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AA Metatron Channel Ley Lines

AA Metatron Channel Ley Lines .

AA Metatron Channel

Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! I embrace each of you in
light, in love. Dear Ones, I know each of you, far more than you may
realize. And we savor these moments we share.

And now another precious moment brings us together, uniting thoughts
within the matrix of the unified field. Combining geometric thought
patterns with desire, with awareness, and so do all things come
together in the same way. For all thoughts, all things, all beings are
electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of manifestation, of
all that ever was or ever will be.

And so some things, some thoughts, some creations travel at more
rapid speeds, more accelerated frequencies within the geometric
matrix. Others are more dense and travel slower, more sluggish, but
all the same, they seem to arrive in perfect order, aligned with the
nature of their creation and creatorship you see. For the Universe,
the Cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of any dimensional
interpretation or perception of it. In a mechanical sense, in quantum
tangent, all things in the unified field act precisely, perfectly
according to their nature, their architectural integrity. Yet some are
created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than

Now, it is the channels wish that we review that which is called the

These can be said to exist in various forms, with differing degrees of
refinement from multifarious forms of energy. Ley lines, as they are
called in your times, are the energetic patterns that run both above
and beneath the Earth. These circumnavigate the Earth in a variety of
ways based upon laws of mathematics, upon geometries, upon vibrational
essence, geological force, electromagnetics and mineralogical fields.
They shift and they move, and they have been utilized in myriad ways
throughout the eons of space-time. In eras of greater understanding,
times of greater technology, they have been traveled as highways,
utilizing enhancement of very refined energies. Through such
understanding, leylines had the capacity to be used as conduits of
energy transferal and for communication. Since the fall of Atlantis,
amplified utilization has ceased, and the ability for sustaining this
manner of usage was lost. As a result, the refined network is no
longer intact, so the ley lines are shorn in some areas, torn in
others, and the highways and byways appear not to make sense, you see;
they no longer completely connect across the globe.

Now, the base essence of leylines occurs from a natural source. They
are currents of telluric energy. As these were refined, some became
coded & engineered on new paradigms, which you call fourth dimension &
fifth dimension. These replace the old, but not all have discovered
them yet, and that is appropriate, you see. Extra terrestrials have
assisted the Earth in this effort. Those from Sirius B have been
instrumental in recent years in realigning this system for the
Ascension, and indeed they were the architects of the original
enhancement of the ley system, established over 30,000 years ago.

Now, the system of leylines can be said to act as the nervous system
of the living planet. The planet also has what can be termed axial
tonal lines, meridians and chakras.

Leylines are not constant, many factors can cause their shift. Many
factors add to their complex energy content, or lack thereof.
Tectonic stresses, magma, solar energy, naturally occurring
electromagnetic fields exerted by minerals such as quartz and even the
decomposition of organic matter, this creates heat and electrical
charge, you see. These energies accumulate and flow along Earth paths
of conductivity either on, slightly above or underneath the Earth's
crust. Those regions and places on the Earth, high in natural metal
or conductive mineral content, will attract the current of these
electromagnetic flows. Man made structures built to sacred geometry
will also attract these flows. Almost all of the sacred geometric
temples built by the Asian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan have
leylines passing through them. Some of these structures were built on
leys, others attracted them to them. Many points on leys form into
vortex spirals.

Vortexes form for several reasons. The generally understood cause is
the intersection of leylines. We tell you they also naturally occur at
points of tectonic stress, at volcanoes, around pinnacled and
pyramidal mountains, and around man made structures built to sacred
geometry. Vortexes occur naturally at large mineral deposits, basalt
beds, granitic batholiths, river confluences, and water falls. You see
these all project sub atomic plasma, charged ions, and electromagnetic
fields. This natural build of energy will spin by nature, and thus the
vortex occurs.

Now, we should clarify that vortexes are not portals and they do not
evolve into portals, although from your perspective it could appear as
such, because all portals will attract a vortex to them you see.
Vortexes can become the distribution engines for both adamantine
essence, called akash, and higher dimensional energies received
through portals. Not all vortexes house portals, but all portals have
a vortex. Do you see?

