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The Probability of Possibilities by Ronnie C.

The Probability of Possibilities by Ronnie C.

I have recently read that belief isn't as much an acceptance of what can be proven, but rather, an acceptance of what can't be disproved. This is the Shift. In this, we are shedding the constraints of limitation ("I won't believe it without proof") and we're stepping into the limitlessness of possibility ("I see no reason not to believe it"). In a sense, it can be thought of as a shift from rigidly clinging to only what is probable to a looser acceptance of what is possible.

From this perspective, the Shift isn't something that is simply happening; it's something we're creating.

I like to view the Shift as a portal - a doorway of sorts, to an alternate vibrational frequency or "higher level" of awareness. So, in that sense, the Shift can be viewed as some thing that already exists that we are heading towards. Yet, doorways serve no purpose and have no use unless we walk through them. So, our creation of the Shift isn't that we make the doorways (which have always existed), but that we allow our consciousness to see, understand, and use their existence. We aren't creating the doorways but we are creating their functionality.

I make a distinction between consciousness and awareness. To me, consciousness is what the mind or intellect can logically grasp and assimilate. It is a thought-driven knowledge of our world and ourselves based on the data we receive through our five senses. Awareness is the inherent, limitless knowledge of the soul without words, without thought. It is an awareness of Being and of infinity. It is an inherent knowledge of the things beyond our conscious comprehension. Spiritual growth is simply removing the filters or veils of separation between spiritual awareness and intellectual consciousness. It is stepping through the portals from one realm to another. It is the Shift.

Humanity has always been shifting. Each person shifts at his own speed, in his own way, in his own time. But, what makes the Shift seem so real to us now is that we're becoming consciously aware of our conscious awareness. Science - quantum physics - is helping our consciousness and is greatly speeding up the process. Explorations of the sub-atomic realm are allowing us to perceive that which has always been un-perceive-able. To those who still cling to the "I won't believe it without proof," science is now offering the proof. One step at a time, we're being drawn through the doorways.

Many years ago, I wrote a "tidbit" of philosophy that says: "To deny the laws of physics is to deny the existence of God." When I wrote those words, I had no idea just how true they were. For me, the measure of truth is how well a belief endures the test of time. Does something remain as true or sound today as it did years, decades, or centuries ago? If so, then for me - for the time, it is truth. In this case (of my philosophy), the truth is even more true for me today than it was years ago when I first wrote it. Yes, even philosophers can continue to learn from their own words. But, over the years, as I have more fully embraced my truth, I have battled what I identify as disappointment - a "let down" so-to-speak. For me, I can equate this disappointment as a type of fear. It isn't fear as in "terror" or what's "scary," but fear as in not wanting to let go of what's been comfortable and consciously accepted all my life. What lies behind the door that I'm about to open? Once I step through it into the unknown, will I ever find my way back to the known?

For most of my life, I bought into the mass consciousness that God was some sort of perfect, omnipotent, all-powerful, all-present Being. Outside of myself. Something to aim for. But, as I began to remove filters and walk through doorways and journey on my Shift, I began to hear what my soul (my spiritual awareness) was telling me, and what quantum physics is starting to prove and is starting to be incapable of disproving. God isn't just in everything, God IS everything. God is the existence of existence and nothing doesn't exist.

Existence exists.
Nothing doesn't exist.
Well, DUH!

Contemplating these simple concepts is akin to contemplating infinity. I have spent years contemplating infinity and can spend many more years doing so. Infinity is, after all, infinite. The "nothing" concept of infinity is easy for me to explain. (Some could even argue that I have spent years contemplating nothing). We, as humans, only have a concept of nothing simply because we don't (or can't) perceive everything. So, if we perceive a void between any two points, perhaps it isn't because there's nothing there. It may be only because we don't perceive anything being there. My spiritual sponsor once told me that if the nucleus of an atom were enlarged to the size of a basketball, then the closest orbiting electron would be 30 miles away. Thirty MILES! What, in God's name is in all that space between the nucleus and the electron? If God IS all things, then the void isn't empty. It's full of God. Nothing doesn't exist.

Perhaps the space is full of parallel universes. This is something that quantum physics is starting to explore. Tests and experiments have been conducted over and over and over again, all with the same result; our known world at the sub-atomic level is being "interfered with" or impacted by another universe (or other universes) that are parallel to ours. Does this sound far-fetched? How many basketballs can you squeeze into a circle with a 30 mile radius?

Just think of the possibilities.

(c) 8/17/2008
Ronnie Carroll

Separately, we shine. Together, we light the world.

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