Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ELOHEIM: Use Energies of Aug 08 to fuel Ascension

ELOHEIM: Use Energies of Aug 08 to fuel Ascension

Here Eloheim explains how to tap into the flow of the energies of
August 2008 to fuel the Ascension path. This two part clip includes
comments from one of our group members expressing how powerful this
tool has been for her so far this month. The end of part two includes
a preview of the energies of September 2008.

"Anything that triggers you, anything that you prefer to have
differently, anything you are ready to heal, anything you are ready to
release, anything you are ready to transform, anything that you are
just ready to dump, drop or be done with, any state of being you would
like to experience, any agreement you are making with your Soul. This
is the month to get clear about what you are ready to have going on
for the next two years."

Eloheim is more reserved and is very forthright during these clips.
These clips came after an incredibly emotional opening to the meeting.
The emotion I experienced as the channel was generated by the
extraordinary amount of compassion that I felt from Eloheim.

This compassion is driven by their understanding of how challenging it
can be to walk the ascension path and to `argue with our biology':
When our biology tells us that change is dangerous and should be
avoided, when our biology tells us to avoid the unknown, when our
biology tries to `keep us safe' by limiting our transformation.

They explained that the biology which keeps the body functioning even
when we `want to give up' is the same biology which keeps us in
habitual response in order to facilitate a feeling of safety. As we
walk the path of Ascension, we have to rewrite our habitual responses
to triggers. Often, this means confronting deep seated fears and
anxieties. Eloheim's compassion for our predicament was nearly

The only way I was able to process and release this compassion was
through tears. This is why my voice sounds different in these clips.

Eloheim makes it quite clear that they are here to assist us on the
ascension path to the best of their abilities. I included an extended
amount of video on this so that you would get the full sense of what
they are offering.

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