Sunday, August 24, 2008

Entering the Flow - Conscious Creation

Entering the Flow - Conscious Creation

Entering the FlowFrom this place of stillness, you will move into a flow
of love and harmony with your Soul that will show you the best way to
express yourself – whether creatively, in relationships, or in other
things. The ease of flow that arises from your experience of stillness
will allow you to create things that bring you joy, keep you inspired,
and reassure you that the world is a safe place where you are free to
explore its truth and beauty.

You will no longer fall into situations that feel inappropriate to you,
or that tire you instead of inspire you. And you will stop creating
these same experiences again under the mistaken belief that you must do
this in order to survive physically, emotionally, or economically.

Your relationships will change, too. They will change as you release the
fear of losing everything you might have already established, or that
you may be afraid of creating differently now. When you release these
fears, you will see through the illusion of needing to build an
environment that makes you feel safe, and you will begin to live your
life with renewed trust and confidence.

Conscious CreationThere are several basic steps to conscious creation
that you may already know, but we will review them with you now:

1) First of all, you should recognize that you attract into your life
people, things, and experiences that match your beliefs about the world,
and about who you think you are.

2) You often do this unconsciously, but you can also do it consciously.

3) If you are creating unconsciously, you may be responding to
unresolved fears, or to the belief that something is missing or
unfulfilled in your life.

4) But when you create consciously, you deny lack any place in your
mind. You remember that you are a Child of God, and God also, and that
you can have anything your heart desires because You Are Everything.

5) Affirm that everything you desire is within you Now, whether it is an
enriching experience, an intimate moment, or a kind word.

6) With the certainty that you are denied nothing, look about yourself
and observe how you are already experiencing the ESSENCE of what you
would like to create – be it prosperity, partnership, or anything

7) Once you have identified how you are already experiencing the essence
of what you desire, choose to have MORE of it.

8) This is the key to conscious creation: Ask for more of what you
enjoy, acknowledging that its essence is already present in your life.

9) When you do this, you will find that you can transform essence into
substance easily. You can do this in new ways if you like, or simply
maintain or increase what you are enjoying now.

10) Remember to focus on essence before details.

11) For example, if you would like to experience more peace in your
life, then identify the peace you are already feeling now, give thanks
for it, and ask for more. Indicate your preferences for how you might
like to enjoy more peace, but be willing to accept what is delivered.
Trust that your Soul will provide the perfect match for you.

12) Never forget that as a Child of God, and God also, You Are
Everything. And because you are, you can enjoy the essence of what you
desire right now. The rest is just attraction and amplification.

13) Remember that when you deny the illusion of lack, you affirm the
Reality of Plenty.

14) This opens the doors of manifestation, and lets you create anything
your heart desires.

And so it is with conscious creation.

Know that you are dearly loved, and that you are supported in all that
you choose to create.

We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua.
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