Your term Ley is a relatively recent description coined to simply
mean a straight line connecting two points, but our Metatronic term is
much broader.
We define leylines, as being the conscious crystalline aspect of the
electromagnetic flow-lines and currents that network the planet.
Leylines are 'groomed' energy flows of electromagnetic energy and in
latitude of comparison, can be said to serve as the nervous system of
Gaia. The raw earth currents are called, in your vernacular, dragon
lines. As both leylines and dragon lines are electrical in nature
they flow along paths of natural electrical conductors.

This electricity occurs naturally on your earth from multiple sources.
Moving water, such as waterfalls, rain and breaking waves, produce
charges, as does the decomposition of organic matter, tectonic stress,
volcanics, lightning solar heat and winds. The very crust of the
earths surface you live on, with its electrically conducting gases,
metals, semi-conducting mineral crystals, water-soaked organic matter,
and electrolytes offers an excellent medium for maintaining and
producing electrical currents. The mineralogy of the strata below the
surfaces conducts in kind. Charged ions are drawn to the ground and
this high ionic concentration increases the intensity of
earth-currents through the electrode effect.

As a result, static electricity flows parallel with the ground in an
orthogonal quasi-static electric field, forming eddies and springs of
electricity that become rivers of current that network the planet.
These streams of current flow along lines of conductive minerals, such
as iron, gold, copper and quartz bearing rock. Naturally it flows to
mountains, volcanoes, waters and minerals and large deposits of other
conductive formations and amasses through, up and around powernodes.
As you are aware, when these lines intersect, a spinning vortex is

This electrical current, as with all forms of conscious energy can be
directed. The first to do this were the scientist priest of Atlantis,
whose origin is the Pleades. The patterns of raw earth currents, or
dragon lines were scientifically detected and mapped, and esoterically
imbued and consciously willed to flow in specific routes.

The Atla-Ra scientist priest discovered that by flowing these energies
through their Arcturian crystals and magnetic transducers that they
could be amplified, refined and separated into forms of braided
polarized crysto-electric frequencies capable of creating anti gravity
fields when spun in counter balanced vortexes. In the technology of
the golden age of Atlantis, these conscious crysto electrical lines
became so technically refined that were used to create a labyrinth of
tunnels for both communication and transport, and crossed to form
energy fields for varying purposes.

They were patterned to flow inside factories to energize the work
force and in agricultural fields to stimulate plant and crop growth,
by routing them in conduits relayed and amplified through crystal
power stations and natural telluric generators, such as Skellig
Michael. In the former case they were used to assist in the broadcast
of crystalline electric-waves for use in powering homes.

The forefathers to the sect you term as the Druids, were descendants
of the Atla-Ra. These scientist priests of the Golden Age of
Atlantis were devout learned men and women who understood the
necessity of combining scientific law with the energy of the divine.
This was termed the Law of One, akin to what you now term the Unified
Field, although your current understanding of same does not include
the sacred. Dear Ones, integral science must not, cannot omit the
sacred, the Divine.

The Atla-Ra learned that certain of the crysto-refined ley energies
were capable of holding an intent and field of awareness. A global
network of this category of ley energy was put in place, as the
scientist-priest discovered how to use natural powernodes as relay and
amplification stations for this energy to retain a self-generating
sufficiency. When these leys became integral with infinity apex
points, the divine aspect was imbued within their energy awareness.
This Atla-Ra with assistance from Pleadean, Acturian and Sirius B
Masters, created specific divine ley energy routes connecting major
chakric points on the planet. These could be programmed with sound
frequencies and color, to enhance the tranquility and well being of
temples. They could be crossed to create sacred energy vortexes.
Skellig Michael is one such area, and although a remnant shadow of its
original multi ley manifold capacity, it remains one of the most
intact in current times.

So in truth there were many types of ley system in Atlantis, some were
entirely used for crysto electric power in various forms, others, the
ones that still function, albeit in fragments, were the leys of divine

Truly the most robust survivors of this system are the leys now
referred to as the Michael and Mary lines. Indeed their level of
intactness is due largely to the work of the Druids, who had escaped
Atlantis before the demise into existing monasteries in Britain,
Europe, Egypt and Og. The most prolific were the sects in Britain and
France, who used antigravity aspects of leys and sound to assist in
the formation of stone circles.

