Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Don't Gamble With Love

Don't Gamble With Love
August 2, 2008

The cosmic roller coaster continues and the extreme highs and the abysmal lows are at times becoming ever more obvious and frequent in these current days of energetic input on many fronts. We may surely assume that this month is another example of the ever shifting energies and requisite self readjustments as the momentum again picks up and scurries us forward on it's incoming tides of power and it's resultant ebbing and falling away of more debris and flotsam in it's wake. The waves of change are, of course, ever continuing to reactivate our purpose and goodly intent as, likewise, the assistive winds of change usher us onward into the next phase of our multifaceted agenda on this journey of a lifetime!

Moments of indecision, uncertainty, anger and fear are once more raising their heads aloft as the dying ego struggles for survival in the knowing that it is inevitably destined to desist and align. The feelings of hopelessness or helplessness are also part of the scenario as we view the deceasing emotions that are rampant in these ensuing shifts and changes that one and all are experiencing in varying degrees. Tiredness and lack of interest or lackadaisical are also offering their illusory ploys to disable and disarm us during these shifts and quite extreme realignments that we are destined to make. We will! Doubt not! These are yet once again last ditch attempts to halt our progress and will soon pass, leaving the path clear!

Bear in mind also that we are the sensitive's on board our beautiful 'home' planet and as such, likened to our Lady Gaia, are we experiencing the various and plentiful sadness, pain and fear of the many who dwell in areas of far greater distress during these trying times. As we are all one how could it not be so? As we are all interconnected and interdependent it is verily impossible for us NOT to feel these traumas but we owe it to ourselves to issue forth pure unconditional love to the crystal heart of Mother Earth to redistribute wisely. We also have that responsibility to disassociate from becoming 'personally affected' and in ultimate highest good and purest divine intent, ALLOW and ACCEPT these changes and circumstances, stepping back from exterior and possible inner turmoil. As we this so do are we contributing more to those in these areas of distress thereby being more assistive.

The continuing energetic momentum that continues to support the president elect, Barack Obama, is ever continuing and the inevitability of realising his divine mission is invincible. Do not be swayed or in any doubt as to the validity of this Lighted One and to the outcome which is inevitable. At times will you hear from his mouth NOT only words of passion and wisdom, but also words and laundered points of view being put forward, necessary at this juncture, to woo and appease those voters and parties whom are in need of winning over to secure his inevitable election. Upon achieving this goal will the wheat be sorted from the chaff and the weeds removed as the garden will be sown with seeds onto more fertile ground. It will take 'precious time' to implement all things and for the garden to blossom forth into that garden of Eden that WILL be realised upon Mother Earth. This will be the start point of varying 'leaders' coming to the fore as the rhythm of change echoes around the world, and around the Universe!

There will be many resulting sequences of world events over an extensive period of 'time' and the essence of LOVE / LIGHT will become paramount as the ultimate foundation for all that is to ensue. 'Don't gamble with love' will eventually and surely become obsolete!

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