival-based fears to enter completely into the gateway of infinite potential. The 888 (Lion's Gate) portal is GREATLY accelerating this opportunity and our success will come by way of surrendering to our higher power and focusing on what brings us joy. As with all gateways, portals and celestial openings, the challenge will be to not get attached to what is rising up to be transmuted, but instead to release it with gratitude.

What makes this portal extra potent is not only the energy of the number 8, but the fact that many people on the planet have done a great deal of clearing karma, transmuting density & fears, and intensive spiritual detoxification during the last 8-9 year cycle. As you are probably already aware, this provides enormous potential and opportunity for humanity, en masse, to rise up to the challenge of becoming fully God-conscious beings of light.

On a global scale, today is a magical moment when the entire world will be coming together in thought because of the opening of the Olympics in China ( begins at 8:00 PM Beijing time!), which, according to ancient tradition is a moment when war stops and athletes compete in an ethical manner. 888 is a moment when there will be a huge concentration of mass consciousness. -see Barbara Wolf’s Global Meditations

Within and during these two amazing weeks of pure potentiality we are literally being set ablaze by the August fires of transmutation! We are being urged, pushed and prodded by our souls to go beyond our comfort zones and the conditioning of our step boldly into the limitless of the unknown while fully connected to the true Source of our power. New opportunities await us when we finally have the courage to say YES to All that Is unknown in lieu of all that was known.

Grounding is very important now. Luckily we have the celestial support to keep our feet firmly planted on the earth while downloading these incredible energies, but a little extra effort may be required if you are a healer or work with energy in any way. Failing to properly ground during this time can throw us thru a loop, especially if you are highly psychically sensitive.

Be sure to integrate these powerful, masculine & fiery energies in a self-responsible way...for example by moving your body, getting physically active or thru any physical expression of your sacred creative and sexual energy centers.

Enjoy the ride!

Creatively yours,