The Michael leyline survived for myriad reasons. It was amplified in
stone circles and by the very Cathedrals built on its course to sacred
geometry. It was not called the Michael line in its inception. Rather
it was referred to as the Atlas Line in Atlantis, and Thoth line in
Egypt and Og. Its pagan name was changed to that of Michael and Mary
by the secret societies of savants to protect it from the Church. The
Freemasons, who built cathedrals capable of amplifying ley energy,
utilized sacred geometry imminently. Almost all of the Cathedrals and
Greek Monuments were built to phi, the golden ratio or mean, directly
on powernodes along leylines.

It should not surprise you to know that I, Lord Metatron, and
Archangels Michael and Mechelzidek were very much present in the time
of Atlantis, but were called by different names? You see we show our
love equally to all humankind, of all eras, races, religions and creed.

Now as we have said previously in this assay, leylines are not
constant. In time they shift and alter. And so what was once a robust
system is now quite diminished and fragmented . The ley system
currently is but a shadow of its former self, and no longer completely
circumnavigates the planet. However, the raw current does, and many
parts of it are indeed ley in nature, and this system is currently
under repair, particularly by those of Sirius B, and many of you in
multidimensional aspects of yourselves. Do you see? Like powernodes
groomed into sacred sites, dragon lines are quite capable of being
imbued with energy from human kind and sacred sites, and become
polished into leylines.
Now, flow-pattern of leys are quite specific, generally speaking.
They will spiral counterclockwise up domed mountains above the
equator, and clockwise below it. They flow upward in straight lines on
pyramidal shaped mountains. They spiral up conical peaks. This is why
mountain peaks contain very high frequencies.

When these currents pass through structures built to sacred geometry
or through what you term sacred sites, the currents absorb and radiate
higher light. When this occurs, the leys assume a refined conscious
nature, capable of coded memory. Ley powerpoints energetically
connect to the grid system and form a geometric matrix, which in turn
can attract to it higher dimensional energies. These become meridian
points, and in some cases, chakras of the living sentience of the earth.

Each ley, each sacred site, can and does affect the human
electromagnetic field. Additionally, the light arcs & angles from
planets and stars will feed & influence the areas of telluric energy
pools (called in your terms, electrical or outward vortexes) and can
actually create, depending on their alignment, inward pull portals or
openings that receive light- energy from stellar and solar light
photons, as well as from planetary and higher dimensional grid lattices.

If one accepts the postulate that certain points of higher energy
exist on the planet, and that they do have a crystallized matrix that
projects a specific geometric pattern, then its can also be understood
that these living energy sources communicate thru harmonic energy
oscillations. For example if one has a tuning fork in the key of C,
and then one plays a C note on a piano, the musical vibration from the
piano will also create a vibration in the tuning fork, because of the
law your scientists call harmonic oscillation. Harmonic oscillations
between power points on Earth and in higher dimensions are also so
'attuned' to resonate to compatible harmonics.

Just as your human body has sensory systems and organs that sustain
the health of the physical body, so it is with ley lines. Ley lines
sustain the health of the physical Earth. Now, above the organs of
the body you have meridian lines that bisect the body, and as they do,
contribute to the wellness of the being, which then transmits that
energy into a different form, then feeding the organs, feeding the
senses and the awareness. Now, just as your human body undergoes
changes, so does the Earth diversify and shift. The ley system
changes and adapts in kind. We tell you that with the ongoing and
coming graduation of the Earth, the heralded planetary Ascension, not
only will the Earth system of sensitivity adjust but so will that of
the human.

Now, above the meridian system of the human body is what we term the
axialtonal lines. This is a term that is relative, and quite new, to
your sphere. You will not have heard it so much, but it will become
more and more well known. The axialtonal lines are distinct lines,
which connect the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body and
such to the ascended body, and so it is with the Earth.

The Earth, as well, has axialtonal lines defined by both spiritual and
celestial qualities again based upon sacred mathematics. These touch
in certain areas to the ley lines, they touch but they do not rest
upon them. But they do intersect, especially in places where the ley
lines are torn and shorn and disconnected they act as bridges, bridges
from one dimension to another to bridge gaps in knowledge, to bridge
gaps in history, to bridge gaps of energy that have been depleted or
shorn as such, you see?

