Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Eclipses

Summer Eclipses
We are coming into a period of great change as the planetary consciousness is responding to the double eclipses this month. As we absorb the dual affects of this momentous occasion, we can begin to see glimpses of a New Earth. This world is under-going such tremendous shifts in global consciousness as we move away from ego-gratification and into more of a united community. We now can see a planetary collective building in many cities or communities of "like-minded" people. The tribal villages are forming again!

And so as we witness the re-configuration and formation of group consciousness, we can begin to plan a better world for ourselves. This enhances our view of humanity and welcomes a new space to breathe and be in. Well-known subjects of information are beginning to crack and crumble under the pressure of change. This means that standardized policies and procedures long held in establishment are now obsolete. As our small communities come together and form a united front, we will see human behaviors and belief systems die away. This is how we evolve and rise up from dormant, unfulfilled lives. This movement towards a world of unification will bring with it so much more health and well-being for all involved. It is a balanced world we foresee in the future!

And so how does this affect us during the weeks of the double eclipses? How can we utilize the power of change to bring ourselves into the New Earth? This is a time we can optimize the power of change by being in Union with our deep souls, by bringing to the forefront of our minds all things that have worked and not worked in our past. Do an inventory of what you would want to discard, and leave behind in the ashes of the past. For now is the time to take advantage of the "refiner's fire" of a Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse today! Allow all that you thought or believed that is now in contradiction with your true self to burn into vapors as it releases from your lives.

This is the time to be in union with your Absolute Self - the composition of all selves in time and space, the actual totalness that is you! We cannot allow the dross of human egoic endeavors to follow us into the new world consciousness. This old and tarnished personality has served us in the past, but we have an opportunity from the cosmos to break free of it all. Let it go! Embrace the total YOU, and be in harmony with all you have to offer and express from the heart.

We are witnessing a time of great transformation within our human consciousness as well as within the very network of genetic productivity. Our very DNA is being transformed into an inter-connecting lattice of godhead energy (god seed code), formulating a netting of the most beautiful filaments of light. This network is accessing more and more of the cosmic energy of the Unified Field and allowing our participation. We are now operating within a universal cosmos that allows our minds to completely re-imagine our human reality. This has become the foundation for our universal contribution to a New Earth. This network of filaments has been operating throughout all time and space as the inter-connecting highway of divine presence. We have not been able to access this field of cosmic life force as long as our minds have been corrupted and coerced into the 3D material plane of existence.

There has been a barrier or membrane locking our minds from entry into the vast universal field of intelligence. This buffer field has been straining under the impressive power of the particle fields entering our atmosphere at this time. As these incoming waves of light enter our minds we are able to travel and access other planes of existence that have been locked away. As our minds open and receive the influx of new thought, awareness of a greater universe, and ideas for forming union, we are now seeing the changing map of human reality. This will continue into the near future, leading up to 2012, as we find our way into soulful communities that serve our lives, as well as our hearts.

This will all be guided by matching vibration so that our soul families will witness a consensus of thought and purpose. We begin to see more and more differing ideals and "ways of life" as the members of humanity find each other. These new soul groups will become visibly evidenced as vibrating in different energy fields. Our electric auras will now vibrate with more colors and shine around us, as we begin to reveal our true Absolute Selves in all manner. This will begin to form a recognition factor for those who have chosen to become a member of the New Earth, in alignment with the Universal Law of ONE.

For those who are still engaged within the material world of acquisition, we will see a different energy emanating from their bodies, hearts and minds. It will appear like dirt in the field, a sense of heavy weight and nervousness. This will become more exacerbated as souls chose to move into the two parallel earth realities.

Recognize the pitfall of our human condition, for the ego may attempt to rise in power as the soulful power grows stronger within. We cannot hold a position of external power while seeking to exist within the Law of One. The two cannot co-exist! By seeking worldly power our souls cannot merge into union with universal abundance and protection. We must re-position our ego-personalities into accepting and serving the wellspring of inner power residing from the Soul. This does not mean we will sacrifice personal pleasure or accomplishment. For all will be contained within your core presence of totalness. We will become the mirror reflection of universal wealth and abundance, as we live and breathe. We are connected to All the Exists.

We relinquish all feelings of limitation and lack, for we have become the totality of existence. This is not some fleeting esoteric concept that frustrates the mind and flits out of reach. This is the power of the new world and we are being called to enter the gates of Union.

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