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NorthPoint Astrology Journal

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

For August 4 to 10, 2008

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The initiation process begun with last Friday's Solar Eclipse is gradually becoming more rooted. As the moon waxes over the next two weeks, we also grow into greater fullness with the new energies.

We are in that fertile territory between eclipses, where what is rooted can quickly gain strength. But since the Lunar Eclipse on August 16 is aligned with Neptune, our purposes may be primarily spiritual and creative now, with physical-reality interests secondary.

This week's list planetary aspects is more extensive than usual, indicating that we have quite a few adjustments underway. While spiritually we may have been prepared for the shifts initiated by the recent eclipse, our minds and bodies need time to adapt.

Perhaps most notable this week are the Uranus-Mars connections formed midweek. In astrological terms, the two planets are both opposite and contraparallel (opposite by declination) on Wednesday.

The common advice with Uranus transits is to "expect the unexpected." Sometimes those surprises can be on more subtle levels, but with action-oriented Mars involved, we would expect events related to this week's aspects to be at least somewhat newsworthy. In general, we are likely to see disruptions in the expected flow of schedules and routines.

The last time Uranus and Mars were in similar alignment was on August 13, 2006. Seattle-area news on that day included the closure of two travel routes -- the monorail and Highway 99 -- after unexpected events. In U.S. headlines, an Alaska Airlines flight was evacuated after they found a "suspicious item" on board, and the Hoover Dam visitor center was closed for a similar reason. Internationally, a Japanese tanker collided with a cargo ship in the Indian Ocean and spilled 1.3 million gallons of crude oil.

It may be hard to look at that list and see the positive perspective. But there is always a higher purpose to the workings of these aspects -- both then and now -- which we should be able to find by exploring the signs and planets involved.

Pisces is perhaps the most ethereal of the 12 signs, while Virgo is one of the most grounded and realistic. Uranus is in Pisces for seven years (1993 through 2010), supplying considerable opportunities for the expansion of each individual's spiritual awareness. Mars, on the other hand, is moving quickly through Virgo, having entered on July 1 and set to exit on August 19. Mars in Virgo helps us be actively engaged in improving our lives in tangible ways, and offers discernment and perfectionism as tools.

In the positive, Uranus in Pisces encourages us to discover through personal experience what spirituality means to us. Uranus in the 12th sign asks us to be flexible, to be open to new and expansive ideas, and to interpret reality as symbolic rather than literal. When faced with opposition, however, this placement of Uranus can also correspond with the negative extremes of apathy or martyrdom.

With Mars in Virgo, we have extra energy to apply to improving physical conditions, a renewed enthusiasm for projects that require attention to detail, and an enhanced ability to see what is and isn't working. When pushed, this placement of Mars can also result in aggressive criticalness, an overly controlling attitude, and an inability to see the opportunities for improvement due to an exaggerated focus on the evidence of imperfection.

Mars in Virgo wants concrete action, evidence of improvement, and takes no prisoners in his quest for the ideal. Uranus in Pisces wants us to trust our intuitive knowing, to flow with a higher spiritual intention, and to let go of the need to control outcomes.

So, what happens when we get these two planets pulling in such opposite directions?

The tension involved in an opposition is usually best resolved by finding a point of balance in the middle. Through utilizing the positives of both polarities, we have the most opportunities for success.

If we combine the best of Pisces and Virgo, we do our best work while also trusting that there is a larger Plan at work, the steps and outcomes of which we may not be able to see in their entirety from our more limited perspective. We acknowledge that while we are humans and responsible for doing work in the "real world," we are also spiritual beings with a cosmic connection and a much larger purpose. We create a working partnership with our higher selves.

And, if we combine the positive intentions of Mars and Uranus, we also align our personal wills with a higher will. We acknowledge the paradox of individuality and universality, and find ways to hold both concepts simultaneously.

But, if push comes to shove, Uranus -- as the slower-moving of the two planets -- is the ultimate "winner" in this cosmic tug-of-war. This means that no matter what may occur in the outside world, we can be liberated from the struggle by finding a unique spiritual or creative outlet that affords us peace and acceptance, and helps us trust that all is well.

And because Mars represents personal ego and desire, the stronger Uranus influence means we may need to relinquish some of our limited (and limiting) self-definitions this week. This means giving up the need to control every detail, releasing anger as it arises, and softening the "fix-it-now" instinct.

If we can relax, accept and trust, even when disruptions occur, the Uranus-Mars aspects this week will have done their work. And, we will have taken several steps forward on our path of consciousness expansion.

Mercury is involved in many aspects this week, which means we'll have a lot to think about -- or, as in the case of the Neptune-Mercury opposition on Wednesday, a lot NOT to think about. Neptune tends to envelope our thoughts and actions in a bit of a cosmic fog, so it looks like we'll have some help in going with the flow midweek, as our thinking mechanisms have less to anchor to.

Neptune also works with Mars on Friday, in an aspect that requires adjustment of attitude and effort. Neptune's reliance on understanding and compassion as a primary tool may rub against Mars' imperatives for action and reaction -- but again, since Neptune is the slower-moving planet, we will have most positive outcomes if we allow the higher heart to guide us.

By Saturday, a Pluto-Mercury trine takes the main spotlight. This is a strengthening aspect, empowering us to think more creatively. We will be able to utilize the events and awarenesses of the week much more productively under this influence, and are more likely to make successful plans and decisions. But with Jupiter also involved, be sure to think carefully through ideas before implementing them.

On Sunday, Chiron, the Sun and the Nodes align to focus us once again on what we can do to heal our connections with others. With the Nodes involved, there are also karmic ramifications -- it may be that the relationship problems of many lifetimes finally find outlets for resolution.

The current eclipses in Leo and Aquarius urge us to find ways to share the glory, to combine efforts in creative ways, and to honor the commonality of our paths. They are rapidly moving us into the "Age of Aquarius," and we will benefit from honoring their lessons.




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Highlighted Interaspects for August 4 to 10, 2008
Monday: Mercury conjunct South Node, Chiron opposite Mercury, Pluto trine Venus; Tuesday: Jupiter biquintile Mercury, Jupiter sesquisquare Venus, Pluto sesquisquare Sun, Venus enters Virgo, Uranus inconjunct Mercury, Jupiter inconjunct Sun; Wednesday: Uranus contraparallel Mars, Uranus opposite Mars, Neptune opposite Mercury; Thursday: Uranus biquintile Sun; Friday: Neptune inconjunct Mars, Neptune contraparallel Mercury; Saturday: Pluto trine Mercury, Jupiter sesquisquare Mercury; Sunday: Mercury enters Virgo, Chiron conjunct North Node, Sun conjunct South Node, Chiron opposite Sun

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