Thursday, August 7, 2008




August is one of the key months of this entire year. It's the month
that will tilt the balance. We can experience lasting breakthroughs
or total breakdowns or most likely, both. If we do break down, it
will only be temporary and serve to propel us into a huge
breakthrough. The breakthroughs have already begun. Some of these are
the final clearing of expired or limiting patterns that we have
carried within us for lifetimes. These are the very elements which
have long held us back from expressing our true core beings. But it
will happen if we persevere into holding onto what is true in our
Heart of Hearts.

The energies of August are so strong that they will bring many untrue
elements out of their hiding places and up to the surface to be
readily seen. Numerous masks and disguises will be stripped off to
reveal the untrue motivations that lie underneath. Throughout the
month, bubbles of illusion, misinformation, distortion, fear and
separation will be rising to the surface and bursting open.
Sometimes, these bursting bubbles will splat all over us and make a
huge mess. This is happening because there is much illusion that
needs to be released from the matrix at this time.

Because of this, it's helpful if we continually scan our beings to
see where we are regarding fear, insecurity, misinformation and
distortion. It's getting more and more essential to get ourselves to
a place where we can't be influenced by duality. Discernment has
never been more important. We need to locate our blind spots and then
flood them with light. This will help us navigate the tricky
minefield of these Times of Completion.

We are operating not only under a most intricate timing mechanism,
but under an intricate timing sequence. Mastering this timing
sequence flings open the door to our New Lives. The timing sequence
has to do with the order that things must be achieved in order to
move forward. There is a very specific order that we must follow. If
we try to do things out of their proper sequence, we will only
encounter Red Lights and blockages. Since this timing sequence is not
in a logical, linear pattern, it makes it somewhat challenging to try
to figure it out. Much of this is done by the trial and error method.
We try something and find out that it doesn't work, so we keep trying
other things until we find the location of the Green Light. Once that
is achieved, we search for the next open door and the next Green
Light. Our intuition is very helpful in this process; if we listen to
it, it will lead us to the open doorways. And there is always an open
doorway; we just need to find it.

It's never been more important to stay focused on what's most real
and true. To stand in our full integrity. To embody our Love. And to
maintain our firm stance in the most stable place there is, the true
eye of the storm, which is the Core of the Heart of the Lotus.