Now, when you visit a conjunction of ley energy, or sacred site or
vortex complex, you absorb the code of its unique message, its unique
geometry. You carry within your field the energy of every sacred
site, every power point and every grid point on each continent you
have visited. You have the ability to connect them to yourself and to
one another, dear ones. Those of you termed Earth-Keepers, such as
the channel, that have been tugged to visit such places can visualize
connecting them to the 144 Grid, and thereby assist in connecting them
to the evolving grid. And in the process, you connect and activate

That segment which you call the Michael line became imbued with divine
light, and drawn into power points and cosmic alignment points some
18,000 years ago. As we have mentioned the Michael Line was originally
called the Atlas belt before it was given a Judeo-Christian name, yet
the source energy is the same, you see. Oh but there was Divine
wisdom in the name change. How many Christian Cathedrals built with
immaculate sacred geometry on the exact vector and cosmic alignment
points of this transcendental current would have been so constructed
if the leyline were considered Pagan? Indeed the controlling church
would have forbidden it. And now despite their controls, incredible
temples exist on the perfect locations to amplify highjer dimensional
energies, energies that are unbound by any religous dogma, other than
pure celestial LOVE .

In truth, Skellig Michael is a Temple, one created by nature, by the
Divinity of Earth. The structure of Skellig Michael is pyramidal in
geometry and is particularly aligned with celestial energies. It is
composed of violet granite that carries the imprint of the human
quest. Your geologists will know of this particular granite that is
the rock foundation and energy of many sacred places. The harmonic
oscillation we spoke of earlier allows such mineralogical harmonics to
be the fount of vibrational connection between these sites. Such
harmonics occur not just in the mineralogy but also by means of
geometry and light quotient.

We will say that Skellig Michael is not the original entry point of
the 'Michael' leyline, but it now appears to be so, because the line
no longer is fully connected to its full compliment. Skellig Michael
was one of the amplification or relay points of what you presently
term the Michael Ley, when it originally was manifolded into the Atla
Belt. You see, it once encircled the planet. It will again in the
future, but that is not yet completed nor is it the time. We will say
that its strongest portion extends from Ireland, through Britain,
across Europe and forks into the lands of ancient Judea, Israel and
Egypt. Does it surprise you to know that it connects to Mecca in
Saudi Arabia? It should not surprise you to know that most of you
have had lifetimes in every race and every religion. Truth has a way
of evolving within the hearts of all who truly seek God, despite the
limitations of patriarchal or any other restrictive dogma, you see.
All of you are of the family of man.

The Quantum Crystalline Activation

Masters, in closing this discourse, we leave you with the
understanding that all of what we have discussed is around your work
in achieving crystalline activation. You see it is an essential
acquisition for both seekers and the planet. It is in fact occurring
planetarily through myriad modalities, focally through the
powerpoints, sacred sites, and leys of the earth. The vortex-portals
of major power points have crystalline geometric matrixes, very
similar in nature to the octahedronal and dodecahedronal
crystallography of precious gems. When higher dimensional light waves
are received through these overlay lenses, the planet is imbued with
platonic crystalline frequency.

Man through intent and impeccability achieves the crystalline
vibration. What is impeccability? Impeccability is simply walking ones
talk, living in integrity, eliminating fear and worry, always doing
your best, honoring others, and last but certainly not least,
achieving self love. Granted, this is easier said than none, but it is
essential in activating your crystalline field.

Can mankind achieve activation of the crystalline qualities without
visiting sacred sites? Yes absolutely. But those of you that choose to
do so, will be within infinity points amidst a crystalline field that
is already there, and in so doing, the process is greatly facilitated.

You see crystallization is not just an atomic-molecular order in
physical science and chemistry; it is also a vibration, achieved
through the metamorphosis of crystalline alchemy. A vibration occurs
that refines an integral clarity that redefines the human
electromagnetic energy field into the pristine sacred geometry of the
Merkabah and Merkivah.

When you accept to activate your crystalline field, you acknowledge,
define and empower your Divinity of Self. You then carry the most
precious of sacred sites with you everywhere you go: the human heart.

Within crystalline activation ones heart emits a golden-spiraled
frequency from within the merkabic star tetrahedron, and this
frequency sings the symphonic song of Ascension, with the instruments
of every sacred site orchestrated to crystalline perfection, and it
resounds in ecstasy to the Cosmos.

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved.

And so it is.

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